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Forget Black Hat SEO, Think White Hat SEO

In today’s digital era, SEO is as hot as a pancake. Without it, no one can tell where you will be in the competition.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing quality traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Learning about SEO is exciting, especially if the desired output is not purely about making your website engine-friendly, but also about making the customer experience hassle-free.

Did you also know that there are “favorable” and “second-rate” types of SEO?

Black Hat SEO

Some would like to play it safe and reach the finish line secured. However, there are various players out there who take a risk and cut short their way to success. The latter is basically how Black Hat SEO works.

With a dire need for quick financial returns, Black Hat SEO are strategies which are defined as aggressive and unethical. These are strategies deviating from the usual search engine guidelines. Also referred as spamdexing, Black Hat SEO is risky and follows no rules.

Here are the top eight (8) Black Hat SEO techniques used today:

1. Paid Links

Anything that is paid, may it be a link, image, text or advertisements is risky. What makes this risky is that, once payment has been made, the quality of content is no longer taken cared of.

2. Spam Comments

These are unsolicited and unwanted comments on sites. The bottom line of this risky technique is to create free backlinks.

3. Cloaking

This is a deceptive technique which acts as a disguise. Cloaking leads to a different URL or content which provides irrelevant results.

4. Keyword Stuffing

This technique involves filling or stuffing your content with the same keywords over and over again. As a result, the content is no longer user-friendly and may not look natural.

5. Article Spinning

Since contents should be replaced or updated from time to time, marketers or writers just copy and spin a source article.

6. Content Duplication

Google calls this “appreciably similar” content found in more than one location. There are multiple contents which makes it difficult for search engines to decide which is the unique and more relevant version.

7. Invisible White Text

To increase traffic from searches, keywords are placed in the white background and incorporated in the content. Thus, tis is not seen by the website visitor but identified by the search engine.

8. Jump Pages

This refers to landing pages which are used to trick the search engine by taking the guest and then directing this person further on to an unrelated page.

White Hat SEO

While focusing on a real audience, White Hat SEO conforms to the standards of search engine sites. This employs strategies which are acceptable and ethical, improving a website’s search performance while keeping the integrity of the website. This is exactly opposite with Black Hat SEO.

White Wins Over Black

Search engine sites cater to the search requirements of users in the most relevant and moral manner while keeping the integrity of the websites that offer information to users. These search engines encourage marketers and business owners to focus on providing a good user experience.

An Oxford Journal study stated,

“The goal of UX design in business is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.”

This makes White Hat SEO a better choice than Black Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO Techniques

1. Use Keyword-based Research

Make sure to use the right keywords for your content. Keywords are the words or phrases used by website visitors when they look for a certain information via the Internet.

Keyword-based research is highly valuable and gives a high return. Some of the keyword generators in Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Keyword, Term Explorer and more.

2. Make Content Marketing your thing

Nothing beats a high-quality content article for your blogs. These contents are focused on delivering valuable and relevant information to a targeted audience.

3. Consider WordPress

Powering millions of sites and blogs, WordPress is a free content management system (CMS), which is based on PHP and MySQL. It creates a structure for your website and enhances user experience.

4. Utilize Google Webmaster Tools

Since you want to be found on the web quickly and easily, make sure to get support for your site through Google Webmaster Tools. This will help you troubleshoot your problems, therefore making the user experience seamless.

5. Cross-link Internal Pages

Internal links are hyperlinks pointing towards the same source or website to further increase the traffic for that site. As defines it, “Internal links are links that go from one page to a domain to a different page on the same domain.“

6. Build White Hat Links

link juice


Take advantage of your links and strengthen them using various techniques such as keyword analysis and backlinking. All of these links help spread link juice (link power) on your sites.

7. Explore Featured Snippet

A featured snippet is exactly what you see in the image below. This is considered having the “Rank Number 0”. This includes a summary of the information you are looking for and found at the top of the search page results. Use a featured snippet to your advantage.

8. Optimize Title Tags

A title tag is an HTML feature which provides an accurately brief definition of the information or document in your website. Title tags are clickable headlines that make the search and browsing experience of user efficient.

9. Do not miss Image Search

image search

Aside from links to text content, you can maximize traffic to your website by adding links to your images. Searching for an image is also one of Google’s feature wherein you can either add the link or upload an image and Google will show you exactly where your image is saved on the web.

10. Enhance User Experience through Social Media

Lastly, Social Media works well for your brand. Social networking platforms improve the communication process between business and customer. These improve an organization’s productivity and increase conversion rates. At the same time, it makes the user experience better.

Wrapping Up

In the effort to get the top rank, various SEO techniques emerged. These techniques can be categorized as Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Both can give you results, although only the latter will make your websites last long. Through White Hat SEO, you will gain customer trust and enhance their user experience online.

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