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Over the past few months our team at DevriX has been working on a new theme. Our designer and frontend developer Alex spent a good amount of time polishing his initial draft, and we worked together in order to make it work from a business development, marketing and technical standpoint.

Despite of the amount of client work we have lately, we follow the “Ship It” methodology for our internal projects in order to avoid the challenges of a never ending project and the infinite internal iterations that would make a product better. The deadline was this weekend, and we made it work – which is the main reason we have the new DevriX v2 available!


There is a lot more going on with our redesign, but our continuous development will be iterative, while we’re adding new features and extending the core of our theme. This is the third redesign of and it includes a lot of the internal tasks we have collected over the past year on Asana regarding functional and UX additions for our own website.