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6 Powerful WooCommerce Tips to Boost Sales

WooCommerce Tips Boost Sales

Every WooCommerce store owner has one goal – to sell more products and increase the revenue for his/her eCommerce company. However, boosting sales is not always an easy task, especially with increasing competition and each additional factor that affects your entire store and sales strategy, and not to mention the mentality and patience of your team.

If that’s the case with your store, luckily, you can implement a series of tips and sales tactics that can increase your sales. To help you out, we’ve compiled six tips that can help you boost your WooCommerce sales numbers.

1. Personalize the Experience

Every customer is special and should be treated that way. However, some of your customers stand out from the pack.

Joolz Strollers webpage

Image Source: Joolz Strollers

These are the people that want a personalized experience out of you. They want to be nurtured as soon as they open your WooCommerce store, and they need to be notified about each new product, discount, and special offer that is intended for them.

The utmost priority of eCommerce should be to provide convenience. This is the main reason why shoppers are switching from brick and mortar stores to online stores because of the convenience and the personalized shopping experience.

Quero handmade shoes online store

Image Source: Quero Handmade Shoes

The experience is tailored for the customers’ needs and desires if each step purposefully optimized to push them into the sales funnel by providing value and nurturing their attention.

Customers want to feel empowered, and they want to have full control of their buying process. If your WooCommerce store fails to provide a personalized shopping experience, customers will abandon your website ruthlessly because there are hundreds of other stores available out there.

Provide Personalized Content

Content is still the king! For effective customer retention, you must develop quality content that brings positive feelings to your target audience. Some of the crucial aspects of a personalized content strategy are:

  • Identify your target audiences and provide the content they’re actively looking for.
  • Prepare content material for significant events, holidays and seasonality on the calendar so that you have the opportunity to publish them before your competitors.
  • Stay informative and avoid content that sounds too salesy.

Use the Latest Technology

The evolution of technology in eCommerce has transformed the way that consumers interact with the brands. With AI and machine learning technologies, retailers can identify the needs of consumers and provide them with tailored solutions.

Here’s how to use technology to personalize an experience on your WooCommerce store:

  • AI and Machine Learning are able to drive data and analyze as well as clarify consumer behavior so that retailers can craft a unique pattern for each customer.
  • You can use data to alter your website offers and also enhance your marketing campaigns with relevant content that results in better engagement and conversions.
  • You can also improve the overall UX with better customer service, a simplified checkout process and, a real-life shopping experience.

Use the Right Extensions

Be as flexible as possible with the extensions because WooCommerce provides you with tons of customizable solutions. There are hundreds of extensions developed that you can personalize your WooCommerce store, and here’s how you can use them:

  • Let the customers pick their own product delivery dates. WooCommerce Order Delivery is an amazing extension that allows your customers to set their own delivery dates based on the estimated shipping times to their location. You can also block off dates on which the delivery is not possible.
  • Let people purchase in their own currency. With extensions such as WooCommerce currency switcher, your customers can pick their own respective currency. You can also set the default currency for particular geographical locations to help your customers view the product prices and complete the checkout process in their local currency.
  • Allow customers branded shopping. Perfect WooCommerce Brands can help you create countless brand categories with a name, description, and product images.

Keep the Relationship with the Customers

You need to keep the connection with your customers alive and healthy. This is essential to a successful personalization strategy. If you decide to ignore the customers that don’t respond to your messages won’t help your company grow or receive more orders.

When we’re talking about personalization and relationships, here is what you can do to improve them:

  • Check in with your customers to see if they need help.
  • Send them personalized messages.
  • Provide them with special pricing packages.
  • Offers them discounts and loyalty benefits.
  • Reply to their messages quickly.
  • Keep the tone of messages and conversations personal.
  • Offer complimentary promotions.

2. Provide Discounts

Customers love a good sale and a discount is everything that you need to turn an indecisive shopper into a satisfied customer. With WooCommerce and its toolbox, you can generate discount codes, flash sales, and promotions.

A discount coupon code is an excellent way to generate more sales for your store. A code can be from 10%-30% of the product price or the order total, and there are not a lot of people that would refuse a discount like that.

casual shopping women

There are plenty of discount options by using WooCommerce extensions, such as the Smart Coupons extension. You can generate a bundle offer, dynamic pricing, or an insider sale. There’s also the YITH WooCommerce Coupon Email System that can help you create email coupons that are prompted by fields such ‘Customer Birthday’ or ‘Customer National Holiday’.

3. Take Advantage of Urgency Triggers

watch wore by a professional

Even the slightest change in your WooCommerce store such as installing a countdown timer or a pop-up can lead to a considerable sales boost. The principle of FOMO (fear of missing out) is real among most shoppers.

“Hurry up! Only 4 Items left in stock!!!”

“233 People added this product in their cart today!”

“Exclusive discount (Ends in 3 hours)”

The idea is clear – deploying urgency to make the consumers buy quickly. Scarcity is what prompts them to action. It works like a charm. For example, people might not pay attention to an item if they know they could buy the item anytime. But, if the product is available cheaply for a limited time only, consumers are immediately intrigued.

With WooCommerce extensions such as XL WooCommerce Sales Trigger, you can set up a timer on a product or category for a specific date and time and make any product available for purchase for a limited time. When the time runs out, the product will remain hidden to customers.

4. Cross-Sell & Upsell

One of the best strategies that giants in the eCommerce game such as Amazon use is upselling and cross-selling of the products. Upselling and cross-selling are closely-related. For example:

MailChimp pricing - upselling technique

Image Source: MailChimp Pricing

The first example is upselling, and the second one is cross-selling.

