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Four Ways to Improve WordPress SaaS Landing Pages

Four Ways to Improve WordPress SaaS Landing Pages

You’ve developed your SaaS product, and every element of it seems awesome! Your software is ready, you believe in your competitive advantage, and you’ve developed a landing page that will be irresistible to prospects.

However, as soon as you launch your SaaS promotional campaign – nothing happens! Few users respond to it, and even the ones they open it do not fill out a form, don’t want the free trial, and worse of all, are not interested in using your software. This is where you may question the entire SaaS development purpose. But probably it is simpler: you are not doing the landing pages right.

That doesn’t mean that your software is bad. Perhaps the software doesn’t need tweaking at all, but the problem revolves around the landing page that represents it in front of consumers.

Without further ado, let’s discuss some tactics that will make your WordPress SaaS landing pages a place where users simply cannot say ‘No’.

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Why You need to Use Landing Pages for SaaS

A landing page is a page on your website that instructs your target users to take a certain action. It’s called a landing page because in general, you bring traffic to it through various online sources.

For example, let’s assume that you run a Facebook Ad to promote your SaaS product. If users click on the ad, they will “land” on your landing page, which amplifies your offer, provides more information, and guides the users to the CTA.

In essence, your landing page is a place where consumers can land so that you may convince them to answer positively to your CTA. That means that your landing pages shouldn’t have links and areas where the users can navigate to another page of your website. Each disparate action should be minimized, and the users must be directed towards the CTA at all times.

In most of the cases, a SaaS WordPress landing page includes an opening header, social proof, and explanation as to why the product is the perfect solution to the target users’ problems.

a perfect example for SaaS landing page from todoist

a perfect example for SaaS landing page with all the necessary elements

Image source: Todoist

The success of your SaaS business depends on the landing page engagement. This is true because there is not a physical store where the potential customers can have a one-on-one conversation with the manager.

Thus, your landing page is the person’s first contact with your SaaS company, and thus, it must be flawless. It must provide an accurate depiction of your SaaS business and what it offers. Additionally, it must also have all the convincing points that convert prospects into clients.

why you need to use wordpress landing page

At its core, your landing page has a crucial role in bringing web visitors and converting users into leads for your SaaS business:

  • Lead Information: Every lead that leaves its contact information might be a prospect that is interested in the product. Additionally, with advanced targeting, you can even offer the prospect a customized landing page experience to help you segment your audience better.
  • Improve SEO: With an SEO-friendly WordPress landing page, you increase your chances of being found by people that are interested in your product/service.
  • Lead Flow: Landing pages have the power to bring you more users and leads for your product, and as a result, better conversion rates. With a customizable WordPress landing page, you can address the needs of your target buyers. There are no limits to what incentives and promotional offers you may include to make the visitors take the desired actions.
  • Lead Engagement: You can track the page performance and see who returns to the page to learn more about your SaaS product. The more information your sales team has about your landing page visitors, the better solutions the team can provide when a prospect is ready to buy.

What Makes WordPress Landing Pages That Good for SaaS?

In spite of so many Content Management systems available on the marketplace, WordPress remains the most customizable solution for a landing page, and web development in general. If your SaaS is on WordPress, so should be the landing page, as it is part of the site. It is possible to have external landing pages (on other domains or built outside the main site) but that does not support SEO.

clearbit landing page

Image Source: Clearbit

Every element that appears on your landing page should support the other. You can build your landing page directly from the WordPress dashboard or you can choose a landing page creator and implement the page in the CMS.

Reasons Why Landing Pages Fail to Convert

Improving your landing page might demand you to face some problems at first:

Slow Page Speed

According to a 2014 research by Portent’s Ian Lurie:

“Every second you shave off your site’s average page load time means an 8% improvement in page value.”

You can examine each factor that affects your landing page’s load time with Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Google pagespeed insights home

Apart from that, take a look at the server speed of the hosting company you use. If you’ve done everything you can to speed up your landing page on your own, but the site speed is not satisfactory, it may be time for a hosting switch.

We recommend Pagely, a scalable and media-ready WordPress managed hosting for publishers! They’ll provide you with a customized hosting plan that fits with the requirements of your WordPress site. Pagely, together with partners as ourselves work relentlessly to not let your site slow down or lose traffic.

Too Long or Too Short

There’s no perfect landing page length. You can get brilliant results with single-frame landing pages, as well as with a landing page that requires additional scrolling. However, even the most basic landing page needs two to three frames at least to express the product details and the credibility of the company.

Looks like a Scam

Your copy helps users judge if you’re trustworthy or not. The following landing page copy elements can cause people to raise a skeptical eyebrow:

  • Typos and Grammatical Errors: Ensure that your landing page copy is polished. In most of the cases, writing errors cause serious doubts about your competence.
  • Pompous Promises: Show’em, don’t just tell’em. To be convincing, you need to back the claims you make with genuine and precise information. That helps the prospects see the benefits of what you’re promising.
  • False Testimonials: Don’t insert client testimonials if you don’t have genuine ones. Stock image of a person with a poetry of a testimonial will not fool anyone, especially your target customers.

Here are our four actionable tips on landing page design:

1. Define Strong Goals

Your first move to a high-converting SaaS landing page should be to define strong landing page goals. What you want to achieve with your landing page must be reflected in its design and layout.

