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7 Tips on How to Upsell Products in WooCommerce

7 Tips on How to Upsell Products in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugins. It currently has more than 5 million active installations, and is available in 67 languages.

This open-source plugin is definitely a best friend for most eCommerce sites, and it does a great job at selling products.

However, the question of today’s article is how does WooCommerce product upsell work, and how can you use it?

Let’s find out more about that.

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WooCommerce Product Upsell: Why Do You Need to?

An online store can never get too many orders, and the goal should always be to sell more. The upselling sales technique aims to do exactly that, as it stimulates users to purchase a higher priced product, compared to what they’ve selected in their shopping cart.

These products are usually of higher quality, have more features, and are better for the revenue of your business, naturally.

All this sounds good and all, but the main question remains – how do you convince customers to buy a more expensive product?

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7 Tips on How to Upsell Products in WooCommerce

7 Tips on How to Upsell Products in WooCommerce-1

  1. Recommend Similar Products
  2. Add Additional Checkout Options
  3. Emphasize on Added Value
  4. Create Cart Notices
  5. Use Popups
  6. Link Products Together
  7. Make Product Bundles

1. Recommend Similar Products

One of the most common ways to upsell products in WooCommerce is to recommend similar products. Here’s an example from, where we’ve selected a black mechanical pencil for $4.99.

Upon scrolling a bit, we reached this widget:

As you can see, we are given the option to compare the selected product with similar ones. One detail some of you may have noticed is that all four products are at a higher price than the originally selected product ($4.99).

So, when a user scrolls down, looking for more information, they see the other products and start thinking about upgrading their choice to a higher quality product. Naturally, such a choice brings more revenue to your company.

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2. Add Additional Checkout Options

This is an underused, yet quite effective tactic to sell more products. This is how offer related products during the checkout process:

Adding an ashtray to the cart triggers recommendations like different cigarettes, smoking pipes and other ashtrays. Selecting a different product will display other checkout options.

3. Emphasize on Added Value

A WooCommerce product upsell will not have a high success rate, unless you emphasize on the added value you propose to users.

Why would someone decide to pay more, when they’ve already selected the option they want?

Take a look at this great example by Hilton:

They put extra emphasis on how their upsell recommendation is the best value, and would only cost an additional $10 per night. They are not trying to say your choice is not good, however the focus is gently shifted towards the “greater” room.

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4. Create Cart Notices

Cart notices often utilize the scarcity principle. Not only do they encourage customers to complete their purchases, cart notifications can also upsell.

For instance, you can notify users that they can get free shipping, if they add one more item to their cart, or that their items will be shipped today should they order in the next 15 minutes.

There are five different types of cart notices:

  • Deadlines
  • Referrer
  • Products in the cart
  • Categories in the cart
  • Current order amount

Ultimately, setting up cart notifications is a great way to increase sales volumes and revenue.

5. Use Popups

Popups are annoying, aren’t they? It’s not necessary that they be that way, though. Well-designed pop ups can actually be really helpful to your business. In particular, a proper use of popups can contribute to more sales.

For instance, a popup message can propose similar items, or products, that often go hand in hand with the one selected. All in all, the goal is to offer useful products that the user is very likely to be interested in.

6. Link Products Together

Some products are inseparable from each other. For example, when you purchase a new personal computer, chances are that you’ll want a keyboard and/or a mouse. A chopping board is closely related to a knife, and so on.

A tactic marketers typically use is to link, or pair, such products together, so that you have to buy them together, since one is included in the overall price.

Here, for example, you can see how a laptop is paired with a wireless keyboard, and mouse. Both items are not sold individually, but rather included in the laptop deal.

This strategy manipulates users to think they’re receiving free items, or simply more value for their money, although in reality, such “free items” are usually already included in the price.
Still, this remains a great example of WooCommerce one click upsell.

7. Make Product Bundles

Speaking of products that complement each other, product bundles are a great way to sell more, and increase your store’s average order value by combining such items together.

For instance, sunscreen lotion, a beach blanket, and beach towels can easily be combined into a bundle. To make it worthwhile, the bundle should be cheaper to buy compared to purchasing the items separately.

Here’s how Amazon attract customers, for example:

This widget appears under a Kids 5 in 1 beach set. As you can see, users can buy all three items for a combined price of just over $45, which would save money compared to purchasing them individually.

What’s more, the user has already shown interest in a kid’s beach set, so an offer including more toys will seem more appealing.

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What Plugins to Use to Upsell Products in WooCommerce?

  1. One Click Upsell Funnel
  2. Linked Products
  3. Cart Upsell
  4. Product Bundles
  5. Product Add-ons
  6. Cart Notices
  7. Product Recommendations

In Conclusion

There you have it! 7 tips that should make your WooCommerce product upsell process easier, more fun, and smoother.

As you can see, it’s not that hard to implement these upselling techniques, it’s more about understanding human psychology, psychographics, and the process behind buying decisions.

Oh, and, in case you need assistance, don’t forget that DevriX is here to help eCommerce businesses scale.

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