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WordPress 6.1: 4 Main New Improvements [+Screenshots]

WordPress 6.1 featured image

WordPress 6.1 is officially here!  In recent weeks, the beta version was available and all WordPress enthusiasts were clicking around to find out what’s new.

The last major release – WordPress 6.0 came out in May, and brought multiple new features, in terms of both design and functionality.

As the tradition goes, all major WordPress releases are named after a jazz musician, and this time it’s… Misha, coming from the Soviet-Norwegian composer and pianist Mikhail “Misha” Alperin.

Now, let’s review what’s coming to WordPress with the latest update.

WordPress 6.1: What’s New?

  1. New default theme.
  2. Style variations.
  3. Block editor improvements.
  4. Editor design enhancements.

1. New Default Theme

As the tradition goes, WordPress’s last release of the year introduces a new default theme – Twenty Twenty-Three.

WP 6.1 Twenty twenty three theme

Four different font styles will be included for you to choose from when writing posts or pages. This allows for even more customization of your website and lets you find the font that’s perfect for you.

2. Style Variations

The new WordPress update brings not one, not two, not even five, but… ten style variations that can be used with the Site Editor!

Each of them offers a unique look and feel, and all of that within a click of a button. Great news for all digital masters looking to experiment with better, expanded variety.

WP 6.1 style variations WP 6.1 style variations WP 6.1 style variations WP 6.1 style variationsReaders Also Enjoy: WordPress Website Development: Step-by-Step Guide – DevriX

3. Block Editor Improvements

Wondering what’s happening with the Gutenberg progress?

Each WordPress update brings improvements to the block editor (Gutenberg), and this time around, there are:

  • Dimensions in more blocks. This includes lists, columns, paragraphs, table, etc. Users will have more control over setting margins and padding, and over the design and layout of pages, in general. Additionally, users will be able to better visualize changes.
  • Border options. Users will be able to add borders to more blocks, as well as to separately adjust the top, right, left, and bottom borders.
  • Inner blocks for lists and quotes. You will now have the option to rearrange positions in lists and quotes without having to edit them.
  • Featured image in the cover block. WordPress 6.1 will allow users to set their featured image in cover blocks. What’s more, using covers will let users display featured images wherever they want.
  • Better navigation blocks. The new and improved navigation block will permit you to create and select a menu from the block settings with ease. You will also be able to use design tools for submenus and stylize them differently than the main menu items.

WP 6.1 Block Editor Improvements

WP 6.1 Block Editor Improvements

4. Editor Design Enhancements

Let’s continue on to the next enhancement of the new WP version release. The editor screen design will have several updates that hope to improve the user’s experience of the block editor.

  • The Preview button will now be known as “View”. The classic “Preview” button will be renamed to “View”.
  • The Status & Visibility panel will be called “Summary”. The Status & Visibility panel under the Post settings will be renamed to Summary.
  • Improved information panel. The information popover will now show information regarding time to read.
  • WordPress logo replaced by website icon. The WordPress logo, that usually appears in the top left corner, will now be replaced with the favicon of your website.
  • Extra preferences options. Always open list view, and “Show button text labels” will now be options, under the “Preferences” section.
  • Permalink and template options. The permalink and template options will be merged under the Summary panel.

In Conclusion

We’re all very excited about the upcoming WordPress 6.1 release on November 1st, 2022. We, at DevriX, know how versatile and scalable WordPress is, and because of this we’re happy that our partners allow us to continue developing their websites.

Furthermore, we’re extremely proud and happy to have three DevriXian contributors to WordPress 6.1! Thank you, Anita Nenova, Rolly Bueno, and Neycho Kalaydzhiev!

In case you are interested in collaborating with us, let us know, so we can talk and get started on a project together!

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