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9 Email Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Campaigns

9 Email Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Campaigns

Hey, psst! Want to know a secret?

Over 70% of people prefer email communication.

But simply sending an email is not enough, not if you’re serious about business, lead generation, and profitability.

There are some email marketing secrets that can help you boost your campaigns, and achieve better results. We’ll gladly let you in all the secrets.



9 Email Marketing Secrets

9 Email Marketing Secrets

  1. Craft an exciting preview message.
  2. Always personalize.
  3. Engage in two-way conversations.
  4. Provide special offers.
  5. Include a CTA.
  6. Know the purpose of your email.
  7. Use email segmentation strategies.
  8. Find the perfect time to send emails.
  9. Don’t send them right away.

1. Craft an Exciting Preview Message

What do you do when you receive an email from an unknown address? Do you open it immediately, or do you rather check the preview pane and then decide whether to open it?

Most people make the latter decision, and it’s understandable why, taking into account the volume of spam emails that clutter inboxes on a daily basis.

Basically, the first, and most important aspect, and the one we’ll start our email marketing secrets lists, is how to make people open your email.

The best practices in this regard are to:

Craft an Exciting Preview Message

  • Write subject lines that grab the attention.
  • Leave the sales pitches out of the first lines.
  • Start with the best content – direct and engaging.

2. Always Personalize

There’s nothing worse than sending a generic, soulless email. Starting your email with just a “Hello” or “Hi” means nothing. Other email cliché phrases like “any updates on this?”, “thanks in advance”, and “just checking in” are much more likely to irritate readers than to encourage them to reply.

So, remember: always spend the time typing in the name of the person you’re writing to. Personalization could bring you a lot of benefits, and it doesn’t take much time, nor effort.

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3. Engage in Two-Way Conversations

The point of marketing emails is not to have a monologue, it’s to engage your prospect into a meaningful, two-way conversation.

To makes this happen, you need to embrace a friendly and inviting approach that would entice your customers to reply, and stay interested in your offers.

In simple terms, having a two-way conversation is a stepping stone to a good relationship. It gives users the opportunity to express their opinion, and makes them feel like brands really want to hear what they have to say.

But there’s more. Constantly sending emails without getting a reply is a signal to email providers that something may not be right.

Email providers are always trying to keep away scammers, spammers, etc., so there’s a high chance that your emails will start getting pushed to the ‘Spam’ folders, meaning that there’s little-to-no chance of someone opening them.

4. Provide Special Offers

One of the best email marketing secrets for successful results is to provide your most valued customers with special offers, which are only available through email.

As we mentioned, it’s a great strategy to make customers – existing or potential – feel special, and what better way to do that than to offer a unique deal, specifically for them.

Of course, in order for that deal to work best, it needs to be only obtainable via that email. It will not have the same effect, if they can find the same deal on your website or social media accounts.

5. Include a CTA

Wondering how to increase your email marketing conversion rate? Simple. Always include a relevant call to action, and guide the reader toward what you want them to do.

Of course, you should be aware of not overdoing it, as adding too many CTAs will have a much worse effect than adding none at all.

Overall, calls to actions are extremely important, however, you need to know how to properly use them, so they don’t backfire.

6. Know the Purpose of Your Email

Before you start writing your email, you should be fully aware of the purpose behind it. Are you trying to get people to click on your link (CTA)? Is it an update of terms or services you want to inform users about? You get the idea.

The point is that if you are not certain why you are sending an email, people will most likely not know why they’re receiving it.

Setting the proper expectations is entirely up to you, as the sender of the email. What you want to achieve with it, and what the receiver should expect from you is on you.

7. Use Email Segmentation Strategies

Not everyone in your email list has the same interests and preferences. Respectively, it’s not a good idea to use the same message and tone of voice for everyone.

Instead, you can use email segmentation strategies, in order to personalize your message and connect with your target audiences.

If you want to build an efficient email marketing funnel, you just have to segment your audience into smaller groups based on demographics, pain points, needs, etc.

You might not think this is a hidden email marketing secret, but you’ll be surprised to find out how many people are not aware of this, and therefore make this mistake.

8. Find the Perfect Time to Send Emails

Just like there’s a best time to post on social media, the time of the day you send your emails matters.

So, when is the perfect time to send emails? Of course, it depends on the behavior of your audience.

Additionally, the type of your business is also a factor that determines the perfect time for sending emails. It will be different if you’re a pizza delivery company compared to a real estate agency.

For those looking for a more precise answer, though, Klaviyo conducted a large-scale research, which determined that the highest open rates occurred on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Thursdays, however, were established as the days with the highest revenues, despite open rates being the lowest.

9. Don’t Send Them Right Away

It’s instinctive to immediately send your email once you’ve written it. That, however, could be quite disastrous, especially if you’ve made a mistake or forgotten to include some important information.

Don’t be in a hurry. Relax, have a cup of coffee, sit down and read your email out loud. If possible, show it to another person, so you can have a second opinion.

As fate would have it, I received this email, while writing this article:

Don’t Send Them Right Away

It was obviously sent in a rush, and the person sending it didn’t care enough to be careful or mindful.

In case you didn’t know, when using Gmail, you can unsend your email within 30 seconds (desktop), and 5 seconds (mobile). As soon as you send the email, you’ll get a pop-up at the lower left-hand side of the screen with the option to ‘Undo’.

In Conclusion

We’ve shared our email marketing secrets with you as promised!

Use this hidden knowledge to boost your email campaigns, wow your customers and grow your business to unimaginable heights.

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