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5 Ideas for Scoring a Success Meeting with the C-Suite

Do you have a plan to land a meeting with the C-Suite?

Well, meeting with the C-Suite is always thrilling. It is not easy to convince them in a way that produces effective sales result. There is a lot of talk in deals and sales about connecting with a level of high-positioning executives like CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs — known as the “C-Suite.” But quite a bit of that action speaks louder than words.

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Many business people miss out on great opportunities just on the grounds that they are not successful at engaging the C-Suite. You can significantly expand your business performance by trying the following ideas.

Before you start a meeting with the C-Suite…

Before you execute C-Suite strategies in your offering, remember these pointers:

Number #1: Find the relative officials

Think about the last deal that you won or the last deal that you did not win. Were you talked to the relative official? On the off chance that you won the deal, you were most likely aligned to some executives whose neck was at stake. Also, that executive will have an impact on the purchasing choice.

Number #2: Know something about the line of that executive

Ordinarily, when you take a gander at a customer association, there are two sorts of purchasing choices occurring:

  • The formal choice, and
  • A casual buyer who can usurp that purchasing choice at last.

If you already have gotten your work done and know who that casual purchaser is, you can save the deal.

Number #3: Listen, Listen and Listen

You need to bond with those people before you can get to them, and the ideal approach to do that is to learn by listening. The best specialists listen effectively regardless of whether the answers are what they are searching for. They ask the questions that are suitable.


5 Ideas for Scoring a Success Meeting

Following are some must try ideas for scoring a success meeting with C-Suite:

Idea 1: Go to Their Events

A week or two preceding the event, you need to email the official or connect via web-based networking media to state something along the lines of, “I’m eager to see you at this event. Will you be covering this applicable point?”

They can likewise propose a 20-minute meeting with the objective of giving worth somehow.

Business people ought to likewise attempt to reach at the occasion itself if conceivable. Since administrators are generally mobbed by participants, a fast “a debt of gratitude is in order for talking” is most likely seek after. In any case, on the off-chance that they figure out how to get more eye to eye time, sales representatives can influence it by getting some information about the official’s presentation, complimenting them on a late business or vocation improvement, as well as proposing a significant asset.

Idea 2: Mail a Post-It Note with Your Ideas

It is easy to do this by means of email, yet examine recommends mailing administrators a physical duplicate of your notes can be boundlessly successful if you do a certain something: Put a Post-It on top.

Business people can arrange a brief or accommodating tip sheet and put a sticky note on the front saying something along the lines of, “Would you be able to call me after you read this to share your considerations?”

According to a study by Randy Garner, Sam Houston State University, Post-it note always grabs the attention!


Idea 3: Discover the Gap

Understanding the crevice between an organization’s present state and its optimal future state is the place you’ll observe your chance to be of administration. Most business people pose the question, “What keeps you up at evening time?”; merchants to the C-suite are more centered around the question, “What gets you up in the morning?”

It is the official’s drive towards a future express that makes multiyear and multimillion-dollar open doors for deals experts.

Idea 4: Adjust Your Rapport-Building Strategy

The average official purchaser wouldn’t like to idly chatter heretofore: They need to plunge into the genuine motivation as fast as could reasonably be expected. On the off chance that you attempt to fabricate compatibility the traditional route with inquiries like, “To what extent have you lived in Seattle?” or “How’s your week going?”, they’ll lose tolerance – and you’ll be off guard before the discussion has really even started.

Notwithstanding, some C-suite purchasers appreciate becoming more acquainted with you on a human level first. To fabricate affinity while keeping up the expert concentration, get some information about a late organization declaration, industry change, or other.

According to IBM,


Idea 5: Concentrate On the Bottom Line

Official purchasers have distinctive needs than the representatives who will really be utilizing your item, so make certain to outline your discussion fittingly.

You shouldn’t “show up and hurl” regardless of whom you’re conversing with. Be that as it may, while bring down level representatives are keen on perceiving how scratch elements of your item will help them finish their objectives, most administrators think about the master plan. Getting excessively granular will make them block out. “Executives couldn’t care less about elements and capacities,” Sales Source maker Geoffrey James composes. “They need to know how will change the main issue.”

7 Steps for Meeting with C-Suite

You have at last handled a one-on-one meeting with a top executive, a capable player inside your client’s firm. It is an incredible opportunity for your company. However, you must be sure to exploit it.

Make sure you follow these final steps to score your success meeting with C-Suite.

Step 1: Do research

Prior to the meeting, research and audit the executive’s “business plan”- – what he or she needs to achieve hierarchically. At that point utilize your contacts in the firm and your own business sharpness to comprehend the executive’s “close to home plan”- likely vocation objectives, the employment that he or she is plotting for, et cetera.

At the point when planning for a meeting with an official, you’ll need to finish four key things:

  • Appeared to be a specialist.
  • Construct the relationship.
  • Compliment them a bit.
  • Find their plan.

Step 2: Do not expect the executive knows everything

Busy executives are regularly ignorant or sometimes forget why a specific meeting is on their plan. Present yourself and clarify why you’re there, binds the topic to both the business plan and, all the more inconspicuously, the individual motivation of the official being referred to.

For instance: “I’m Mr. X from DevriX and I’m here to examine how to expand profitability through changes in quality control.”

Step 3: Build up credibility

Inside an initial couple of minutes, show that you’ve gotten your work done and comprehend the organization, its difficulties and its place in its industry. Concentrate on business issues that the official appearances – never the particular fancy odds and ends on your item. Executives couldn’t care less about components and capacities; they need to know how will change all that really matters.

Step 4: Ask relevant questions

Outline everything as indicated by the drivers that influence the business and the measurements that this executive uses to assess exercises. For instance, in case you’re conversing with a CFO, you may make inquiries about the ROI desires that the firm uses to settle on buying choices. In case you’re conversing with the executive you may make inquiries about the how whatever is left of the organization measures IT execution.


Step 5: Listen more

Once you’ve posed a question, hear what the executive needs to state. An effective discussion with a client is one in which the client does the vast majority of the talking. Your occupation is to control the discussion so you find what you have to know keeping in mind the end goal to be of administration to that client. You have to completely comprehend an organization’s issue before proposing an answer.

Step 6: Increase the value of your discussion

Show your answer without a moment’s pause. If you take much time it will make it appear as though you haven’t been listening or couldn’t care less about what the executive just let you know. Rather, convey extra esteem to the discussion by presenting an alternate business point of view and your experience managing comparative issues.

Step 7: Involve the executive directly

Involve the executive in your planning directly. Much of the time, this will include an open door for you to present some sort of modified answer for the issues you’ve been talking about. Take the executive’s lead on the most proficient method to approach this. You need the official to make some sort of commitment to your project. No matter if it’s just to plan a meeting to talk about the idea further.

Bottom Line: By building up your qualities, you will find that toward the end of a C-level official meeting your prospect will compliment you on what an awesome meeting it was and asking you when they can meet with you once more. All the achievement in deals happens when talented people are before qualified prospects and they make the most of each meeting.

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