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WordPress 6.0 Released: What Are The New Features?

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” is officially here! As the tradition goes it’s named after a famous jazz musician – Arturo O’Farrill, a Grammy-award winning pianist, and composer, who influenced contemporary Latin jazz.

This is the second major release for 2022 with WordPress 5.9 “Josephine” coming out in January.

“Arturo” comes with loads of usability, performance, and stability enhancements. There are 400+ updates and 500 bug fixes for the editor.

Let’s review what’s new.

WordPress 6.0 “Arturo” New Features

  • Improved writing experience
  • Multiple style variations
  • Select text across multiple blocks
  • New design tools
  • Enhanced list view
  • Lock your block option
  • Choose a page pattern

Improved Writing Experience

WordPress continues to think of ways to make the content creation process better. This time around, one of the main features to be excited about is the ability to select text across multiple blocks, in order to make it easier to copy-paste.

Additionally, you can create customized buttons and then once you make new buttons, they will keep the same style automatically. You can also keep your existing styles when transforming blocks – from a paragraph to a code block, let’s say.

What’s more, you can now use the functionality of typing `[[`, in order to quickly gain access to a list of recent pages and posts.

This is quite useful for placing internal links, as you won’t need to enter a new tab and manually search. Instead, for instance, typing [[SEO will pull out articles or pages related to the term.

Multiple Style Variations

Block themes can now contain multiple style variations. This means you can change both the style options (default color palette), and the available settings (font weight). It is a long-awaited feature for theme authors, who can now bundle multiple sets of global styles with a single click, all while allowing users to switch between style variations.

switch theme style

Simply click on the “Style” button in the top right corner, and then you can see the “Browse styles” tab, which displays the available styles for your theme.

New Design Tools

The WordPress 6.0 release features some cool new design tool features. You can now control gaps, margins, typography, and more all at once in the Group block. There’s also more layout flexibility in switching between stacks, rows, and group variations.

On top of that, the transparency levels of colors now allow for even more creative color customization, and new border controls offer a simpler way to adjust borders. There’s a new color panel design that saves space while showing you all options at a glance.

border columns block 1

What’s more, you can now edit even more templates within the theme editor. These templates include: author, category, tag, date, custom taxonomies.

Enhanced List View

A handy new feature is the ability to lock your block. You can decide to disable movement of a block, or prevent removal. The goal is to simplify the process of handing over a project to clients, without them worrying about accidentally breaking something while working on the blocks.

block locking 1

In addition, you can now set block behavior on different screens. For group blocks, you have the option to display them inside a row, or a stack.

list view

Choose a Page Pattern

This brand-new feature allows you to choose a page pattern for new pages. There is a pop-up with a list of patterns you can select from.

page pattern

However, note that not all themes may be compatible with this new feature, yet, but you can still use the pattern library to find and add patterns.

Changes For Developers

There are a few important changes for developers coming with the WordPress 6.0 release. Probably the most important one is that Webfonts API will now provide authors with a more efficient way to manage local fonts through the use of PHP or theme.json.

There is also a new API that prevents blocks from appearing on widgets, and an improved sticky post query. Also, the new filter edit_custom_thumbnail_sizes can work with individual image sizes, and get_the_author_link is pluggable.


The release of WordPress 6.0 is an exciting and anticipated moment for all who perform their daily work with WordPress – be it developers, designers, or writers.

We, at DevriX, are also excited and proud to announce that, once again, we have a contributor to this version – Aleksandar Kostov – cheers for his efforts!

That’s all for now. As always, check our website for all the latest updates, and news from the world of WordPress, and more!