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WooCommerce Trends: What’s New in 2021

WooCommerce Trends_ What's New in 2021

Online retail is at an all-time high. According to Statista, in 2020 alone, over 2 billion people purchased products and services online resulting in e-retail sales surpassing a whopping 4.2 trillion US dollars worldwide. With so many people shopping on the web the eCommerce world is growing exponentially, and WooCommrece is confidently heading to the foreline.

In terms of WordPress (WP) е-commerce plugins, WooCommerce occupies the largest market share with 93.7% of WordPress-built online stores using it. And, since WP powers about 41% of all websites out there, it’s no wonder why its online shopping plugin also generates great success.

WooCommrece is a free and flexible plugin, offering plenty of opportunities for developers and WordPress store owners. It is consistently updated and improved with the help of various extensions that answer the dynamically changing market needs.

In fact, WooCommerce is a driver of many eCommerce trends. Some of them have remained popular, while others only make a brief appearance. Nonetheless, all these changes were created to help online retailers adapt to the evolving user needs and support business growth.

In this article, we’ll share with you the 6 most interesting WooCommerce trends for 2021. So, read on to find out what they are and take note of which to use on your site.

1. Improved Product Pages

The 360 degrees Image Feature is coming to WooCommerce!

360 woocommerce

Over the past years, virtual reality, video, and 360 degrees visual content have significantly grown in popularity. As these new technologies have emerged, web designers are now able to include more interactive types of content onto their websites.

This is wonderful news for eCommerce businesses. Online retailers can now improve their product pages to include visual content to support their product descriptions. From videos that show the product in action to a dynamic 360 degrees rotation, you can now redefine the whole shopping experience.

Furthermore, enabling users to see what the product looks like, what it does, when and how to use it, can significantly increase the chances of them buying it.

According to Animoto, product videos convince 73% of visitors to buy, and as mentioned by MultiChannelMerchant, 71% of shoppers agree that video helps explain the product better.

Videos, interactive infographics, and high-resolution images, as well as virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) technology, can really help make your product pages more appealing, thus increasing the probability of users pressing that buy button.

2. More Focus on the Details

In addition to integrating videos, virtual reality elements, and high-quality images, it’s also important to give your eCommerce website a unique design. Тo stand out from the crowd you need to have not only an attractive but also a well-functioning layout that allows users to seamlessly navigate through your pages.

To achieve this successfully, you should focus on creating a better user experience. This means not only using the right colors, fonts, and visuals, but also adding clear call-to-actions (CTAs), well-written product descriptions, and quality supporting media – videos, images, demos. Additionally, you have to ensure that all of these elements complement each other well and present your shop in the best light possible.

Outstanding Design for Your Ecommerce Site

There are various web design trends you can try. From minimalistic designs, to eye-catching and vibrant colors you can let your creativity flow free. Just remember: don’t overcrowd your pages and always keep the user experience in mind.

3. New Customer Service Interface

Speaking of new technology enhancements, WooCommerece is now introducing ChatBots!

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, customer service has been taken to a whole other level – namely, presenting chatbots. These virtual assistants are ready to support your visitors 24 hours seven days a week. They can answer simple questions, learn more about your customers, and become even smarter.

Some common questions customers ask chatbots are:

  • How can I use your product?
  • Where is my order?
  • How can I make a return?
  • Can I get an invoice?

We’re happy to see that WooCommerce is staying ahead of this trend and that there are already several chatbot plugins available.

  • Facebook Messenger for WooCommerce – With the help of BotMaker, you can now integrate Facebook Messenger into your online store.
  • WooBot – A standalone shop assistant that does not need third-party service integrations.
  • Omise – Another integration that connects your WooCommerce Store with Facebook Messenger.

Chatbots play a crucial role in the success of your customer support. According to invest statistics, for the past year, over 67% of customers globally have interacted with a chatbot. What is more, this technology speeds up response times by attending to 80% of routine questions.

