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WordPress Timeline: Following The Path To Success (Infographic)

Since it’s launch, WordPress has gone from a small-time blogging platform to one of the most popular and highly utilized CMS platforms on the internet. Even when you compare it to other major platforms, it still comes out on top. All of this begs that question: what makes WordPress so great?

Today we’ll look at some of the top reasons why people consistently choose this platform above all others, followed by an infographic that shows the timeline WordPress has taken in its rise to success. Bloggers, developers, and designers alike can all learn something from the history of WordPress.

The Top 3 Reasons to Use WordPress

Did you know that gets more visitors each month than Amazon? A whopping 126 million visitors, compared to Amazon’s 96 million. Some of today’s biggest websites are built and running on this platform.

Here are my top three reasons for using the platform:

  • Perfect for beginners and veterans alike.
  • Access to thousands of plugins and themes.
  • WordPress is an open source program (totally free to use and modify as you like).

When you’re learning how to make a blog, no other platform offers the same level of support for all levels of skill. Combine this with the plugins and themes at your disposal, and you have a perfect combination.

The WordPress Timeline to Success (Infographic)

Ever wonder how WordPress has managed to climb so high in so little time? Check out the infographic below for a look at the steps this amazing platform has taken from the past to present. Let us know what you love about WordPress in the comments below!


About the Author:
Matt Banner is a seasoned blogger and entrepreneur with a decade of experience in the online world of blogging, SEO, and marketing. You can find him online @BlastYourBlog”