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[Infographic] 16 SEO FAQs We Still Struggle to Understand

SEO faqs

What’s the Point of SEO?

Realistically, do you ever go past page three of Google search results? Moreover, do you even go much further than the first three or four search results? The answer is probably no.

In fact, a staggering 75% of all clicks on search engine results are on the first three results. Many people go no further than that. That’s why almost all online businesses are doing whatever they can to reach that, sometimes elusive, top spot. However, it really isn’t that easy to do.

There are so many things that Google considers when it comes to ranking web pages. Some of them are fairly obvious, like how popular a web page is, others are much more complicated. The more complicated ones often have to do with the technical side of the page.

Most companies use methods like SEO or Search Engine Optimization to get the top of search engine results. New and improved strategies are being introduced all the time, making it very hard to stay up to date with the latest practices. If companies fall behind, this will definitely show when it comes to where they are in search results.

Businesses and entrepreneurs spend lot of time and money on working towards the top, and in the majority of cases, the results speak for themselves. Although, it may seem like you are getting nowhere fast, it is an avenue worth pursuing; the results will show in the long run.

SEO actually came about over 10 years ago. It has developed from there, yet despite this, many companies still struggle with what they can do to better their rankings.

The informative infographic from SEO Jury will tell you all you need to know about SEO; including how long it can take for results to begin to show, black hat methods, facts and figures, etc.

The infographic will also help to highlight how important SEO is for a business and the difference that it can make. Without SEO, online businesses will struggle to get traffic to their site. And in today’s society, everyone uses search engines to find the page that they want. Without organic traffic, chances are companies will not get very many sales. Additionally, more traffic means an increased viability on a search engine. sites

Of course, there are many other methods that are regularly used, many of which you can find on the infographic below.

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