4. Enhanced Mobile Shopping

In 2021, BigCommerce projects that 54% of total eCommerce sales will be from mobile devices. This means that a large part of online shopping will be done on a mobile device, and that’s no surprise since about 63% of the global population use a mobile phone to access the web.

Enhanced Mobile Shopping Experience

These are the areas you need to pay attention to for enhancing your store’s mobile shopping experience:

  • Clean layout – Use white space, keep fonts and colors simple, ensure that every element has a purpose.
  • Responsive design – Ensure your site can adapt to all screens without losing important elements.
  • Easy-to-use navigation – Use clear and direct CTAs so you can guide visitors enjoyably and helpfully.
  • Fast loading media – Consumers are impatient and according to Unbounce, about 70% of them say that page speed is a detriment factor in their likeliness to buy.
  • No heavy content – If you have a graphic and media-heavy page that works wonderfully on a desktop, but takes ages to load on a phone, you should create a separate mobile-specific version that loads quickly and is easy to digest.
  • An intuitive checkout process – Break the process into shorter pages that don’t require scrolling, allow guest checkout, clearly label required fields, have specific error messages, and offer different payment methods.

Online stores today have to be responsive. They should not only look attractive on any device but also be functional and fast-loading. So, in order to provide the ultimate shopping experience, it’s very important to optimize your online shop for mobile usage.

The good news is that WordPress has plenty of WooCommerce-friendly themes that take mobile shopping into consideration like Woostroid, Flatsome, or KALLYAS.

5. Localization for Global Shoppers

If you want to reach a global audience you should ensure that your prospects will be able to understand what’s written on your website. English is the most widely used language by content online, however, only 25.4% of the population can speak it. So, if you would like to spread your operations out globally you need to make sure people can understand your web pages.

There are two ways to do this. One is by using an automatic translation plugin and the other is to do a manual translation. The first option may be easier in theory, but in actuality, it’s not that reliable. When a text is translated automatically it often has many mistakes and even gibberish because automatic translation does not understand nuance.

To avoid this problem, it’s best to opt for a manual translation. This will require you to have your content translated by an editor first. Then you can add the separate translation into a third-party plugin like Polylang or WPML, which allows you to switch between languages on your site. This way you’ll be able to preserve the functionality of your store in every language.

6. Personalized Experiences

By now we have shown you how to improve your product page by adding quality media and why it’s important to have a responsive website with a user and mobile-friendly layout that can also support a few languages. So let’s take this a step further and see how to create unique experiences on WooCommerce.

To help excite your customers effectively, WooCommerce has different plugins at your disposal:

A personalized shopping experience consists of more than just greeting the shopper by name. Instead, it’s about using all the information that your customers have provided you with, such as language, location, shopping habits, and so on, to win them over with location-based perks such as discount codes or special holiday sales.

7. Improve Content Quality for Better SEO

How to Improve Your E-Shop’s Content Quality

Just like with any other website the quality of your online store’s content matters a lot. If you want to sway prospects you have to optimize your site for search images. This usually involves adding the right keywords and product descriptions, putting the right titles on your images, adding appropriate captions to your videos, linking your site to your social media profiles, and more.

With quality content, you will not only be able to provide better customer experiences, but you’ll also be able to strengthen the relationships with your clients. You will also improve your overall website authority, and ultimately drive more organic traffic and improve your conversions.


The WooCommerce trends for 2021 are all focused on providing high-quality customer experience. This includes better product pages, improved customer service, effective SEO and mobile optimization, as well as unique customer experiences.

Being part of WordPress and supporting a large number of online retailers out there WooCommerce has a variety of features and plug-ins available at your disposal. Thanks to these you can successfully make the necessary improvements and ensure that your site is up-to-date and running well.

We hope you found our list of trends inspiring and that you’re ready to implement them into your own online store. If you need any further assistance you can reach us by completing our online form or sending us an email. We would love to hear your feedback so don’t hesitate to provide it.