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10 Examples of Beautiful Contact Page Designs and Practices

contact page designs

When people think of web design, in most of the cases, the first thing that comes to mind is the homepage, the blog, or portfolio and product pages. But, what about Contact pages?

It seems that contact pages are often placed last in the web design puzzle. Why would developers neglect such an integral part of client customer relationship?

The Contact page is one of the key pages that brings people closer to you. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to walk you through some of our top Contact page design picks and the practices that make them work for companies.

Why Is a Good Contact Page Important?

Even just having a contact form somewhere on your website is a must-have for every business. A contact page will allow your target users to send you a message whenever they visit your website.

A contact page is not the same as a social media account. The contact form on your page provides people with the opportunity to message you privately, which strengthens the relationship and trust in your company.

Bottom line, you provide the opportunity for potential customers to contact you directly, collect more leads for your sales team in the process, as well as direct user messages to the person in charge.

The Essential Elements and Traits of Contact Pages

What did you look for when you opened the Yellow Pages or company registers? The phone number and the address. This is exactly the same as a company’s contact page.

People can choose whether they want to write to you directly in the form, email you, call, or visit your office personally. The essential elements of a proper company contact page are:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Contact Form

To make your contact page more inviting, it needs to have more traits than the basics. It needs to have a character. That’s why, besides the fundamental elements, you should also include the following into your design:

Excellent CTA

Even if it’s obvious why the contact form is there, you still need to invite people to use it. Your call-to-action needs to be in a notable place that explains to people that there’s a human being behind the contact form.

Social Accounts

Using social media is one of the fastest and best ways to keep in touch with a business today. Direct messages, tweets, comments, they all work – even for companies that already have amazing website contact pages.

Make sure that you have buttons that lead to your social accounts and that you respond regularly to your messages and social media mentions.

Map and Directions

A map of your exact office location always looks nice. It lets the public know that you have a real office with real people working there. If you have a business with a physical location and you regularly do meetings with clients and potential clients, a well-proportioned map on your contact page is a must.

Thank-You Page Redirect

You need to make people feel like they’ve accomplished something when they fill out the form and click the send/submit button. Redirecting them to a thank-you page lets them know that you’ve received their message. It also allows you to inform them about the next steps.

Creative Touch

Staying creative is an excellent way to provide a memorable experience. Users need to feel the unified experience that you provide on each of your website pages and across social media channels.

Beautiful Contact Pages and Best Practices

Ready to get inspired for your Contact page design? Let’s have a look at what we consider the best examples and practices used by the following brands/businesses:

1. Neil Patel: Avoiding Unnecessary Fields

You can add many fields in your contact form. But, will that encourage more people to contact you or leave their information?

Too many contact form fields are time-consuming to fill in and you can easily scare visitors away if you ask too much about them in your contact form.

That’s why you need to keep the fields in your contact form to a minimum, like content marketing mogul Neil Patel does on his contact page.

His non-intrusive contact form is the reason why the users are willing to respond to his CTA and enter their email and message.

2. DevriX: Showcasing Personality

While our contact page showcases all the basic elements like our form, the map, links to our portfolio, testimonials, and services, we’ve added our own personal touch to it.

If you’re familiar with our brand, you’ll immediately recognize our hardworking mascot Dixy, hiding behind the contact form and inviting you to write to us. It is part of our personality, it makes our brand and our contact page more memorable.

3. SmartPassiveIncome: Including FAQ

If you receive lots of questions via your contact form, you’ll notice similar and frequently asked questions. Collect those questions, write compelling answers and add them to your contact page like Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome. This will help your audience and at the same time, reduce your answers to only the unique and more detailed questions.

4. WPBeginner: Asking Users to Join Your Email List

People leave their email address in order to contact you. So, why don’t take advantage of the situation and build your email list?

Building an email list is vital to your marketing and sales efforts, that’s why a publication like WPBeginner uses a check mark to ask if people want to be included in their newsletter when they contact them.

5. Zendesk: Asking People What’s the Message About

Time is money in business. That’s why the clearer the message, the better. One way to achieve that is to provide options as Zendesk does in their contact form.

6. Infusionsoft: Offering Most Suitable Contact Option

If you’re like most SaaS companies and you use live chat on your website, it’s easy to diminish your contact page by using a support chat for inquiries. Infusionsoft did an amazing job with their contact page by providing users with more contact options without including a contact form at all.

7. ActiveCampaign: Offering Multiple Contact Options

Sometimes the effectiveness of the contact page is not about design. Instead, it’s better to be practical and transparent about each contact option. ActiveCampaign makes every contact option clear for users and provides relevant forms for each of the options.

8. Envato: Narrowing Down Searches

If you have many user inquiries like Envato, you need to redirect the users straight to the page that they need. That’s what they managed to achieve with their contact page, which looks more like a homepage or a landing page and people can click on the page that they need at that moment.

9. Atlassian: Show Who They’ll Contact

Remember how important it is to add a personal touch to your contact page? How about going a step further and inserting some photos from your support team, their names, and their titles to let people know exactly who they are contacting. That’s what worked for Atlassian. By showcasing friendly faces that are willing to help, you personalize the experience and you instantly become more transparent to your users.

10. Keeping Things Fun

If you’re in the creative business, your website should reflect that too, including the contact page. You need to know how to keep things fun instead of offering just a dull and serious contact form for your audience. did an amazing job of creating a contact page where you can get in touch, plus, enjoy the animation of old and colorful phones ringing.

Wrapping Up

Each of the examples above has its own unique traits and best practices that invite people to get in touch with the companies. Your next step is to analyze your own contact page and see what you can add and what you can eliminate. Remember that optimizing your Contact page requires testing too in order to achieve a modern user experience.