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WooRank Review: A Complete Website Analysis‎ Tool

WooRank Review A Complete Website Analysis‎ Tool

You can find many SEO tools on the internet, but not all of them are a good fit for your business. It depends on your needs and the strategy you want to follow. However, anything that gives you a competitive edge can make a difference and that’s why people invest in SEO tools like WooRank.

Analytics Plan Strategy

After reading this review, you should now be able to make an informed decision about the value of WooRank. Most specifically, about the features, how it analyzes a website and the benefits of using it. But before anything, let’s take a look at WooRank and see how it works.

What Is WooRank?

Woorank is a tool that helps you keep track of everything that affects the SEO performance of your website and discover any problems that you might have not noticed before. You type in the URL of a website and it presents you with a detailed SEO audit for all the important ranking factors. If you try to do that process manually, it will take you a lot of hours. However, if you use WooRank for free, you have these details in a few seconds.

The SEO audit is a report of your website’s health. When ready, you can use the information to fix any bugs or mistakes that may harm your rankings. Of course, there are suggestion and tips from the tool that can save you research time or show you the solution of a problem instantly.

Also, you can connect your account to Google Search, Google Analytics, and your Facebook page as well to get the best possible results while it analyzes every page of your site separately or tracks your keywords.

Woorank is a powerful tool that can help you get the maximum benefits from any project.

Who Is This Tool Intended to Help?

The creators of WooRank created a tool that can help anyone’s website, from the owner of an online business to a daily blogger to obtain better rankings.

You can choose one of the three available pricing plans depending on the site or your business. If you are a beginner, you can try it for free. You get fewer details with the free reports, however, you can still improve parts of your SEO with the partial information WooRank has provided.

Small business owners with one website can use the Pro Plan, webmasters who own up to five websites should consider the Premium one, and lastly, the Enterprise Plan is for those who run multiple projects, SEO professionals, and agencies.

There is a lot of value in all the available plans, select the one that is right for you. You can also get a free trial for 14 days. Just sign up here.

Tools and Features

The best way to demonstrate how to get the maximum from WooRank is to run a website review and point out the most important parts. Here, we will show you the features and the data available with WooRank’s Pro Plan.

Score and Marketing Checklist

The process starts by visiting the home page and typing in the website you want to review. Next, you should see a score and a marketing list at the top of the page. If you test other websites, you will see that similar ranks are expected. Do not panic if you see a low score, a close to perfect score is highly unlikely for any website. Also, keep in mind that this is a tool and not a person who has manually tested your website.

This means that a score, such as the one in the image, is not necessarily something bad or good. So, do not focus on the score. A better approach is to check the recommendations and the problems in the review to see if you can solve them.

So, to start out, you will see a score and some marketing suggestions. If you apply some of these tips, they can surely help improve your site.


In this part of the review, it is important to notice everything in green as shown below.


If something goes wrong here, it affects directly the way your site looks to search engines. For example, if your meta description has too many characters, then only a part of it will be shown on Google.

Here, you can see information about the internal links, alt attributes, sitemap, and other on-page SEO factors. Next to each factor, you can see the WooRank SEO impact and how easily you can solve a problem. Most of the factors here can easily be fixed and have a big impact on your rankings.



When you have a mobile-friendly website, you can attract those who access the internet from their smartphones or tablets. Not only will these people be able to visit your site, but there are SEO benefits as well.

Other important factors are the overall performance of the site’s mobile version and site speed. Both of them can cost you visitors and rankings if they are not optimized well.
If you have a problem here, it may be harder to resolve, but remember that a nice responsive website will really help your rankings in the long term.




These factors can affect user experience and SEO. They are not as important as the on-page or mobile elements but still, they can help your rankings if everything works properly. Some of the issues can be amended easily by adding a 404 page while others require some technical knowledge.



WooRank checks if your server is up or down and sends notifications when there is a problem. Also, it checks for an SSL, analytics, and your site speed. Again, these components can improve the overall user experience.


Backlinks are an important SEO factor and are not easy to do. They need a long-term strategy and take a lot of patience. WooRank helps you to analyze your backlinks by counting them, creating an overall score, and calculating the quality of each backlink.

The backlink score is an estimation based on the total backlinks, the number of linking domains, and their quality. To estimate the quality, check factors like the relevancy of the anchor text, authority, and trustworthiness of the domain that links to your site. If you have added your competitors, you can also compare their scores with yours.

Social Media

Social Media

Woorank takes data from the social media accounts of a website and presents its stats. It counts the shares, followers, and checks one’s overall presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Strong social media accounts and an active follower engagement can give a boost to your rankings.

Local And Visitors

The last two features are about your site’s traffic, which can be related to SEO factors and the presence of your site in local directories, and which can help to get visitors from specific countries or cities.

Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool keeps track of the chosen keywords that you can double-check on Google at any time. You add the selected keywords once and it updates their position consistently. It reall is a helpful tool that saves you from having to do that process manually.

You can add up to 50 keywords with the Pro Plan, 250 with the Premium, and unlimited keywords with the Enterprise.

Site Crawl

The Site Crawl looks for on-page SEO problems on your pages and posts. You add your URL and it scans your website. When the process is over, it sends a notification to your email. Site Crawl finds issues in the following parts of your page:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • H1 tags
  • Body content

This scanning process takes anywhere from a few minutes to one to two hours depending on the size of the website.


The Competitors tab allows users to monitor their adversary’s online activity. By using this feature, you can analyze your rival’s technical performance including their SEO score and on-page results. Additionally, you can also take a peek at what keywords your competitors are using and track their positioning on SERPs.

Keeping tabs on what other companies are up to will give you a headstart on advertising and targeting.


WooRank now offers a new feature called the “Assistant”. It allows the users to perform an in-depth SEO analysis of every page on their website. This new tab provides a much faster analysis of the website, highlights issues on the pages, and gives you an idea of how your site is performing. The core web vitals, overall traffic, and web design will also be analyzed and suggestions for improvement will be provided.

Final Thoughts

WooRank is a tool that allows you to check whether everything is running properly on your website or not. If something is not running as well as expected, you can start improving these issues, one by one, to get better rankings.

Also, it is extremely useful for people who have big projects or are running multiple sites at the same time. You can automate the process of detecting any bugs or problems that need fixing. When using each feature and tool, it explains why you get certain results and how you can fix them. There is even a list of recommendations for the inexperienced user.

Overall, it is a great tool that can save you a lot of time and effort. You don’t have to worry anymore about doing tasks manually or with free low-quality tools with WooRank. It is easy to use, no matter your experience or your technical knowledge, it only requires your URL to begin working.

So, if you need a tool that analyzes your website’s SEO performance and that constantly checks whether everything is running correctly, then WooRank is the perfect choice for you.

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