For example, as a SaaS business, a common landing page goal can be to convince the visitors to sign up for a free trial. Or, growing your email list, and persuade prospects to buy the software and use it regularly. For example:

  • Persuading the prospect to opt for a free trial.
call to action and free trial option on a landing page

Image source: HelpScout

  • Grow an email list before launching the product.
requesting email information for signing up on a saas landing page

Image Source: OneMetric

By developing a landing page with a goal in mind, you’ll be better at pinpointing the elements that you should include in the page, and the information that is crucial for achieving the goal.

If your goal is to convince the prospects about the benefits of using your SaaS product, you need to provide detailed content about product features, benefits, pricing packages, terms and conditions, free trials, and more.

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Moreover, to support your landing page goal, your landing page must also include:

  • Multiple CTAs on different locations throughout the page.
  • Attention-grabbing imagery and descriptions.
  • Engaging multimedia elements.
  • Testimonials and logos of prominent clients.

For a better inspiration on how to design a landing page with your goal in mind, you can look at several examples from the SaaS companies that are doing landing page experiences right:

asking for a free trial on a saas landing page

Image source: Unbounce

inviting prospects to start their free trial on saas landing page

Image Source: Baremetrics

clear call to action and goal to convert visitors on a saas landing page

Image source: Collect.Chat

2. Use an Effective CTA

The call-to-action of your landing page is perhaps the most critical part of your SaaS marketing campaign. However, there are lots of businesses that fail to understand that, and as a result, their CTA can’t deliver the desired conversion rate.

A call-to-action should support the main purpose of your landing page. There shouldn’t be any confusion at all about the CTA goal and what will the users achieve if they opt for your product.

an effective cta on a wordpress saas landing page

Image Source: Polymail

The following tips will help you develop CTAs that are irresistible.

Use Contrasting Colors

As humans, we’re drawn to clever color variations. With the proper use of color contrast, users can immediately see what they need to do on the landing page. Additionally, color contrasts subconsciously generate a bit of discomfort, which pushes us to take actions to avoid it.

using contrasting colors on a wordpress saas landing page

Image Source: Plaid

Use Actionable Words

The top CTA’s conjure quick reactions. This is why you must use short, understandable, and action-oriented phrases.

Whether we like it or not, when we read an article, let alone a landing page, we skim it. For this reason, the simpler the words to present your SaaS product, the more the product resonates with the target audience.

actionable words on a saas landing page

Image Source: ReadMe

Reinforce the Benefits

Emphasize the benefits of your product by showing your potential clients how their work will improve by opting for it. Make it clear in your CTA that the prospects will benefit by filling out the form on your landing page and decide to use/try the software.

emphasizing benefits on a saas landing page

Image Source: CakeResume

Make It Noticeable

The bigger the element, the more noticeable it will be on your landing page. You need to make the CTA button large enough to stand out, but not so large to distract the prospect from the benefits that you provide with the product. Place it above the fold, before any other links.

viper landing page

Image Source: Vyper

2. Spark Emotions with Images

The human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text, which means the first thing your prospects see on a landing page are images and colors.

Images elicit various memories and experiences than do written words. As studies show, people can remember more than 2000 images with at least 90% accuracy in one week. We only need 150 milliseconds to process an image, and an extra 100 milliseconds to give the image meaning. (FIAS)

amplifying emotions on saas landing page with an image of human expression

Image Source: Visor

Match the Prospect’s Feelings

SaaS is built to provide solutions. Remind the prospects about their problems and why they need to deal with them. For example:

  • A platform that provides better payment solutions would get better conversions if you use an image that depicts a disappointment in selling and accepting payments online.
  • A workplace platform could use an image that highlights the hassles of remote teamwork.
using graphics to describe the prospects feeling on a saas landing page

Image Source: HeyStack

With this, you show the prospects that you know about their struggles and their pain. When prospects figure that out, you can address the solution for their challenges.

Use Photos of People

Research shows that we respond better to images with people. This is why you should use human faces in your visuals, and the more identical they are to your target users, the better.

using photos of people to describe a situation on a saas landing page

Image Source: Supply

3. Incorporate the Right Social Proof

As reported by Nielsen, 70% of people will trust a review from someone they’ve never even met. Consumers have more access to information than ever, and they trust what people say about the products that they use. As humans, we are programmed to be convinced by stories and connect with human faces over stats. This is even more effective when users speak about your software.

Pipedrive is a CRM company that practices influencers as social proof:

influencers as a social proof on a saas landing page

Because CEOs are more popular than the typical client, their social proof is more valuable in the niche.

Wrike puts customer logos near the call-to-action. The woman looking downward is a visual direction that moves the prospect’s stare to the CTA button and the logos:

powerful call to action amplified by people images on a saas landing page


Humans will follow the crowd, and you can use that power when you pitch the product on your landing page. Here are some examples of companies that use counters to influence conversion rate.

usage of counters on a saas landing page

Image Source: Appcues


Testimonials can have a powerful effect on prospects because they tell a great story about your product and company. Let’s examine a few examples of how SaaS companies use testimonials to influence a prospect’s decisions.

testimonials on a saas landing page

Image Source: Airbase

Client Logos

Customer logos are useful for the same reason celebrity endorsements are. When people see that well-known brands are your clients, consequently, they’ll see your software as the ideal solution for them as well.

client logos on a saas landing page

Image Source: Sendloop

Wrapping Up

Creating SaaS landing pages and getting conversions from them isn’t difficult. You just need to know the right techniques to use and have the right tools by your side. Speaking of the right tool, WordPress is perfect for the job.

You can either code the page and merge it with your SaaS, or use one of the numerous plugins and develop one with a simple drag and drop way. As with every other business, the possibilities for businesses that use WordPress as their CMS are beyond limitless.