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Marketing Funnels and Customer Journey Maps: Two Buzzwords You Need to Know [Infographic]

Marketing Funnels and Customer Journey Maps Two Buzzwords You Need to Know

Marketing funnels and customer journeys are two of the oft-used business marketing and sales terms that a lot of people claim to understand, but how many people actually do know what they mean? Turns out, they might mean something different than you think they mean.

So let’s start with the marketing funnel. This, of course, is created from the company’s point of view. From a business point of view, the top of the funnel is a useful thing to consider, especially if you are able to sort through the leads there and figure out how they’re different and how they’re alike. You can also figure out what those leads have in terms of the level of interest — in and out or a steady flow of interest.

But it’s important to remember that leads don’t get to sales in the same way, and a sale may happen with two customers with wildly different experiences. And it’s also useful to know that the marketing funnel is different now, and it’s more an hourglass than it is a funnel. Of course, customers get to the middle, narrow part where they make a purchase, but then it evolves. The hourglass expands again because those sales that you’ve made become potential advocates for your company and your brand.

Once you understand the funnel or hourglass, then you can start to understand more about the customer journey. What specifics do you need to know about that? This graphic helps to explain it a bit more so you can understand putting it to use in your day to day.

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