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10 SEO Hacking Techniques That You Need To Scale Your Business

SEO hacking

We are living in a digital world, drowning in the sea of information. In your quest to know the truth, how do you think you will find what you are looking for?

Understanding SEO is one vital part of this quest. Every day, people make search queries online for products and services that they want to use or buy. In fact, there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google per day. In the United States alone, 78% of the population use the web as part of their purchasing decision. Therefore, learning what SEO can do for you, will allow you to capture a big chunk of the target market.

Search Engine Optimization is the hottest trend when it comes to increasing the quantity and quality of organic traffic to a website with the aid of search engine platforms. The magic that happens behind every search that you do on Google, Yahoo, or Bing basically captures the idea of how SEO works. Although, it is a bit more complicated than it seems!

Let us learn how SEO actually works and the advantages it can bring to your company and its goals.

SEO Hacking Tips That Should Not Be Ignored

1. It Is All About the Keyword

If you have the right keyword, then your customers will be able to find you. SEO is all about keywords, the bloodline of the system. Keywords are set of words which are typed by customers into search engine platforms. If your website or content is well optimized, there is a big chance that your pages will turn up as the primary source of information in the search results.

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Importance of Keywords

  • Keywords are the essential component and foundation of any website.
  • They help your audience understand the contents of your page and allow users to maneuver it well.
  • Keywords allow search engines platforms to have a better grasp of your website and what it contains.

Among the types of keywords there are broad keywords and long-tail keywords. There are many keyword research tools that can help you identify which ones are appropriate for your use. These tools include Google Trends, SEMrush, Moz or AdWords. Here, you can further look into other keyword research tools which can help you improve the visibility of your pages.

2. Hear Out Your Customers

When it comes to any business, the customer is key. Their voices count, may those voices be  favorable or unfavorable ones. Without your customers, your business will not flourish – it may not even exist in the first place. So, it’s a good idea to hear your customers out.

Focus on what your target market wants, understand their needs and develop content that will draw them to your website. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are search engines which provide endless data; utilize these data to your advantage.

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Here are ways you can get the most relevant information about your customers and their interests:

  • Use different social media platforms so that you can have access to customer insights, demographics and preferences. (Platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora and among others.)
  • Track the performance of your sites and pages through Google Analytics. You can monitor real-time data using this app.
  • Study your posts and identify which ones have the highest interaction with your audience – see what gets you the most shares and likes.
  • Most social media platforms are places where an individual can freely share his or her thoughts. Therefore, through your social media sites, you can read and understand your audience better. From there, you can analyze what they really need and meet those necessities.

3. Have Well-Designed SEO Landing Pages

It is imperative to have a comprehensive, attractive and highly informational SEO landing page because this can improve your lead generation and, eventually, sales. The landing page is an important section of your website which is automatically accessed through a hyperlink clicked by a user on another page. Think of it this way, a landing page creates the first impression. And of course, you want that first impression to be a good one that will last.

landing page

From a study conducted by Hubspot, roughly 48% of marketers create new landing pages in order to promote their brand and expand market reach. The more landing pages are created, the more searches will be directed to your page, thus increasing traffic.

A good landing page should have these key elements:

  • Hassle-free and no navigation browsing.
  • Interesting, useful and informative content that is highly recognizable at first glance.
  • Must have a call-to-action feature that will lead them further to your webpage and its contents.

4. Design a Mobile-Friendly Page

Gone are the days when we could only way access our email from a standard computer. Nowadays, we have smartphones, laptops and handheld devices which allow us to open our email anywhere. With this, it is more important than ever to ensure that your websites and pages look good and perform well on the devices above-mentioned. They should have app compatibility.

mobile friendly website

With over 60% of daily searches done daily on mobile devices, you do not want to miss out. In addition, the e-commerce arena is growing more prominent daily. Business Insider predicts that 45% of all e-commerce transactions in the United States will be through mobile devices. This does not even include other countries. Hence, not having a mobile-compatible site could actually make or break your business.

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5. Infographics Will Help Grow Your Business

Of all the things that a person will encounter, they will remember only 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read. Remarkably, 80% of what people see will be remembered well. This is the power of visualization –  or communicating through visual graphics. This is where infographics take center stage.

Studies have shown that a website’s traffic will increase by 193% when quality infographics are used. Content that is presented through infographics is 30 times more likely to be read or browsed through versus a regular article.

The advantage of using infographics comes from the fact that the human brain processes visual data faster – at a whopping rate of 60,000 times than text. WebDAM stated that 65% of social media audience are visual learners.

charts data visualization

Users prefer an infographic which is well-organized and with valid creative content. Infographics can be simple but they must be interesting to the audience. Here are some of the ways on how to present information through infographics:

  • Historical data presented in a timeline.
  • Relevant information is shown in alphabetical order.
  • Assess the pros and cons of a subject through comparison and contrasting ideas.
  • Show collective data and present statistics.

6. Post Relevant Content on Social Media

Create interesting and relevant social media content to further enhance web traffic. Make sure that the content is valid, has the authority and comes from a reliable source. The digital world of today where information abounds and can be accessed anytime, your content must be the right one and provide added value to your brand.

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According to Content Marketing Institute, there is a vast majority of marketers that use content marketing as a secret weapon. And studies show, it works, the financial bottom line improves through Content Marketing. Some of the most prominent organizations in the world which use Content Marketing such as P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and John Deere.

A Forbes’ article further defines it as follows,

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

7. Power Up Lower Ranked Pages with Link Juice

According to, link juice is a term in SEO which refers to the ability of high authority sites to share outbound links with other low-performing pages. The reputation of these high authority sites will rub off on the other pages. Thus, giving search engines an indication that these low-performing sites must be of high quality, too!


Here is a simple demonstration how Link Juice is done:

  • Update the site by adding new links and recent information in order to refresh and keep the page up-to-date.
  • Share the post to various social media platforms to create a new traffic trail.
  • Create a link to newer posts to further promote the pages. This will further direct traffic to older posts.

8. Take Advantage of Broken Links on Wikipedia

Not everyone has been doing this, but you can actually source out relevant links on Wikipedia. These links could be dead or temporarily inactive. However, you can make them your own. This method is a powerful way of generating high authority backlinks to your own pages.

You can create a relevant post about a certain topic which may also be available on Wikipedia. Use this Wiki info as a credible source. An effective tool called WikiGrabber may aid you in finding these relevant link opportunities.

9. Keep Your Competitors Close

Knowing your competitors is a smart way of handling competitive pressure. The thing about digital marketing is that basically, almost everything is available to everybody. Everyone is using digital marketing, including your closest business rival.


Here is some information you can obtain while researching your competitors:

  • Your competitors’ social media, website and other digital platforms can give you free content.
  • You can check your competitors’ online platform for strategies that work and do not work.
  • When you have access to your competitors’ online platforms, you already have data to use for your own strategies. Your competitor’s social media provides Consumer data, a trail of information left behind by potential customers as a result of their online transactions.
  • Your competitors’ social media platforms can provide you with the relevant links and the right keywords.

10. Always Update Your Old Content

Have you been blogging for quite some time already? If you have been posting content and blogging for months now, you already have a solid source of relevant content which you can recycle. Reuse your gold mine of contents in order to increase traffic and generate organic searches to your pages.

What’s more? You can also make use of old articles to improve your lowest performing content. Once you have written about a topic, and you know that topic is definitely a good one, why not consider utilizing it again.


The success of your business depends on your efforts. Search Engine Optimization is clearly one way to achieve this. Once your pages get the first ranking on any search engine platforms, then the visibility of your product and services is increased. More traffic means more conversion which eventually leads to more revenue.