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Why Building Your Email List is So Important Nowadays?

Why Building Your Email List is So Important Nowadays

Having good leads in online marketing is to get the email of a particular client. Are you thinking about building an email list for your marketing? Many bloggers and business owners don’t see the importance of having an email list. We will show you the top reasons why building your email list is important.

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Why is Building Email List Crucial?

Because these subscribers joined your email list from your website and verified their identity by clicking on a link (opt-in form) function of your site. They are extremely interested in what you have to offer to them. If you’re not building an email list, you’re making a huge mistake that can cost a lot of money.

Whenever you run paid ads, you’re likely to find across this question, “why would I ever intend to have an email list and how does this affect my business?” Email marketing is very useful when we discuss list building.

To put this in perspective, had I built an email list when a publicly traded company approached me to procure my website content, It could have requested 7 to 10 times more money than they initially offered to me.

But luckily I found the WP Easy Subscribers; WP Easy Subscribers adds nice well designed opt-in popup form to your website that allows you to attract new customers. An email list is vital to business because it has the potential to dramatically increase sales in just a short period. So, giving potential subscribers, clients, customers tons of options to register is essential in online marketing. The popup form is fully customizable: you can quickly change colors, edit text format, hide name field, and enable 2-step form (in such scenario a custom HTML-text will be displayed symphonious one, and opt-in form will be displayed in step two).

The icon with the envelope on the admin’s dashboard is the button on where you can setup the plugin quickly. If you wish to configure the plugin you can just most likely to “Subscribers” then “Settings”.

General Settings

It has an option that lets you decide where the opt-in popup form will appear. Usually, the pop up for subscribers will appear when it is the first time they visit the site. People are more willing to sign up for your email list if they get something in return for a free newsletter or free tips. You’ll notice that sign up forms are sometimes positioned in a lightbox on Internet marketing website. Our subscribers will get some great marketing tips and advice delivered right to their inboxes like the free content or free tips. You can also offer other high-quality, rich content. Subscribers get access to a free content offering. It’s set off to the side of the website, so it’s not distracting, yet it has a prominent place on the site

Did you know that you could use the social media like Twitter to have massive gains on the email list? The promotional tweet in social media is also one of the ways to capture emails. You can quickly offer customers a deal of some sort in exchange for their email address. It’s an affordable way to add new names to your list. But if you don’t have any plans on spending money to get email list then you will need to set up the pop-up screen to capture your client email.

Designed to be responsive

This plugin was designed to be in mobile responsive form. It is a responsive web layout designed in the best option for your mobile SEO strategy. As smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases with the volume of production each year, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

Stunning Form Layout

The plugin has a very nice smooth transition on the lower right side that can attract customer or clients to engage with your offers. It has an appealing theme that will attract more customer. WP Easy Subscribers has a function that you can set the delay in seconds. This is one of our favorite functions because it will appear smoothly with delays. And you can hide the form and set the number of days on when it will appear again on your visitor’s screen.

Subscribers are saved to its own Database

This plugin has its own well-structured database. So if you don’t have MailChimp account. You can just easily set the database storage on the plugin itself. Databases are basically containers for data memory. Because of a public library stores books, we could also say that a library is a database of books as part of an example. But strictly defined, databases are computer structures that save, organize, protect, and deliver data by its own brain memory. A system that contains databases is called a database management system, or DBM in IT terms. The typical diagram representation for a database is a cylinder and has packets for saving allocations. This is how they designed the WP Easy Subscribers. More of that if you already have MailChimp account. The MailChimp is the ultimate web-based software that will change the way you handle Internet marketing for your product on the web. MailChimp is a simple email marketing software (EMS) which gives you a number of easy options for designing, sending and saving nice templates of your emails. The MailChimp integration for this plugin was fully designed to be very aggressive in such way it can be connected by using the API key.

CSV Exporting method

The WP Easy Subscribers has export functions that can convert email list directly to your Microsoft Excel file. In this way, all the lists will be available in just a single click download email list transfer. This is very useful especially if you want to have a quick transfer of email list to another computer.

CSV is a simple file format used to store tabular data using MS excel files, such as a spreadsheet or database. Files in the CSV format can be imported to and exported from programs that store data in tables in a very easy way, the popular software will be Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. CSV stands for “comma-separated values”.

Opt-in from Behaviour

The behavior of this opt-in form is very impressive, a form that is very smooth on transition. Just like a sliding slow motion. The opt-in form can be seen always on the lower right side or on the left side of your website. The positioning of this form is not that annoying because some of the opt-in form that I experience on other website tend to have a very distracting overview.

We hope you will be happy using this plugin. If you have any questions about this plugin just go directly to the support button


  1. Ejoh Esther says:

    I get pissed when people are ignorant to the importance of email marketing. Email listing is significant in generating repeated traffic to your web page. It also boosts relevancy.
    It helps to keep up with sales and provide comfort to customers. Also, it provides a direct channel of getting information through to your customers rather than posting up information on social media, which might eventually not get to your customers.

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