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12 Ways to Increase Conversion Through Email Marketing

Increse Conversion

When you send emails to your customers, you do not just send them because you have to. There are certain parameters to evaluate when sending emails. It is also important to consider the objective to increase conversion rates through email marketing.

Use email marketing to further move your leads down the bottom line. Here is a guide for you.

1. Create a database of recipients based on your target market

Always go back to your target market in all of your transactions. Email marketing automation should start with the proper identification of the target market. A client database is an invaluable asset for your business which can help you track your leads, send out information, follow up transactions, generate income and have repeat buys.

2. Generate your own recipient list

MailChimp emails

Create your own database. Do not buy them. Buying leads can be tricky sometimes. You cannot be entirely reliant that all 10,000 contacts on your database are real. Some of them may have been created for the purpose of filling up your list.

You may create the database of your recipients from the following sources

  • Business Network
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Referrals
  • Social Media followers
  • Previous contacts

3. Create a clear message to your clients

The message you give out to your clients should be clear and must answer their needs. The information must be relevant to their requirements in order to avoid rejection. Do not bombard your recipients with too many details and rather emphasize one important message at a time.

A clear message makes the process of understanding the content easy, creating a better user experience. In addition, make your text short but precise. Make sure to use only the appropriate words that are fit for your target market and to the goal of your message.

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4. Use the proper language for your recipients

Sending an email is more than just using Chinese, English or French. The usage of proper language includes age appropriateness, cultural sensitivity and other specific circumstance pertaining to your target market.

For example, the language to be used for backpackers ranging from 18 to 25 years old is different from the language to be used when communicating with young professionals in the banking industry. Language appropriateness is very important in conveying a message to your target audience so as not to mislead your client with the wrong information.

5. Send messages to recipients when they are looking at their emails

When you send emails at the wee hours of the day, your recipients will not be able to see it right away. Other emails are coming all day long, and there is a tendency that your recipients will put your email in the “Read Later” mailbox. So it is highly recommended to send your email to your recipients at the time when they are looking at their computers or handheld devices.

6. Resend emails maybe twice or three times

Schedule your email automation system to send and resend the same emails accordingly. Some of your recipients may not have read your email the first time you sent it. Chances are, those emails have been followed by other emails until your message is already at the bottom. As a way of following up, resend the same emails to your recipient on a different schedule.

Sending the same email also saves your time in creating a new email. The end goal is to cut your message across your target audience.

7. Do not let your email end up in the spam folder


Spam messages are unsolicited emails that come into your folders. Normally these messages go straight to the spam folder. They are highly commercial in nature and may be fraudulent. As a marketer or business owner, make sure your emails do not end up in the spam folder of your recipients.

Here are a few tips to keep your emails off the spam folder:

  1. Comply with the CAN-SPAM Act
  2. Avoid misleading header details
  3. Do not use false information
  4. Specify your location
  5. Do not use spam trigger words or phrases
  6. Avoid phishing. Do not even attempt to do so.
  7. Free your emails from spam by using spam checkers
  8. Check if you are on a blacklist. If you are, free yourself from it. Check through these sample websites:

8. Create a sense of urgency in your emails

Answer the need of your recipients and impose that sense of urgency. Let your recipients know that resolving concerns must be done now and you have the answers to their needs.

Encourage your recipients to open and read your emails using the sample subject line formats below:

  • Invitation type (e.i. Invitation to FREE Wealth Building Seminar, Grand Launching Event)
  • Controversial or shocking news
  • Current events pertaining to recipients location
  • Usage of the word “FREE”
  • Objective based subject line (e.i Loss Weight in 7 Days, etc.)

9. Take Advantage of Workflows

An email workflow makes email management a lot better. This refers to a series of automated electronic mails which will be sent based on the recipient’s information (contact details, behavior, characteristics, etc). A workflow will make your life easier when sending emails because it gives you the option to send the right message to a particular group of individuals.

You may customize who you send your emails to. For example, you may send emails to:

  • Your Twitter followers only
  • Business contacts located at XYZ (location)
  • Leads who clicked links or downloaded files from your website

10. Coordinate With Your Sales Team

There is a reason why a company or any organization in particular works in teams. Working together as one and with a common end goal in mind makes success easier to reach and a lot sweeter when achieved.

As an unwritten rule in Marketing, there must always be a synergy between Marketing and Sales Teams. Marketers must work hand in hand with sales representatives since the latter has direct access to leads and customers.

Marketing must nurture the relationship of the sales team to their customers. Even potential clients who declined an offer by a salesperson must be taken cared of, as well. You can increase conversion through email marketing automation if you work closely with the sales team.

11. Make your emails mobile responsive

More than 50% of all emails in the World Wide Web are opened first on mobile devices. In fact, 65% of all emails in the United States are accessed on mobile devices according to US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013.

With the above information, it is then mandatory nowadays to make your emails mobile-friendly. Just like how you configure your website, emails must be accessed by your recipients easily on tablets, mobile phones, and other handheld devices.

Everyone is always on the go and this feature can definitely help you increase conversion rate as part of your email marketing automation strategies.

12. Add a little bit of the personal touch

Appeal to your recipients’ emotions, special needs, lifestyle, milestones, celebrations and other personalized information. They will appreciate your email even more and build your brand’s image even further.


Always remembers that the main objective of your email marketing is to increase conversion, improve user experience and answer the needs of your customers.

With this, make sure that you properly identify your receivers first. Consider this to deliver a clear and high-value message, avoid getting spammed, send email on the most appropriate schedule and work together with the teams in your organization. Through all of these, you can definitely increase conversion rates through email marketing.


  1. garry says:

    If you are using the email marketing as the field for promotion and need the better email working just use these tips . Great tips, I had used it and found the best result.

    1. DevriX Team says:

      Thank you Garry! 🙂
      What email marketing technique is working best for you recently?

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