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10+ WordPress Plugins That Will Help You Convert More

WordPress plugins

Being a WordPress contributor for so many years, DevriX has worked on and launched a number of paid and free plugins for different purposes. From adding attractive web page elements to setting up dynamic dashboards and sales CRM, you can count on Team DevriX to make your website more functional, interactive and engaging. The only reason why you need WordPress Plugins to Convert More for efficiency is, you want to convert your prospects.

Moreover, how can you create a set of handy plugins? By segregating your website into different parts and optimizing each of these parts for conversion.

Here is one way of doing it; you can analyze these areas independently and get plugins for each of them.

  • Headlines – Do you know that 80% of visitors don’t go past the headlines? That’s because they don’t find them interesting enough to dig deeper. So, better find plugins that can help you come up with catchy titles.
  • Social and SEO – Social sharing buttons and SEO help improve the visibility of your content. So, you need plugins to help with that.
  • Landing Page Effectiveness – Of all the CRO efforts, the landing page has a major share, because it’s focused on building interest, increasing audience and getting click-throughs. So, plugins for an optimized landing page is a no-brainer.
  • Site Speed – Your website can turn away many visitors if it takes just a second more to load properly. If it wasn’t for improvement, you’re going to need plugins to maintain your site speed.
  • A/B Testing – To improve your conversion strategy, you have to keep testing it. So, you’ll be needing a few plugins to make your job easier.

We have talked about popular WordPress plugins in the past, and now we’re going to share some specific plugins for boosting your conversion rate.

Plugins for Headlines

You may be familiar with writing engaging blog titles, but still, there’s always something left to be improved. You may have planned to recheck your posts and their titles, but there’s always a chance you forgot to optimize them on time. As a result, your post loses its effectiveness.

How about coming up with multiple headlines for a single post and then rotating them over and over until you found the best title that actually works? Huffington Post and Upworthy do it regularly. They write 25 titles for every published article, and they have developed an algorithm that determines the best title that converts.

You may not be able to grab their algorithms, but here are some plugins to help you out.

1. Title Experiments

Title Experiments Headlines Plugin Landing Page

This is the simplest way to optimize your web page titles for conversion. Title experiments let you try and test many titles for your posts and pages to help you determine the right one that converts. Your readers will see different titles for the same post, on a random basis. The plugin then measures the engagement of each – whether people go on reading the post or leave the page.

There’s no need to remove bad-performing titles as the plugin will serve up high-performing titles to your readers. Isn’t that smart? It prevents loads of time spent on testing different titles manually.

2. KingSumo Headlines

If you want proof, Noah Kogan has used KingSumo Headlines to boost traffic by 17.8%. And it was just the first step.

KingSumo Headlines WordPress Headline tool

KingSumo is like an alternative to Title Experiments. The plus point is, you can optimize the titles of old posts as well.

Plugins for Social Networking and Optimization

3. Social Warfare


Social Warfare is a popular social media plugin for WordPress sites with a proven track record of increasing traffic and shares. It offers attractive buttons, quick loads and other features that encourage users to share your content.

  • You can create Twitter summary cards to bring back old visitors.
  • Post images on Pinterest.
  • You can integrate the plugin with Google Analytics.

4. Google Tag Manager by Duracell Tomi

Google Tag Manager Plugin for WordPress

Are you stuck with old-school ways to implement Google Analytics? If yes, then you’d agree, it’s quite difficult to get Google Tag Manager to work with your site. Don’t worry! Duracell Tomi’s plugin provides you with an easier way to switch. It’s all about knowing your website inside out so that you can use this plugin properly for optimization.

Plugins for Lead Generation and Landing Page Optimization

Your landing page needs to be effective, selling and perfectly balanced between being promotional and a tool to promote your products. Here are few plugin options for the landing page that converts.

5. WordPress Leads by Inbound Now

Leads Plugin Dashboard Widgets by Inbound Now


WordPress Leads is a free plugin offered by Inbound Now. It helps improve your CRO indirectly, since it collects, manages and analyzes leads. You can use it to improve your CRO strategy.

6. WordPress Landing Pages

Another WordPress plugin from Inbound Now, WordPress Landing Pages lets you create interactive pages from the current website theme. It allows you to collect leads and test variations. It’s a free plugin, but it’ll be more effective when you bought the paid suite with advanced CRO functionalities.

7. Seed Prod’s Coming Soon Plugin

Landing Page of SeedProd Coming Soon Page Plugin

The best way to collect leads before the product launch is to promote it via “Coming Soon” pages. For this purpose, you can use Coming Soon plugin from Seed Pro. Here are some awesome features:

  • It offers a real-time page builder.
  • This plugin offers hundreds of free Google fonts.
  • It lets you create and add slideshows, images, and video backgrounds.
  • You can display social icons and connect with your visitors.
  • It is possible to create a competition to reward people with most referrals.
  • You can collect email leads.

Plugins for Site Improvement

8. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin for Creating Forms

Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress plugin available for just $39. It lets you utilize popular third-party services and its add-ons to offer deeper WordPress integration. The plugin has been used by millions of users around the world.

According to Ricky Zilem, the staff at Gravity Forms understands and takes care of customers who appreciate all the help and support provided by the web-based company.

9. Imagify

As said, poor site speed results in the loss of conversion. And large images are the most prominent factor that slows down your website. So, you need an image optimizer to regain the speed and get more customers on board.

For this purpose, Imagify is an excellent choice, and it has optimized over 135 million images till date. It automatically starts compressing large images as soon as it’s been installed. Don’t worry about the quality, because your images will look as good as before, however your website will function better.

Imagify Home Plugin Preview

A/B Testing Plugins

10. Ingot

Ingot Plugin for A/B Testing Landing Page

It’s a simple plugin for A/B testing. As soon as you start the test, the plugin automatically starts to collect a bunch of data and suggests better choices. It doesn’t require any third-party service. Another plugin, Nugget is a free and light version. It lets you test CTAs on your web pages (one at a time).

Bonus – All-in-One Conversion Boosting Plugins

Here are a couple of conversion-boosting plugins that can handle all the aspects of your website.

11. Icegram

Icegram All Features Landing Page

Icegram is meant for converting and engaging customers. It’s an all-in-one plugin that offers ample amount of benefits, including the following:

  • Multiple messages types for gaining attention.
  • Well-designed themes for individual message type.
  • Detection of abandoning visitors and enticing them with final offer.
  • Advanced targeting and retargeting.
  • Multiple A/B testing opportunities.
  • Actionable reports and accurate conversion analytics.

12.  InTrigger

InTrigger Conversion Boosting Plugin

InTrigger claims to boost your conversion by 320%. It offers suggestions, examples and other features that you want to include in your website to make it high-converting.

For example,

  • If a visitor has spent 2 minutes or more on your site and scrolled 30% of the page, it’s a good idea to entice this person with an appealing offer on a floating bar.
  • You can offer a signup if your visitor has visited 3 pages.

Other features include download buttons, form, banner option, custom inline messages and more – there are endless possibilities to convert.

In Summary

The purpose of this post was to highlight factors that affect your conversion and to provide the right solution for each problem. A website can boost conversion if it has the right plugins for headlines/titles, site speed, A/B testing, landing pages and lead generation.

We have discussed some excellent tools that are already popular all over the world. You can also take advantage of the bonus plugins that can take care of all CRO aspects for a better-performing website.