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A New Theme Published by the DevriX Team!


Our New Theme – Hayley

Our team is always working hard on client projects, but there are still some workaholic developers in love with WordPress, who can never have enough coding time. This is how our themes and plugins are often born, and our way of giving back to the community.

Similar to the successful theme Masonry, we have designed, coded, reviewed and published our newest addition: Hayley. At the time of this writing, the theme has 700+ active installations.

We have one little secret for being able to produce free content in the middle of all our other client work – proactiveness from our team members and tools that make the work easy.

These tools include mainly the DX Starter theme and everything in it – a set of build scripts to bundle the JS and Sass files together.  In fact, we’ve managed to get another free theme live for about two hours.

We are using the same approach for many other custom build themes we do – reusing components that have been already thoroughly tested in order to provide a rock-solid solution for the first time with no regressions.

Well, one of those tools is the well-known Theme Checker. Every single theme, we produce must follow its requirements, there’s no way around that. Not just because it’s a requirement, but because it describes some of the best practices.

There are other tools that we have used for making sure we have everything working properly like the sample data for testing WP themes. We have also created our own tool for automated front-end testing (which will come soon to the DX Starter theme for free use) with which we can catch potential regressions quickly.


Hayley is a theme we’ve created thanks to the numerous tools we use. It follows the best practices, it has modern clean design and is completely free! You can grab it now at