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TextOptimizer Review: How to Improve SEO Content in 2022

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Have you ever tried using a content optimization tool like TextOptimizer to enhance your articles and boost your SEO?

There are a lot of these software solutions out there. Most of them specialize in improving your content by providing phrase suggestions, and tips on polishing up your SEO writing

Neat, right?

Today we’ll focus on one such tool, in particular: TextOptimizer.

In our TextOptimizer review, we’ll cover all you need to know about the solution and its features – what it does, who can benefit from it, how to use it, its advantages and disadvantages, and more.

Without further ado, let’s get it on!

What Is TextOptimizer?

TextOptimizer is a specialized text optimization tool. It provides users with insights on the quality of their content, as well as, ideas to enrich it and increase its search engine ranking potential.

You can use this tool to both check already existing content and to assess a text you’re still writing, and hasn’t been published yet.

But wait, there’s more!

This content optimization tool comes with multiple nifty features.

Apart from suggestions for words and phrases to include in your text, you can also benefit from reviewing the most commonly asked questions about a topic, and acknowledging the search intent for the query.

On top of that, you can set your target audience location, and take inspiration from the most common usages of key phrases.

There’s also a Google Chrome extension that allows you to quickly use the functionalities of TextOptimizer with the click of a button.

Here’s a summary of the main features of TextOptimizer.

1. Main Features of TextOptimizer

How to Use TextOptimizer

To be honest, TextOptimizer is so easy to use, you can probably teach your granny to work with it. On the downside, you know she’ll never accept cookies, as she loves making them herself.

Fun and jokes aside, let’s delve deeper into the process, and you’ll see for yourself how to use TextOptimizer and benefit from it.

Optimize Text from a Website

For our example, we’ll use the keyword “bitcoin”. Here’s how the entire process works:

You enter the website/URL you’d like to evaluate and from the top menu you select “Optimize your text”. Then you choose which search engine you want to use: “Google” or “Bing”.

Beneath, you have an interactive world map, which you can use to point where your target audience is.

Once you enter your search query word in the field, choose one of the following: “Text from website”, “Paste in text” or “New text”.

Selecting “Text from website” will then prompt you to enter the URL of the article. Hit the “optimize” button, and you’ll obtain information about the article and a content rating score.

Below the score, you’ll see a field with words you could insert into your text to make it more relevant.

How to Use TextOptimizer - Optimize Text from a Website

Additionally, there are three icons on the upper right of the field. When you hover over them, the first icon provides information about the target audience your text addresses. 

The second icon delivers insights on the most frequently asked questions related to your topic. The third icon gives you info about the main themes of your text and how they are lexically related.

On top of that, by scrolling further down the page, you will see another field with words that are already present in your text.

3. How to Use TextOptimizer - Present In Your Text

Improve Paragraphs

The second option – “Paste in text” will invite you to paste your content in the text box. Once you hit the “optimize” button, you will, again, be sent to the same page that displays phrase suggestions and praises you for the appropriate words you’ve already used.

What makes this option different from the “Text from website” one is that here, you can work only on a paragraph or two that you want to optimize, instead of going through the entire text.

Also, you can use it to optimize your content before publishing it.

Optimize Your Draft

As the name implies, this is the option for when you want to see word suggestions for a topic you haven’t written about yet.

To that end, simply enter the key phrase you plan to focus on, hit “optimize” and you will obtain a detailed word suggestion field.

This option is suitable for writers and SEO specialists, looking to gain topical insights while conducting keyword research.

Tips on How to Use Key Phrases

That’s not all, folks!

Each of the word suggestions you obtain for a topic is clickable. This means that once you click on a word, you will receive suggestions on how to connect it to other words.

For example, we selected “digital currency”. From there, we were presented with numerous options on how to connect it with other phrases in order to create a sentence.

Here are a few sentences we can create with our example:

  • Users can earn digital currency based on blockchain.
  • BTC is a decentralized digital currency developed with blockchain.
  • Online casinos that accept digital currency trading are becoming a trend.

Of course, we advise you not to blindly copy-paste sentences from the tool. It would be better to review them beforehand and use the suggestions only for inspiration.

4.Tips on How to Use Key Phrases

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Tips to Edit Your Text

When checking an article for content improvements, you may receive a bad optimization score. In this case, if you scroll down the page, you will see a field with words you should consider removing from your text, in order to increase its topical relevance.

5. Tips to Edit Your Text

This is a great feature, as it does not only show you have issues, but it also highlights what could be causing them. Certain words could be highlighted because you’ve overused them, or due to them being inappropriate for the context of your article.

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TextOptimizer Pricing

Depending on your need, you can use TextOptimizer for free or pay for premium. However, the Pro plan does have a lot more features to offer. Subscribing for the Pro version will cost you $60/month, or $45/month for a yearly subscription, which practically means you can save three months of usage, by paying $540 for the whole year, instead of $720.

Let’s have a look at both plans:

  • Free. The free plan includes the text analysis option, which allows you to check your existing articles and obtain a text optimization score. However, you only have access to the appropriate words you’ve used – the list of suggested words you can add to your text is available only for Pro subscribers.
  • Pro. Features all the functionalities of the tool. This includes text optimization suggestions, the option to export to Excel, and browsing through millions of content ideas.

It’s important to note that a Pro plan subscription comes with a 7-day trial, during which you can opt out of using TextOptimizer and receive your money back.

That should be about enough time for you to decide if the price is worth it for the benefits you obtain, and whether the tool is the right choice for your business.

6. TextOptimizer Pricing Meme

TextOptimizer Pros

The text optimizer tool offers a lot of benefits to its users.

  • Available in 14 different languages
  • Simple learning curve
  • Detailed suggestions

TextOptimizer Cons

There’s no such thing as a perfect tool, so naturally, TextOptimizer has its flaws.

  • Extension is only available on Google Chrome
  • Free version is limited
  • Hefty Pro plan pricing

7. TextOptimizer - Pros and Cons

TextOptimizer Benefits: Who Needs to Use It?

Since TextOptimizer is a dedicated SEO content optimization tool, it’s logical that not everyone in the world is going to need it.

Who can really benefit from using it, though?

1. Content writers

This is the group that will probably benefit most from using TextOptimizer. For instance, professional writers should always look for ways to improve their content, and this is where the tool can bring great value. It can be equally helpful when writing for topics you’re not too familiar with, and when you just want to check for important phrases you’ve missed.

2. SEO specialists

Search engine optimization specialists are typically the people who always need to think of synonyms, semantic connections (LSIs), and numerous relevant subtopics to address. TextOptimizer is an excellent tool for SEO experts, as it gathers and displays pertinent data, including search intent, and the results are ready-to-use phrases and keywords.

3. Website owners

You can use TextOptimizer to double-check all pages on your website, not only articles. You can review your home page or a landing page, and the tool would help you find gaps and opportunities.

What’s more, when going through user reviews, it is visible that TextOptimizer is a well-liked tool. People find it helpful, user-friendly, and useful.


We’re done with our TextOptimizer review, and now it’s up to you.

Could TextOptimizer be the perfect tool for the writers and SEO professionals in your team?

Is it the content optimization help they’ve always wanted?

You will never know until you try it.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts afterward.