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Nine Website Elements to Drive User Engagement

User engagement is an important aspect of web design and online marketing, defining the performance and ROI of every website. Engagement means not only attracting users but making them stay on your site, for their own benefit and to accomplish your own company goals. Driving user engagement can directly influence your whole business and when done right, enhance its growth.

With web design and development, it is all about user experience (UX). Did you know that:

Nailing down the elements and functionalities that activate customers is crucial for the success of your website build. We suggest that you focus on components that make your website attractive, interactive, and user-friendly.

Here is a list of ideas for user engagement. Tests them to see which work best for your website goals.

Even though these tips have been curated with the WordPress CRM they could be used for other web projects that aim for better engagement.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Thriving businesses solve important problems and are able to state that clearly. Your UVP should be your biggest advantage when it comes to engaging leads and customers. It must be the first thing that visitors see when they open your WordPress website. That is why, on your homepage or on the landing page, it should always front and centre, above the fold.

With a well-conveyed UVP on your WordPress website, you will capture the attention of your target users much quicker. Source: Evernote

It is best to state the UVP in one sentence then support it with a short paragraph just above the CTA options.

Benefit-Focused Copy

People won’t care about your website features, or your product unless you list the benefits that they’ll get by choosing them. That is why you must focus more on the benefits, and less on your brand.

To shape the right action-focused copy, you must know your customers well. What are they thinking about? What kind of things would please them?

Take Tesla cars as an example. They’re fuel-efficient, and environmentally-friendly vehicles. The buyers feel that they’re participating in the new age of technology development while saving the world from pollution at the same time.

Your customers’ needs are all that matters, and that’s what having engaging website content is all about.

Here are some methods to turn your web copy into an actionable one:

  • Tell Users What to Do – Don’t confuse people. Tell them exactly what they need to do to benefit from your product/service.
Unconfusing and clear website copy.

Telling the users exactly what action they need to take is a smart growth-hacking tactic because you are clear about what they’ll get by signing up or opting for your product. Source: Code Academy

  • Turn “Me” into “You” – Talk to your customers. Writing in second person entices users, makes them feel they are special ,

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Write in the second person, talk to your customers like you would talk to a friend. Source: Khan Academy

  • Make the Text Scannable – People rarely read everything. Don’t let them bounce off your pages because of long and complicated texts. Make sure people can scan over your content by using shorter paragraphs, bullets sections and attractive graphics.

Having a readable copy on your pages is one of the best ways to help target users understand what you offer. Source: AirBnb

  • Mobile-Friendly Copy & Text Formatting – Improve the mobile-friendliness of your copy by optimizing it for smartphones, writing shorter sentences, and dividing your content into small paragraphs. MInd the text size, too.

You should not use the same copy format as you do on desktop for the mobile version of your WordPress website. Source: Nauto


Call-to-action is the generic name for when a user takes action on your site. That could be anything from clicking on buttons and links, managing subscriptions, hitting social sharing buttons, adding or reading comments, filling out a form, etc.

A CTA has the power to convert a website visitor immediately. The conversion rates will easily show when a CTA is compelling and well-positioned.

Clear calls-to-action on your WordPress website make the entire growth hacking process more efficient. Source: Thumbtack

Forms and Surveys

Forms are a fundamental way to get feedback from your site visitors, collect information about them and motivate them to engage with your website.

Besides contact forms, you could make use of short surveys with 2-3 context-based questions. Just make sure to position the forms in all the right places.

Short surveys help get a better user experience – and in the case with Lemonade, a better price quote. Source: Lemonade

Serve Relevant Content

Do not keep all your resources in a separate (blog) section on your site. Make sure to add some relevant content from your blog on the homepage and other internal pages to keep visitors browsing. Engaging with relevant content supports lead generation, keeps the bounce rate low and adds value to the user experience on your site.

A good-looking blog section on your WordPress website invites the users to read more of your content. Source: HelpScout

Keep in mind that relevant content should have a good design to attract and engage users. It is a fact that close to 40% of users will stop engaging if they find the content irrelevant or the layout of a website unattractive.


When you need users to buy your products/services, your customer testimonials are your most important content. It is the best way to build trust with your potential customers.

That is why testimonials must be visible and placed after the UVP and close to a conversion CTA on your main pages.

Social proof is one of the critical parts of your growth-hacking strategy. Source: Mailchimp

Use Landing Pages for Your Campaigns

When you run campaigns outside of your site, all traffic should come to landing pages, specially created for each campaign and channel. That will keep communication consistent and increase conversions.

Your landing pages are the tools used to convince users to come to your site, stay, and be potentially converted into customers.

Growth-hacking is impossible without well thought out landing pages. Source: Muck Rack

Here’s how you can experiment and improve their conversion rate:

  • Focus on One CTA – Each landing page should promote one type of action. You may have numerous buttons on the page, each with different copy, but make sure they all convert in the same way. The position of the CTA buttons and the content around them can easily affect your conversion rates.
  • Length – Test to see if longer or shorter landing pages convert more. You will discover the right amount of content that you need to serve up to users to convince them to convert. In most cases, longer landing pages and copy work better for B2B services.
  • Personalization – Don’t let someone that clicked on your landing page to be deliberately misled. People “land” on a page with intent and that is why you need to personalize your landing pages.
  • Visuals – The right image or graphic element can make a big difference in your CTA click-through rate. A good combination of imagery and quality copy can engage users and make them purchase your product.

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Pop-ups can achieve good results in acquiring leads. While lots of them get blocked or ignored by users, the most effective ones are always remembered.

If you want to get more leads with popups, you need to make sure they’re not obtrusive, and that they don’t hinder the performance of your WordPress website.

Popups can remind your WordPress website visitors about your offer, which is why they’re helping the growth-hacking process. Source: landing page

Here’s how you can ensure that your pop-ups are effective:

  • Make Them Stylish: When you’ve decided to interrupt the user’s journey with a popup, you might as well give the visitors something to look at.
  • Personalize the CTA: Write a personalized CTA for your target leads. Connect with them instantly via a popup.
  • Position It Properly: Test out different positions of your popups and gauge the ideal place that will acquire the most leads.
  • Get the Timing Right: Don’t release a popup as soon as the users open your website. You’ll frustrate them, and they might never come back. Instead, let them browse around, learn what you offer, and then release the popup.

Live Chats

Live chats are becoming more and more popular as they’re one of the better ways to attract and nurture leads. They also show that your company has a strong support team and really cares about customers – current and future.

A live chat on your WordPress site can help you get customers and capture leads much quicker. Source: Intercom

To make sure that Live chats are effective in acquiring leads, consider the following:

  • Placement: Place the live chat window where it won’t intrude on the visitor’s experience. Second, you should activate it when users need it, and allow them the option to hide it. Don’t be annoying.
  • Accessibility: Be there 24/7. Also, don’t be tempted to include automated answers. Instead, hire someone to be notified when users ask about something so that questions can be addressed immediately and not hours later.
  • Relevance to content: For example, if leads are browsing your service page, perhaps they need some extra information about your services. Be prepared to answer questions and propose solutions, related to your services. If you do that right, you might convert them on the spot.

Wrapping Up

Optimizing your website to drive up user engagement is not an easy task.You need to constantly experiment with ways to engage users and analyze user behavior data. Pinpointing the right website elements at the right place is the key to providing seamless UX and acquiring quality leads for your business.