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Best eCommerce Blogs You Should Follow

Best eCommerce Blogs You Should Follow

E-Commerce is on the rise. Right now, it’s growing quickly even though we are facing an emergency situation where we are spending more time at home safe. The data from Statista shows that online shopping is one of the most popular activities worldwide as it’s been constantly growing since 2014.

Consequently, more and more businesses had to change the way they were operating and go online. Moreover, shop owners who had to switch to online commerce might have faced several challenges because they didn’t have experience managing a business online.

E-Commerce is on the rise

Retail E-Commerce Sales Worldwide 2014 – 2023. Source: Statista

When running an online shop, staying up to date with the latest eCommerce trends is crucial. For this very reason, we’ve prepared a listicle with eCommerce blogs you should follow to stay informed about the latest online sales tendencies.



Econsultancy publishes research, analysis, advice, training and online resources to help one succeed with an online business. Their blog is a place where you can also check out the latest digital marketing and eCommerce news.

Econsultancy has a special eCommerce section where you can read about:

  • eCommerce best practices
  • Case studies
  • Trends
  • Training
  • eCommerce fundamentals
  • Important reports

Following the world’s situation right now due to the Covid-19 and the impact on online sales, the blog has added a separate section where business owners can be updated on the latest news related to the virus and eCommerce.

Practical eCommerce

Practical eCommerce

Practical Ecommerce’s mission aims to help eCommerce companies by publishing expert insights and guidance on how to run an online business.

The blog authors are leading eCommerce practitioners, consultants, and journalists. The website aims to provide down-to-earth articles and help business people with their online shops.

Practical eCommerce has a special section on their blog about one of the most important segments of online sales – Shipping.

The blog also publishes articles on the following eCommerce topics:

  • eCommerce marketing and business strategies for conversions
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • eCommerce platforms
  • Marketing
  • Design



EcommerceFuel is a blog by Andrew Yourderian where he shares an experience from different perspectives.

The mission of the blog is simple as the owner states. The team wants to build the world’s best eCommerce community for store owners to help them grow their business while building deep relationships.

At EcommerceFuel you can read one new post per week about different eCommerce topics such as store operations, SEO and marketing, product sourcing, and design. As a bonus, you can listen to the eCommerceFuel podcast.

A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand is a blog run by Richard Lazazzera. His story includes Shopify, where he was a content creator. The blog’s mission is to provide in-depth insights on how to build, launch, and grow an eCommerce business.

In the blog, you can find different topics and articles on conversion optimization, shipping and fulfillment, sourcing suppliers, and product selection.

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Bootstrapping Ecommerce

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

Bootstrapping Ecommerce is a subsidiary of the blog mentioned above A Better Lemonade Stand. The blog owners discovered a niche of entrepreneurs at the top of the funnel who needed information on how to start their online shops. This is how Bootstrapping Ecommerce launched.

There is an additional hub for these entrepreneurs, who are just getting started in eCommerce and are looking for information tailored specifically to their circumstances.

Bootstrapping E-commerce is all about highlighting the different ways you can get started in eCommerce with the smallest budgets while also learning how to be creative with the little time and money you have.

E-Commerce Nation

E-Commerce Nation

The founders of E-Commerce Nation state that the website is more than just an eCommerce blog. It’s actually a collaborative community dedicated to helping online business owners on an international scale.

The community welcomes experts to share their experiences and useful information on how to run and promote an online shop. The benefit of joining their community is that you have access to news and insightful tips you can apply to your business.

Topics might you enjoy:

  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Payments
  • M-commerce
  • Conversion
  • Cross-border
  • Platforms

Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce Platforms

There are countless eCommerce platforms and website builders where you can start up your online shop. If you don’t do your research right you might fall into a platform that doesn’t fit your needs.

That’s why Ecommerce Platforms provide a comparison between different CMSs and eCommerce builders. The blog gives reviews on those platforms and shares thoughts on how different eCommerce builders are good, great, or bad. As their owners state, “we help you choose with an eCommerce platform that is right for you.”

Ecommerce Guide

Ecommerce Guide

Ecommerce guide is another helpful website where you can find handy info on how to build, run, and promote your online shop. There are more than 80 eCommerce guides to read the latest eCommerce news.

Topics can you read about:

  • Ecommerce platform reviews
  • Ecommerce web hosting reviews
  • Email marketing software
  • Video chat for customer service
  • Top eCommerce websites
  • How to sell online
  • Ecommerce statistics

Internet Retailing E-commerce

Internet Retailing E-commerce

Internet Retailing E-commerce has news and reports on eCommerce, online selling, and merchandising. In addition, there is also a section on the website with a selection of podcasts you can listen to on eCommerce topics.

The website is a market-leading, independent B2B publisher, and it’s one of the most trusted ones in the Australian online retail industry. The website has been around since 2008 and provides:

  • News about Commerce
  • Ecommerce
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Innovation

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Blogs by eCommerce Platforms

There are many eCommerce platforms where you can build your online shop. All of them have pretty useful content intended to help customers with their platforms. The big benefit here is they can be useful for eCommerce in general.

We are going to feature the blogs of popular eCommerce builders. The list will grow as there are many solutions worth mentioning.

The WooCommerce Blog

WooCommerce Blog

This is the go-to WordPress online trading plugin. WordPress with WooCommerce is an excellent solution for massive online shops because you can customize it according to your needs.

WooCommerce is not an eCommerce platform but a WordPress plugin you can install on your WordPress website. When installing the plugin, it adds features that are necessary to your online store, like shopping carts, product pages and more.

To back business owners who need resources and tips on selling online, WooCommerce has a pretty comprehensive blog with articles on different topics such as:

  • How to sell online
  • Marketing strategies
  • Customer stories
  • Shipping

The Shopify Blog

The Shopify Blog

Similar to WooCommerce, Shopify is a platform where you can build your online shop right away and start selling your products. The platform is a great fit for business owners who need a turnkey solution.

In order to launch your online shop properly and grow it so it becomes a stable source of cash, you need to read about the latest eCommerce trends. There you can read articles on different topics such as:

  • Business ideas
  • Grow your sales
  • Product updates
  • Founder stories
  • Tips on how to start your business with Shopify
  • Financial and accounting advice
  • Best practices to acquire new clients

The BigCommerce Blog

The BigCommerce Blog

BigCommerce is a true all-in-one eCommerce platform with the power to grow your business and learn how to sell more.

Their blog provides articles and tips on eCommerce topics where you can definitely get insight on how to build your online store. You can find the following categories:

  • eCommerce marketing
  • eCommerce research
  • Enterprise commerce
  • How to sell online
  • Omnichannel strategies
  • Product news

The Ecwid Blog

The Ecwid Blog

Ecwid is a website similar to Shopify, where you can quickly build your online store. The platform is suitable for small businesses because it is intuitive, making it easy to open your online shop and start selling.

There you will find topics and comprehensive articles on how to run an online business, eCommerce marketing advice and how to promote your online business after its launch.

Wrapping up

We’ve listed some of the most popular eCommerce blogs where you can stay informed of the new trends in online sales. From blogs for entrepreneurs to website builders that publish useful tips on how to benefit from their platforms and drive up sales.

Which is your favorite eCommerce blog? Share in the comments below.


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