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Some Customer Experience Trends for You

High quality customer experience is on top of every virtual company’s objectives. The audience and potential customers in the digital space do not look for cheaper prices or features anymore. Now, it’s all about which can provide them the best customer experience. What we talk about in terms of exceptional customer experience (CX) is the capability of the brand to evoke emotions. There are a couple of factors for an enterprise to consider and work on in attempting to plan this strategy.

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In this digital age, people rely heavily in online communication and social channels to make their day productive and to tune out from boredom. Enterprises from different industries take advantage of this fact to boost their brand’s presence. This is how enterprises that utilize digital marketing become successful. They create dynamic strategies to improve the digital involvement of their brand.

An effective marketing strategy for advancing customer experience creates a strong engagement between an enterprise’s brand and its returning customers and potential customers. This means going beyond a single checkout. Here are top CX trends for 2016 that will surely push your brand ahead of your competition:

Designing Customer Journey

Customer journey is about mapping out your target market’s journey which involves the use and potential use of your products and services. This journey is the life-cycle of your customer and it hits long-term goals. You enterprise’s corporate long-term objectives must revolve around the customer journey. This marketing plan involves consideration to customer-centered objectives.

One of the greatest difficulties an enterprise encounters is choosing what to work on next. Most virtual companies have rundowns of highlighted requirements, bugs, new ideas for products, new ways for service, etc. Where will your enterprise invest?

As you map out how your customers use your products and services, it turns out to be extremely obvious where they are hung up and what they are lacking. As an enterprise, you truly begin to see what they see, and from that point you see the glitches. It’s these enlightening points that ought to direct your brand’s road map. Don’t simply create and work for the new five thousand customers you would like to gain, and keep in mind to build for your audience today. All things considered, 80% of your enterprise‘s future incomes originate from only 20% of your present customers. To succeed later on, you have to make calculated and well-informed next moves, and mapping out the customer journey like this can take out the mystery.

Going Mobile

In 2015, the number of mobile searches exceeded that of desktop searches. Likewise in the expectation of this movement, Google declared in April 2015 that sites that have not used mobile optimization yet will be reprimanded in rankings for mobile search. This implied that every enterprise needed to go mobile and begin giving what customers need high quality and relevant site experiences through devices.

In 2016, mobile optimization is just about to get bigger and more relevant. With e-commerce marketers foreseeing that more than two billion individuals in the world will acquire smart phones in the present year. Brands will need to move past fundamental mobile-optimized sites to making mobile experience. This will likewise incorporate the app experiences with e-commerce marketers foreseeing that 2016 will be the year of much more prominent development from applications we are already using and know of. More consistent integration between those applications and their competing e-commerce and social outlets will get to be the new norm in digital marketing.

Successful enterprises go past merely adding a mobile-friendly website to making mobile experiences. One of the primary reasons is that to enhance a site’s conversion rates, enterprises must design mobile-only and mobile-first customer experiences. This is to counteract channel-bouncing (going from one channel to another as favored channel doesn’t address their issues) and multi-screening (going from devices to desktop to finish a task). What’s more, enterprises need to understand that going mobile is a marketing strategy that is fit for facilitating a complete end-to-end customer journey.

Mobile just keeps getting better and gains more relevance. This year, it will be the enterprises which give the customer mobile experience that its audience needs and anticipates that will emerge from the competition.


Personalization is one of the leading digital marketing trends that brands are going for now. It is a marketing strategy that provides a customer experience which is very much adjusted to the buyer’s inclinations and particular needs. According to experts, an expanding number of enterprises are wanting to invest to this digital marketing strategy. They are trying to build sites that deliver digitally engaging content and are tweaked for every person. They are quickly embracing trigger-based informing and CTA (Call to Action) that generate more digital engagement. The capacity to customize will depend to a substantial degree on how well you know the customer.

Knowledgeable digital marketers are stepping ahead to comprehend their audience better. Along with the emergence of the power of content in digital marketing, enterprises are eager to work on customer data to yield better decisions at all levels. Currently, marketers can comprehend and measure how their target market is carrying on the web. Enterprises can recognize valuable group brackets that are portrayed with one of a kind characteristics. Furnished with this knowledge, digital marketers can distinguish the ways to transformation effortlessly. They have recognized the role and importance of applications, social channels and websites in the customer journey. High performing marketers undoubtedly distinguish the variables which persuade their target to engage in their brand.

Digital marketers have foreseen the future of e-commerce with personalization as a key marketing strategy. According to research, 94% of advertisers agree that personalized digital experience is fundamental to the nature flow in the digital marketing space and future achievements. This year, personalization will only get progressively personal. Personalization is bound to move past essential recommendation engines to making separately custom-made experiences. Digital marketers will progressively take advantage of floods of first-party information, from Customer Relationship Management to Voice of the Customer Data, and influence discerning designs to make contextualized experiences. As enterprises associate a wealth of customer feedback with reams of CRM and operational information, the worth of predictive modeling will increase dramatically. In 2016, customers hope to see firms that have assembled data hubs in the course of the most recent couple of years employing predictive modeling and utilizing the experiences to build up a more customized treatment of audience.

As the significance of customer experience personalization grows stronger, the differentiator will be how efficient enterprises are at utilizing various data streams like VoC information to adapt and respond to the demands of the customer. The customers and potential audience anticipate that enterprises will logically comprehend who they are, to react to their necessities and by and large to envision them. Accordingly, with an inevitably demanding customer that is more associated and educated than ever, hyper-contextualized personalization which focuses on the necessities and needs of the individual will be a distinct advantage in 2016.

Customer Experience Analytics

Your customers collaborate with your enterprise through multiple social channels. Thus it is essential that your enterprise can draw an obvious conclusion to uncover useful patterns in customer behavior. As a digital marketing strategy, Customer Experience Analytics maps out each touch point and each turn inside the customer journey. In this digital age, customers and audience can communicate with your enterprise using numerous ways, over different touch points, platforms and media. Consider these questions: How can you guarantee that they get the most ideal service? How can you trace the complex and distinctive experience of each of your customers? What’s more, how would you group dissimilar customer engagement information that might be caught inside silos, leaving you unknowing of the customer’s general digital experience?

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Customer Experience Analytics has turned into the fuel that powers the up and coming era of customer experience. Brands which are effectively leveraging their own analytics in 2016 will get an edge that isolates the pioneers from the slow pokes. Customer Experience Analytics is turning into a key powerful weapon. It is not all about making huge data greater but rather making it more valuable and ready to foresee and provide better and more relevant customer experience.

With the exponential development of the digital marketing technology today, marketers will keep on finding themselves overpowered by the alternatives and information accessible to them. The anticipated essential component this year is the use of the right kind of analytics streams in the correct way. For instance is utilizing CX analytics to identify and eventually personalize the audience’s experience in real time.

The potential is enormous. Enterprises that broadly uses Customer Experience Analytics shows 126% improvement in profit compared to their competition that doesn’t use the same strategy. As enterprises turn become more information-driven, utilizing Customer Experience Analytics will become more vital. Using such digital marketing strategy will broaden the ROI of other marketing tasks and will eventually give a consistent customer experience.