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Reviewing WordPress resources and solutions for business owners and SME websites

How To Grow Newsletter Subscribers

How To Grow Newsletter Subscribers

If you are looking for ways to grow newsletter subscribers, you must already invest a lot of effort in perfecting your content strategy. In fact, numerous organizations with solid online presence have found that enhancing various marketing campaigns is essential for their success. Simply having a company website doesn’t cut it anymore. 58% of users Read More

30 Best HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Frameworks

When you design a site with a grid based format, media queries and pictures that can seamlessly adapt to the screen size of any device, you’re essentially developing a website with a responsive design. Responsive designs are gaining popularity not only because more than half of the world’s website traffic is generated by mobile devices, Read More

Best eCommerce Blogs You Should Follow

Best eCommerce Blogs You Should Follow

E-Commerce is on the rise. Right now, it’s growing quickly even though we are facing an emergency situation where we are spending more time at home safe. The data from Statista shows that online shopping is one of the most popular activities worldwide as it’s been constantly growing since 2014. Consequently, more and more businesses Read More


Why We Love Visme at DevriX

Data is a boring word, right? Still, we can’t ignore its importance, no matter the field we are in. Data is highly valued in the business world as it is the basis for creating strategies, setting goals and making crucial business decisions. In today’s highly competitive market, the correct and timely use of data ensures Read More