With upselling, you can sell a more expensive version of a product in place of the one the customer originally intended to buy. Upselling is the reason why you’ll buy the sedan instead of the hatchback, and why you’ll go on a 3-day trip to Milan instead of 7-day excursion in your own country.

On the other hand, Cross-selling is when you sell something related to the product, but which the customer didn’t intend to initially buy. It’s a product related to the purchase but not something a customer normally considers. For example, shoes. You can cross-sell by adding a bag, a rack to put the shoes on, a product to clean the shoes, and so on.

How Can You Make Upselling/Cross-Selling Work for Your WooCommerce Store?

Upselling and cross-selling will only work if you alleviate the decision-making process of your customers. If you give them too many choices, they will feel overwhelmed and might not choose a product at all.

Every additional action that users take on your WooCommerce store makes the entire process more complex. This is why you must think of ways to decrease the number of steps when you cross-sell or upsell on your store.

One way to achieve that is to bundle related products at a discounted price. If the customers buy each of those products individually, it requires more steps and decision-making. However, through bundling, customers can buy multiple products at a fair price, and increase your bottom line in the process as well.

5. Send Out Regular Newsletters

Great email marketing for your WooCommerce store has the power to build relationships with your customers by sending them relevant email messages with useful info at the right time, based on the buyer journey stage that they’re at.

Oberlo email newsletter

Image Source: Oberlo

Email marketing isn’t just about sending emails to your subscribers about promotions and product sales. The different emails that you should send at each stage of the buyer journey are:

  • Onboarding: At this stage, the person wants to know more about your brand. Your job here is to collect enough information to know whether this person matches your ideal buyer persona. When you know what’s what, you can send the person a customized email.
  • Lead Nurturing: This is the stage where you need to further educate your prospects about your products. The goal is to educate people enough to encourage them to make purchasing decisions.
  • Sales / Promotional: At this stage, the person knows enough about your products to make a purchase. Email messages at this stage act like accelerators of the purchasing decision. Messages announcing promotions, discounts, or coupons can encourage the prospect to become a customer.
  • Transactional: Now the lead is your customer! The emails here are sent once the person has made a purchase, so you can communicate the purchase confirmations and suggest other relevant products.
  • Behavioral: These emails are activated according to the prospect’s behavior. When the person completes a predefined action, an email is sent immediately: if someone adds an item to their shopping cart but leaves your site after that, they can get a “Hey, did you forget to buy the product?” within 24 hours after the action took place.

To send out each of the emails above, WooCommerce provides you with robust tools and integrations to help you send a greater range of email messages, and if you want to learn more about email marketing best practices for eCommerce, you can visit this brief guide from WooCommerce.

6. PPC Remarketing

Regardless of how in-demand your products are, most of your visitors will exit without subscribing, buying, calling, downloading, or interacting with your offer. Grabbing someone’s attention is not that easy. Also, it’s much harder to retain a customer and push him/her to additional action.

This is where retargeting and remarketing step in. Remarketing can reach people that have already shown a prior interest in your products. When that takes place, ads have better chances to be clicked and with that, the visits to your WooCommerce store will be increased.

Handmade shoes Google search result

Through remarketing, you can bring back your prospects for a second, third or fourth time to turn them into customers. This drives your brand to the forefront of search engines in order to become more noteworthy to your target audience.

Through retargeting campaigns, you can align your product offers with your business goals and the audiences’ interests that you want to reach. Whether you want to increase store visits, generate more leads and sign-ups, or increase sales and conversions, remarketing activities should be relevant to that.

When it’s properly executed, AdWords paid ads for Woocommerce can be an extremely helpful way to bring new audiences as well those who are ready to make a purchase and who are interested in the products that you offer. However, every profitable PPC campaign whether for eCommerce or not must be carefully planned to stay cost-effective in the first place.

Here are some tips to achieve a better position for your WooCommerce ads on search engines:

Ensure your site performs perfectly on mobile:

  • A/B test your CTAs, titles and landing page structure.
  • Set up conversion tracking to measure your campaigns and assess results.
  • Make the checkout process simple and faultless. You don’t want people that are making a purchase to leave if the process is complex.

Keyword Research for SEM:

  • Bidding for broad terms might not deliver the desired results because it may not bring high-quality traffic to your site.
  • Bid on search terms that attract the customer’s intention.
  • Look into what terms your biggest competitors are actively bidding on to help you expand your keyword range.
  • Pay attention to negative keywords. If you don’t know how to use them, you may block your ads from ever appearing in the right search results and your entire eCommerce campaign can go to waste.

Create an appealing ad copy:

  • Pay attention to your CTA. This is what motivates the user to click through on your WooCommerce links. Have a clear, benefit-focused CTA that provokes a sense of urgency. Above all, it should be related to the user’s end goal.
  • Another thing to keep in mind when writing ad copy is to focus on the qualities that make your products stand out from the rest. This can be anything from a price point to the quality or the rarity of your products.

Wrapping Up

The above are WooCommerce sales tips that you need to pay attention to if you want to boost sales and grow your online store. Nevertheless, you need to always stay updated with the latest WooCommerce and eCommerce techniques and if you want to keep up with the competition and boss the marketplace one day.

Despite the fact that the competition is ferocious out there, there’s room for you if you optimize your WooCommerce site right! If you need additional tips and help with development of your venture, don’t hesitate to ask.

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