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Sales Tools: vs. Brevo

Sales Tools_ vs. Brevo

In sales and marketing, technology is advancing incredibly quickly, and having the right tools can make all the difference when closing deals faster and organizing complex processes. In fact, these tools have become essential, but choosing which one is right for you can sometimes be confusing – there are so many options, features, and factors to consider. and Brevo are two such software, and both are widely used in the go-to-market process.

In this article, we will compare them both, highlighting their pros, cons, and the individual features that may help you decide which of the two is best for you.

What Are Sales Tools?

Sales technology helps salespeople figure out which prospects are most likely to buy, and how to approach them. The technology saves time on boring and repetitive tasks, letting experts focus on what really matters: closing deals.

Sales tools are a common term for a variety of programs. Many people think they are CRMs (customer relationship management), but that’s not entirely true. There are at least 10 categories, for instance:

  • CRM software. Helps manage customer relationships and track interactions.
  • Sales intelligence. Provides data and insights about potential customers.
  • Sales acceleration. Speeds up the sales process with tools that automate tasks.
  • Data connectors and integration tools. Connect different software and data sources so they can work together efficiently.
  • Sales analytics. Analyzes sales data to improve decision-making and strategies.
  • Sales productivity. They help sales teams work more efficiently.
  • Marketing automation and ABM. Automates marketing tasks and targets key accounts.
  • Customer success. Helps ensure customers are happy and getting value from the products they acquire.
  • CPQ. Software that helps create accurate quotes for products and services.

Many of these tools’ features overlap, so the lines between them are sometimes blurred. Additionally, these tools should have the capability to integrate with each other. and Brevo are specialized sales technology platforms that share similarities but also differences.

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What Is is a sales intelligence and engagement system for boosting sales processes. It is not a standalone CRM system but a platform that complements CRM systems. It offers a wide range of features to help businesses succeed. Here’s what it does: Sales Intelligence:

  • gives you access to data on millions of contacts and companies, helping you find the right leads for your business.
  • It offers filters such as ‘buyer intent’ and ‘job postings’ to help pinpoint potential customers effectively.
  • The platform ensures that the data you receive is always fresh and detailed

Sales Engagement:

  • You can reach out to leads and prospects with personalized messages.
  • It provides tools to analyze and improve your communication with potential clients.
  • Plus, its workflows save time and make your sales processes more efficient.

Deal Management:

  • helps you stay organized by managing your sales pipeline and keeping track of deals, meetings, and interactions.
  • Its features make it easier for you to close deals efficiently.

Integration with CRM Systems:

  • Integrating with CRM systems can greatly benefit sales teams.
  • By combining lead generation and sales engagement with CRM management features, you can boost efficiency and drive growth. Pros and Cons

As with every software, comes with strengths and limitations.


  • Rich data insights. provides access to a vast database of contacts and companies. The platform’s Living Data Network ensures that the data remains fresh and up-to-date.
  • Targeted lead generation. With advanced filters, you can narrow down your search so it identifies prospects who are actively looking for solutions related to your product or service.

Targeted lead generation

  • Sales engagement tools. The platform offers features like email tracking, sequence automation, and conversation intelligence. You can personalize your outreach and track engagement metrics effectively.
  • Interface.’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • Deliverability. It provides default email-sending limits so that your domain reputation stays intact. The additional LinkedIn integration gives your sales and marketing teams an additional channel to reach your prospects.


  • Learning curve. may overwhelm users seeking simpler, more straightforward solutions.’s tool is suitable for medium and large-sized agencies, running multiple accounts and prone to experimentation. With an enormous internal database of leads, is a relatively low-cost solution for marketing experts both in agencies, and enterprises with multiple target markets.

What Is Brevo?

Brevo is a CRM system, kind of like a Swiss Army knife for businesses. It’s an all-in-one platform that helps companies manage their customer relationships. It doesn’t just send emails; it automates marketing tasks, speeds up sales, and makes it easier to connect with customers. Here’s what it does:

  • Multi-Channel communication. Manages customer relationships through various channels like email, SMS, and chat.
  • Marketing automation. Automates marketing tasks to reach a wider audience with less effort.
  • Sales acceleration. Speeds up the sales process by managing leads, tracking deals, and organizing interactions.
  • Customer service communication. Improves customer service communication through personalized, multi-channel interactions.
  • Campaign management. Runs multi-channel marketing campaigns to engage with customers.
  • Data centralization. Keeps customer information in one place for better organization and service delivery.
  • Analytics and optimization. Measures and optimizes marketing and sales efforts through analytics and insights.
  • Workflow streamlining. Streamlines workflows to enhance productivity and effectiveness.

