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Tutorial Category: Web Design

How to Manage Business Innovation Through Design Thinking

Design thinking is a strategic approach to solving problems and creating world-changing innovations. It’s not just limited to designers or product/service development processes. Many great organizations like IBM, Apple, Google, and Airbnb have embraced it, thanks to which they’ve discovered better ways to narrow down their focus areas, rekindle creativity and communicate their goals with Read More

8 Key Elements of a SaaS Company Website

SaaS companies should be especially diligent with their websites because their products and services are strictly digital. The website is their online home and the main touchpoint with their customers. The website, in itself, should be informational, easy to navigate, and clear about the products and services they provide. But it should also help the Read More

UX Research Methods and Best Practices

UX Research Methods and Best Practices

User Experience (UX) research is the study of target audiences in order to understand their behaviors, observations and needs through various feedback methodologies. It’s a process of designing easy-to-use products that are a pleasure to engage with. With the goals to enhance the entire user experience and ensure that individuals are able to find delight, Read More