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How to Create Evergreen Content (with examples)

What comes to mind when you see an old tree in the park? Maybe nothing, or maybe the fact that the tree has managed to stay alive and green for so long. Now imagine your content doing the same, wouldn’t that be awesome?

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Truly evergreen content is one that can effectively sustain changing trends and eras. In that sense, content can even be compared with fashion; the buzz may as well repeat itself.

A great example of evergreen content would be Wikipedia or Cnet. They stay evergreen because the information is being updated regularly. So here are some good tips with proven examples to help you come up with truly sustainable content.

Learn What Is Evergreen Content

Learn What Is Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that never goes out of style. It is based on a topic that is always relevant to the readers, no matter the season. And the name comes from the evergreen plant that maintains its green color all year round.

Compared to popular trending content that only creates buzz for a short while, evergreen content has no expiration date. It can retain its value in the long run and bring audiences back over and over again. Therefore, it’s the most important type of content any organization and person can create.

To give you a more clear idea of what is evergreen content, let’s outline what it isn’t:

  • Pop culture articles.
  • Articles focused on a popular trend.
  • News articles.
  • Statistics and reports using real time data.
  • Current fashion trends.

Before we move on with our tips on how to create evergreen content, we need to make one more very significant distinction – i.e. evergreen content vs evergreen topic.

Evergreen topics have good search volume and consistent interest over time. Some of these include: How to Make an Omelette? How to Lose Weight? How to Tie a Tie? Etc.

Evergreen content, however, is based on an evergreen topic so that it never goes out of date. Some examples include:

Now that we know what evergreen content is, let’s discuss some tips on how to create it yourself.

Stay Active on Social Media

One thing has become clear over the past decade – social media is here to stay. So it is safe to say that to some extent social media is going to remain everlasting. This is exactly why having a strong online presence and pushing content across social media is important.

Stay Active on Social Media

There have been multiple occasions where an article or a video resurfaced on the internet and thus enjoyed immense popularity once again. BuzzFeed is a great example of this. Their videos often go viral, instantly garnering millions of views. Many of these videos are truly evergreen in terms of concept, direction and yes, content. It is important to note here that they create content that generally turns heads. This goes to show that at times it pays to think out of the box.

Imagination is a great tool that can prove beneficial when it comes to creating evergreen content. Something extraordinary and special is not going to lose its charm so easily. In order to be timeless, you do not just have to be relevant; sometimes standing out can do the trick as well.

Take Care of Your Content

If you water your plants regularly, add fertilizers and trim them from time to time, your plants will really flourish. Same can be said about content – you have to take good care of it so readers go back to it again and again.

Take Care of Your Content

Here are some key actions to take, to ensure your content keeps its relevance and maintains its value:

  • Revisit Your Content Regularly. Make it a habit to go over your content every few months and refresh it where updates are due.
  • Include the Right Keywords. Your evergreen content won’t be worth much if people aren’t searching for that topic. So, perform keyword research and make sure to include relevant long-tail keywords.
  • Optimize for SEO. Once you know which keywords rank best, you need to implement the best on-page SEO practices. This means including ialt tags, have good keyword density, and maintain a strong backlink profile.
  • Always Keep Beginners in Mind. Evergreen topics are generally broad, and experts don’t usually search for them. So one of the best ways to ensure your content stays evergreen and attracts audiences time after time is to write it in a way that caters to beginners.
  • Repurpose Your Content. Once you create a valuable and timeless piece of content, don’t just have it sit on your blog – repurpose it! There are plenty of ways to reuse your ideas in different formats.

Anything Can Be Everlasting

You cannot really pigeonhole timeless content because the truth is almost anything can be evergreen. It is quite possible that something on your website has the potential to be evergreen, but you haven’t noticed it yet. It might be articles, videos, gifs, images, infographics, tutorials, anything at all.

BuzzFeed is a good example of this. Their website and Facebook page have videos, articles and gifs that people adore and go back to time and again.

Dates Are Not That Important

You can literally make your content timeless by not putting a date on it. If you think something is good and timeless in terms of context and usability, don’t put a date on it. This can make it look old. In fact, it may be the only thing making it look old. Without a date, it can still be relevant and not give people the idea it is too old to be considered.

Citrix, a company that offers workplace tools and solutions, does this on their blog, making their content evergreen.

DevriX for Evergreen Content

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We also make sure that your content is optimized for search engines as this plays a vital role in your website’s success. If someone searches for something and comes across your article or video from five years ago, it is thanks to good SEO behind your website.