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It’s Time to Think About Drip Marketing

Time to Think About Drip Marketing

Marketers know how important it is to stay in contact with customers. Even those businesses that have established market share need to keep marketing, even when they do not feel the need to.


This is sort of a reminder to the customer of your existence and that whenever they need a particular product or service, they can choose you. Through these marketing tactics, the name of the brand stays fresh in the mind of the people.

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According to a study by IBM, the chances of a customer buying again increases by 48% if the marketers regularly send them emails. This goes to show that people will most likely buy from the brand if they are familiar with it and have knowledge about their products.

What Is Drip Marketing?

Marketing a brand through several mediums like messages, calls, emails, or newsletters to inform the customer about the products is called drip marketing. This is like a reminder to people about your business.

It can help enormously the sales team in cultivating leads. Even if the customer is not interested in buying a product at that moment, they will buy from you whenever the need comes up thanks to the knowledge they have of your brand.

The term drip is derived from the agricultural practice of slowly and consistently dropping water on crops so that they get enough moisture to grow without flooding them with too much water.

Drip marketing works in a similar fashion by reminding people and creating just enough awareness to develop interest, but not too much to push the customer away. It cannot only bring back old customers but also create new customers and inform them of any upcoming ventures or offers.

Technology and Drip Marketing

Drip marketing has never been as easy as it is now thanks to technology. Many companies use automated phone calls to target customers who have shown interest. With one click, an email can go to thousands of accounts. One post on social media can be seen by tens of thousands of people.

Technology is also used to measure the performance of drip marketing campaigns. With these analytical tools, marketers can see how well their campaigns have performed.

They can see how many people received their emails, how many opened emails, and how many clicked through. They can see how many people saw their posts on Facebook.

This data helps them identify what works with whom and understand their customers. Using lead management software, they can track leads – i.e., people who have an interest in the product and may actually buy.

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Implementing a Drip Marketing

Like any other marketing project, drip marketing also requires careful planning and a smart strategy. The planning phase is well thought out as to how the campaign will be carried out, what technology will be used and what customers will be targeted.

It will usually require listing customer contact information like phone numbers or emails. The timing is also very crucial in planning.

Marketers need to identify what times customers will be more inclined to open their emails or even respond to the call to action.

Then comes the frequency as to how many times a week or month the customer should be approached, as doing too frequently will push away the customer.

Then comes the phase of segmenting the audience so that the campaign reaches relevant people. Design is also part of the strategy because among so many marketing messages and emails, yours needs to stand out, so a lot of work must go into that.

These plans are often designed for a whole year. Lastly, the implementation also hinges on performance. You need to continuously monitor your campaign and make your strategy adaptive to any changing consumer behavior or market trends.

Why Drip Marketing?

Drip marketing essentially has many benefits as it keeps the brand image alive and at the same time promotes it to newer customers.

Here are some benefits of drip marketing:

  1. Customer loyalty
  2. Cost-effectiveness
  3. Timing
  4. Increased sales
  5. Relevance

Benefits of drip marketing

Customer Loyalty

Marketers know that attaining customer loyalty is like hitting a jackpot. This is not an easy task, but one that has tremendous long-term benefits.

Through constant interaction with the customers through calls, emails, or messages, you are there in the mind of the customer.

It initiates a connection and one sale leads to another, eventually earning the loyalty of the customer. It creates a familiarity between the brand and the customer.

Cost Effectiveness

Drip marketing is very cost effective thanks to modern technology. You can include it as part of your regular marketing plans, and it does not need many resources.


Timing is another great benefit of drip marketing campaigns. You can roll your campaigns just in time for a sale season or an upcoming holiday. The message reminds the customer to visit your website during a sale or holiday season.

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Increased Sales

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaigns is to increase sales. Through various ways, drip marketing helps increase sales in the short term and over the long term. This is why there is a high ROI on these kinds of subtle but effective campaigns.


Drip marketing differentiates from regular marketing in that it is more relevant. Instead of reaching out to everyone, you reach out to people who have shown interest. These could be one time old customers or people who have signed up to receive emails or newsletters.

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Drip marketing can be used by any business, big or small, old or new. It is especially beneficial for businesses that deal directly with their customers.

Marketing professionals all over the world use it and find it to be very effective. It is equally important to focus on your website and make it better because that is where the customer will arrive if your campaign is successful.