Workflow streamlining

Brevo Pros and Cons

Let’s see what are the pros and cons of Brevo:


  • Leveraging advanced analytics and AI-driven algorithms, Brevo provides personalized recommendations and predictive analytics.
  • Its user interface prioritizes simplicity and clarity, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • A wide range of email templates with a drag-and-drop approach makes it easy for both experienced and inexperienced marketers to create customized campaigns.
  • No email sending limits, easy to use interface.
  • Marketers can create landing pages and forms to gather user information voluntarily.
  • The additional tools allow for SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook ad campaigns which provide marketers with additional channels to convert leads.


  • Brevo’s pricing structure may pose challenges for smaller businesses or startups operating on a tighter budget.
  • If you are looking for a cold outreach tool, Brevo might not be the program for you. It does not have any default sending limits, and even if a small number of prospects unsubscribe from your list, Brevo starts monitoring your activity and flags your email campaigns as unsolicited.


Brevo’s pricing is based on your email volume, so the cost may vary depending on your specific requirements. There are four pricing plans:

  • Free Plan.
  • Starter plan. Starts at $15 per month.
  • Business plan. Pricing details are tailored on their website.
  • Enterprise plan. Custom pricing for large organizations with advanced needs.

Suitable for

Brevo is suitable for enterprises and/or established agencies working with fewer clients, who already have a lot of leads and subscribers in their database, and have an established domain reputation. If marketers want to spend less time on email and newsletter customization and don’t need in-depth details of their audience, Brevo’s platform is the right fit for them.

What Is the Difference Between and Brevo? and Brevo are both *sales and marketing platforms*, but they serve slightly different purposes: is a sales intelligence platform primarily focused on sales intelligence. It offers a B2B database, Teams can leverage Apollo’s Engagement Suite to scale outbound activities and sequences effectively.

Brevo is a CRM. It aims to cultivate long-term customer relationships and provides an easy-to-use platform with intuitive and scalable marketing and CRM tools, including Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Chat, Marketing Automation, and more. vs Brevo

Why Compare?

Before diving into a direct comparison, it’s important to understand why we have undertaken this analysis. Businesses evaluating CRM and lead generation solutions often face a daunting array of options.

Aspect Brevo
Features and Capabilities – Lead generation – Prospecting –  Email tracking – Analytics – Email campaigns – Task management – CRM i
User Interface and Experience – Customizable dashboards – Intuitive navigation – Minimalist interface – Emphasis on simplicity
Data Accuracy and Coverage – Vast database with focus on accuracy and completeness – Database may be more limited
Integration and Compatibility – Seamless integration with popular CRM systems and marketing tools – Integration with leading CRM platforms and sales tools
Pricing and Plans – Subscription-based pricing tailored to business needs + a free version that is enough to test the waters – Flexible pricing options, may include per-user or tiered pricing + Brevo’s free version adds the Brevo logo to your campaigns
Customer Support and Training – Email, phone, and chat support –  Knowledge bases and training sessions + occasional webinars – Similar support channels – Documentation and training resources
Scalability – Designed to scale with growing business needs – Scalable architecture to accommodate business growth
Customization Options – Ability to customize workflows and data fields – Options for customizing email templates and workflows
Mobile Accessibility – Mobile app available for on-the-go access – Mobile-friendly web interface for accessibility
Security Measures – Data encryption – Role-based access control – Data encryption – Multi-factor authentication
Reporting and Analytics – Comprehensive reporting and analytics features – Reporting tools for tracking campaign performance, more primitive in comparison to Apollo
Industry Focus – Used across various industries – Tailored for specific industries or verticals
User Adoption – Ease of onboarding new users – User-friendly interface – User training and onboarding resources – Intuitive design for quick adoption
Updates and Development – Frequency of updates and new feature releases – Commitment to product improvement and innovation
Data Privacy Compliance – Compliance with data protection regulations – Measures to ensure data privacy and compliance

Integration Between and Brevo can be integrated with Brevo. You can set up workflows using Zapier, which allows you to connect Apollo and Brevo and automate tasks between the two platforms. For example, you can create opportunities in Apollo when new contacts are added to a specific list in Brevo, thus streamlining your tasks and saving time on manual data entry.

You can also:

  • Log in to your Brevo account.
  • Click on the account dropdown and select Plugins & Integrations.
  • Navigate to the ‘My Integrations’ tab.
  • Look for in the list of available integrations and click on it.
  • You will be redirected to the setup page of the integration.
  • Follow the instructions provided to connect your account with Brevo.
  • Once connected, you can edit the name or setup of the integration by clicking the three dots next to it and selecting ‘Edit’ settings.
  • To view the sync details or initiate a manual sync, select ‘Sync’ details from the same menu.
  • If you need to deactivate the integration temporarily, click the toggle button next to the active integration and confirm.
  • To delete the integration permanently, select ‘Delete’ from the menu and confirm your action.

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Wrap Up

Both and Brevo are powerful outreach and sales tools with unique features. excels at sales intelligence and engagement, while Brevo offers comprehensive CRM and marketing automation capabilities. By understanding their pros, cons, and integration possibilities, you can choose the right sales tool to streamline your sales and marketing efforts.