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In-Depth, Insightful Review of Seomator & Why We Use It


When it comes to SEO, there is no one size fits all approach. What may have worked for some businesses might not work for you. SEO is a group of various techniques that require ongoing testing and of course, a lot of time.

One of the most important things that SEO practices should do is website audit and analysis. To be honest, it’s not an easy job to conduct an audit of an entire site, but thankfully, we have the answer. Seomator is an excellent SEO tool that we have been using for some time now. This time around, we have decided to give it our honest, candid and in-depth review. Read on to know more about Seomator, what it does, and find out if you should include this in your arsenal.

What Is Seomator?

Seomator is a no fuss website crawling and auditing tool that helps SEO professionals and webmasters keep an eye on their sites and assess if everything is in running order. This amazing SEO tool not only identifies the problem on your website but also suggest ways to eradicate the problem and improve the overall performance of the site. Seomator digs down deep into the core of your website, analyzes and audits the architectural details and sends a detailed assessment report containing ways to enhance the SEO efforts.

To start with, the easy to understand dashboard gives you access to all your current projects and lets you easily add more. The current plan on the dashboard lets you manage your short-term goals and tasks effortlessly – for instance, something that you want to complete this week or month. The smartly placed navigation bar at the top gives one-click access to important sections like bulk processing, domain comparisons, profile, monitoring, etc, which we will discuss later in the article.

Before we go into the details of the features; let’s first take a look at the most useful and comprehensive page.

Overview Page

The overview page is actually the summary of all the data collected by Seomator from your website. By analyzing this data, Seomator identifies major strengths and weaknesses in your website and presents it in a score of 0 – 100. This amazing tool lists all the issues that need to be addressed to fix your website and keep it healthy.

Moving on to the on-page optimization features…



The right HTML Tags forms the foundation of a sound SEO campaign. This is the reason why Seomator wants you to have a look at it first. Once you have selected the project, click on the HTML Tags in the left options bar to have a closer look at your website’s headers, title tags, and Meta description. This feature also allows you to identify and fix URLs with errors.

What we really liked is the graphical and chart representation of the data, which makes it easier to understand and take the necessary actions.

Internal Links

Link building plays a vital role in the overall SEO strategy, so you simply can’t afford to miss out on the health of your internal links. This section of Seomator lists the number of incoming and outgoing links your website currently has. Again, the data is neatly grouped together in graphs indicating how many links you have. All this data is useful in determining your page authority. Take a look at the snapshots above.

Content Quality

If your website has an active blog, this section can really come in handy. It basically identifies how the current content is distributed amongst various pages on your site. It breaks down the pages based on word count and content quality. With the Content Quality feature, you can easily identify unique, similar, duplicate, almost duplicate and thin content and take necessary actions.

Mobile Usability

The Internet world is quickly going mobile. Close to half of the Internet users are surfing the web on their handheld devices already. This is the reason why websites today need to be fully optimized for mobiles. This Seomator feature will show some screenshots of your website on a couple of mobile devices along with your score for mobile optimization.

DevriX is 100% optimized for mobile. – Check the screenshot above.

Structured Data

This is one of the simplest features of Seomator. It shows whether structured data is found on your website or not. Furthermore, you can also see which type of data is it and associated with which URLs.

Page Speed

Google gives high importance to user experience and its algorithm is designed to reward websites with the simple and compelling design. How fast your web pages load up (page speed) shapes the user experience on your site. Data here on this page is shown with the help of charts and tables as well. The data contains some great information on average response time and page size – the two main contributors to the Page Speed.

Text Statistics

There used to be a time when SEO was all about keywords. This is not the case anymore, but keywords are still important and Google can still penalize you for over and underuse of the keywords. The right set and volume of keywords, however, can help you with the SEO. The Text Statistics section on Seomator helps you identify the right balance of keywords on your website. The page shows the most commonly used keywords on your site, which can, in turn, help you better plan your content strategy.

Site Structure

The last tab under the On-Page is site structure. This section closely analyzes each page on your website for depth and examines the overall site structure. This is particularly useful in deciding whether you want to change the volume of links on each page or not.


This brings us to the off-site features. Under this section you will be able to analyze and audit the social media, backlinks, organic presence, how can you export the reports in PDF format and what not.

Social Media

Social Media is extremely important for content distribution. The Majority of content that goes viral is mostly a result of social media. It makes sharing easy. The social media section of Seomator helps you keep an eye on platforms your content is being shared on, how many times it has been shared, etc.


When it comes to link building, backlinking is an important element. For any SEO campaign to be successful it is important to monitor the backlinks. However, it is easier said than done. With Seomator, you can have a simple, bird’s eye view of all your backlinks. Through a comparison graph, you can also keep count of dofollow and nofollow link.

Organic Presence

Organic presence is all about staying ahead in the competition by keeping an eye on what the competitors are doing. This section drills down deep and analyzes the keywords used by your competition and where you stand. With some tweaks and a slight adjustment to your strategy, you can really boost your ranking.

Crawler Report

The Crawler report checks for your site’s overall functionality and shows which URL on your site is being crawled along with the response codes. You can also check canonicalization here, which helps you deal with duplicate content on the website.

Last but not the least, you can export all information you have viewed above in easy to understand and downloadable PDF format. This feature can really come in handy for clients that are looking for a presentation on their website’s progress and standing.

Some More Features

The blue option bar situated at the top has got some more useful features.

Domains Comparison: Helps you compare your domain with your competitors. It’s another quick way to know your current standing and strategize.

Embedded SEO Audit Widget: This widget will help when you want to generate leads and conduct complete site audits.

Bulk Processing: Allows you to check on multiple websites and get the results emailed.

Monitoring Task: While still in beta phase, this feature can keep a record of all the changes that can affect your SEO efforts and sends an alert if everything goes wrong.

Bottom Line:

SEO professionals and marketers generally look for versatility, functionality, and ease of use when it comes to picking a tool. Seomator is every bit of that and is continuing to improve. We have been using this tool for some time now and liked the in-depth reporting it generates. It covers all aspects of SEO – so, all in all, Seomator is a must-have weapon in your SEO arsenal!