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4 Steps for Conducting a Mobile WordPress SEO Audit

4 Steps for Conducting a Mobile WordPress SEO Audit

Mobile optimization matters for your WordPress website. Today more than half of all internet searchers are made on mobile, meaning that Google currently processes more mobile searches than desktop. Because of the rise of mobile, Google has made some major algorithm changes. In 2015, they released the Pigeon update to provide mobile-optimized websites with better Read More

Responsive Vs. Mobile-Friendly Vs. Mobile-Optimized Design_ How Are They Different_

Responsive Vs. Mobile-Friendly Vs. Mobile-Optimized Design: How Are They Different?

If you are interested in digital technologies, you have probably heard of the terms responsive, mobile-friendly, and mobile-optimized design. These are often even used interchangeably when describing a website’s ability to render on mobile screens. However, in spite of sounding quite similar, they are not synonymous, and misusing them can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. Read More

Web IDE The Future of Coding

 Web IDEs: The Future of Coding

Not so long ago, browsers were only used to browse the web, and the web itself was just a combination of email, the news, and a bunch of gossip sites.  And here we are today, practically living online and surrounded by a myriad of digital opportunities. Web technologies advance and evolve and ever since the Read More

30 Best HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Frameworks

When you design a site with a grid based format, media queries and pictures that can seamlessly adapt to the screen size of any device, you’re essentially developing a website with a responsive design. Responsive designs are gaining popularity not only because more than half of the world’s website traffic is generated by mobile devices, Read More