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[Infographic] 10 Best Techniques to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog

Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog 10 Best Techniques

Editor’s Note: Read our in-depth guide to reducing the bounce rate on your blog.

Attract. Convert. Close. Delight.

The ideal inbound methodology involves targeting the right traffic, turning them into qualified leads, then into customers, and lastly into promoters. But often times, website owners get stuck in the conversion phase resulting in a high bounce rate.

There are a number of reasons why bounce rates are shooting up. Some of them are normal (good bounce rate) and there’s nothing to worry about. But some indicate that there is something wrong with the page (bad bounce rate) that needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid losing more visitors.

The following are the common reasons why websites have high bounce rates:

  1. The page that they visit provides only the information that they need. A perfect example is a landing page with a single CTA. Simple landing pages only require a few pieces of information before visitors can get a download link–for instance, for an ebook–so there’s no reason for them to stay longer on the page after getting their copies.
  2. The web page attracts the wrong niche. A possible reason for this is when wrong keywords have been used, hence it’s important that you know your target audience well and how they use search engines. Using the wrong keywords may attract more traffic to your site but there’s no guarantee that you can convert them to quality leads and move on to the next stage–turning them into customers.
  3. The page has poorly formatted content. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to optimize the content–improving the readability and scannability. When people visit a page, they usually skim the content and look for valuable information that they can find before reading everything. If they don’t find anything valuable, they will probably leave the page right away.

While a bad bounce rate can make you cringe, the good news is, there are techniques that you can follow to lower the bounce rate on your site. Let’s have a closer look at bounce rates and what methods you can use to reduce them.

techniques to reduce bounce rate

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