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Why Is WordPress Ideal for Growth-Hacking?

WordPress CRM is an excellent choice for online businesses interested in growth-hacking. The platform is a perfect fit for every industry and niche and every ambitious enterprise that aims to scale.

Presently, WordPress is used by 63.5% of websites that use any type of CMS. With custom design and development upon WordPress, you may build any online solution you need.

When growth-hacking is what you need, let’s look at some specific benefits that WordPress provides you with, and how you can use them to skyrocket your user base and business.

Peerless Scalability

As a first step, you must prepare to increase your site’s visibility and traffic. WordPress’s clean code and basic features facilitate building a good site structure. The right WordPress configuration allows you to serve millions of users without having site crashes and slow pages. With an advanced hosting service, your website can easily push the billion unique visits per month limit!

That is why WordPress is used by some of the biggest publishers with huge audiences globally such as New Yorker and CNN, and streaming services such as Spotify.

To learn more about the scaling capacity of WordPress, visit the WordPress at Scale resource, or read WordPress for high-traffic websites on our blog

Greater Flexibility

WordPress supports your growth hacking requirements with its unlimited flexibility to adopt features and tools. The basic functionalities are native – that is, part of the WordPress install.

Custom and ready-to-use integrations come naturally for WordPress projects. When you need a new feature, your technical partner can easily build it for you. But you can also use thousands of freemium plugins to extend your site’s capabilities further.

As the most popular CMS worldwide, WordPress can integrate with any type of online tool or service. If there’s some software that you need to connect on your website, there’s an excellent chance that a plugin is already there and ready to be installed

Well-known Tools That Can Be Integrated in WordPress

Some well-known services that you can integrate with WordPress are:

SEO Benefits

WordPress is arguably the most suitable content management system if you want to improve your search ranking. In comparison to other content management platforms, WordPress is considered the best one.

Don’t believe it? Perhaps this data-driven graphic from Gotch SEO will persuade you:

If you want to growth-hack your search engine presence, WordPress is the CMS for you.

With WordPress, you have more tools to optimize your content and convert leads via SERPs. Here are the main reasons:

Good-Looking Permalinks

The URL structure options with WordPress are quite straightforward. It is really easy and common to include your keywords in the permalinks.

Editing permalinks is enabled straight from the dashboard. Redirects are automated to the new URLs. You can set custom categories and tags and include those in the permalinks for your posts and pages.

SEO-Friendly Title Tags

The title tags of your WordPress website inform Google what the pages are about. They are also the first thing that users see when looking at your website in SERPs.

Title tags on Google SERP

Include your keywords in the title tags and optimize them with SEO plugins such as Yoast. With a unique and relevant title tag, you will attract more users to your WordPress website.

Effortless Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are also one of the main ranking factors for websites’ content. A well-thought-out meta description tells Google what the pages are about and can significantly improve your site’s appearance in SERPs and rankings.

Meta descriptions on SERPs

Optimizing meta description tags in WordPress is easy, especially with SEO plugins.

Optimizing Images on the Go

Images and screenshots are an important type of content. They attract users and enhance text readability. But not knowing how to optimize images could decrease your site’s speed which is also bad for growth.

Also, search engines need to know what the images are about to properly categorize and rank them. WordPress has excellent media functionalities where image titles, alt texts, and captions support SEO.

Technically, you can use HTML to optimize the image alt text. However, with WordPress, alt text is just another field to fill in. This also improves the site’s accessibility for people with impaired vision.

WordPress Is Fast

Speed is pivotal for SEO success, user retention and growth-hacking. WordPress is well-known for providing a fast user experience, even with standard installation and no caching tools.

However, if not maintained properly, slowly but surely, the loading time will become sluggish. To maximize the SEO potential of your site, you need to ensure that you update WordPress itself and all the installed plugins regularly, and use a top-notch hosting service.

It’s Mobile-Friendly

With the rise in mobile internet traffic, it’s more important than ever before to provide flawless mobile experiences. With WordPress, you build responsive websites to be accessed beautifully on mobile devices.

Awesome SEO Integrations

As mentioned above, the most popular tools can easily be integrated on a WordPress site. That is true for SEO software as well – you can integrate Google Analytics on your site and activate plugins such as Yoast SEO and Jetpack.

WordPress Is an Open-Source CRM

WordPress is an open-source project. Therefore, anyone can download and use it for free. Here are some of the benefits for both website owners and web developers:

  • More Control: By having control over the source code, there are no limits to the development possibilities. You can tweak, upgrade and improve your website as you wish. You can turn it into a membership platform, online store, or a multisite publishing system.
  • Regular Updates: The tireless collaboration of WordPress’s contributor community always results in regular updates and improvements. Just by having your site built on WordPress, you benefit from the latest WordPress options and functionality upgrades.
  • Better Skills for Developers: The open-source nature of WordPress allows developers to study and improve their coding skills. With the CRM installed on millions of live sites, precious use cases and data are collected, and thousands of professionals exchange ideas and work to improve it.
  • Better Stability: Open-source software does not become obsolete over a long period of time. There’s always someone in the community that works on improving it. That’s why WordPress is much more stable and a good choice for growth-hacking than any other proprietary solution.
  • Greater Security: There are loads of “hackers” out there that have intentions of compromising your data and disabling your site. Fortunately, the security capabilities of WordPress are continuously monitored and improved. The security team works tirelessly to detect vulnerabilities and patch them.

If you’re serious about growth-hacking, you will want to learn as much as possible about it from the community and become an integral part of it. No matter your niche, there’s probably someone to help you out. You can also contribute and give advice to the users as well.

Wrapping Up

WordPress now powers a wide variety of online businesses, including digital publishers, SaaS platforms, online stores, and membership platforms. No matter the requirements, WordPress is the right CRM to growth-hack your business.

Its unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and optimization options make it the perfect solution for businesses looking to scale online.