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Tutorial Category: Development

21 Tips for Building an Accessible WordPress Website

21 Tips for Building an Accessible WordPress Website

Working as a web developer is incredibly rewarding. There is no greater satisfaction than taking your client’s vision and turning it into a beautiful, functional website that fulfills their needs and generates more business. Making sure the website is responsive, loads fast, and follows SEO practices on top of an attractive design is important, but Read More

Best SEO Plugins

Best SEO Plugins to Implement on Your Website

What steps have you taken to create a search engine friendly website? Well, if you haven’t done it yet, then it’s the time to consider the best SEO plugins. WordPress is already technically a good platform for SEO. There are plugins for everything, thus you can achieve any kind of functionality by implementing them on Read More

Interactive Guide: Backward Compatibility and Stability

When it comes to content management systems such as WordPress, functionality and ease of use shouldn’t be the only things to look for. If you want your website to provide a reliable and optimal user experience for your visitors, you need to pay attention to the platform’s stability. A stable platform will be regularly maintained Read More