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How to Create Original Content And Win Readers?

How to Create Original Content And Win Readers

It’s hard to be original when it seems that everything has been said and done a million times.

Still, it is not impossible to do it, as there are some tips on how to create original content, and that’s just what today’s article is all about.

But first.

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What Is Original Content?

In terms of marketing, original content is content that has never been published before, and is unique, offering new insights or a different perspective on a given topic.

Said content can be an article, a video, a podcast, and so forth. Old content can also be revisited and presented in a new light, by changing the point of view, introducing a new idea, etc.

You can easily detect if your content is original by running it through a plagiarism detection tool. If there is a duplicate of the content anywhere on the Internet, then it’s not original, and you have to think about rewriting the plagiarized sentences/paragraphs/parts.

Now that you know the definition, let’s review some practical tips.

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How to Create Original Content: 7 Original Tips

How to Create Original Content_ 7 Original Tips

  1. Think About Your Audience
  2. Use Your Personal Knowledge
  3. Stay Relevant and Follow Trends
  4. Keep an Open Mind
  5. Do a Lot of Research
  6. Create Original Visuals
  7. Keeping Things Fresh

1. Think About Your Audience

Above all, originality can come from analyzing the preferences of your audience. Every time you prepare a list of topics to write about, think of what your audience needs to know.

Look around forums and SERPs to establish which are the most burning questions your readers have. Then craft a unique piece of content that will satisfy your audiences’ curiosity, and entertain them at the same time.

What’s more, this allows you to be more straightforward, as you already know whom you are targeting, and what are the main pain points you want to address.

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2. Use Your Personal Knowledge

Sure, you can’t be an expert on every topic, but everyone has their strengths. Talk from experience, share your personal knowledge, etc.

This is one of the best tips on how to make content more original, as you don’t necessarily need to read tons of articles, in order to create content. You already have the wisdom.

A great example of this would be, if, let’s say, you are a content writer with experience in the field of hosting, domains, and so on. When you have to write a piece about “The Different Types of Website Hosting”, you already know them, and which one is suitable for them.

You require little-to-no additional research, and there’s a high chance that you can offer unique advice to your readers.

3. Stay Relevant and Follow Trends

Staying relevant is essential for success. That’s why you must be able to identify trending topics and create content about them. Of course, evergreen content never goes out of style, however, in today’s busy world, trends matter.

For instance, recently, everyone and their grandma are talking about Chat GPT and the rise of artificial intelligence tools.

Given the circumstances, the tricky part is to write about a trending topic, but manage to keep it engaging, interesting and offer a unique perspective. I mean, it would be useless to just rephrase the dozens of articles/videos that already exist, since it would not provide any value to your readers.

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4. Keep an Open Mind

Being stubborn won’t help you to create original content. Instead, keep an open mind and try to think outside the box.

Keep an Open Mind

Otherwise, you risk missing out on ideas, and potential topics. Pay attention to new things, meeting new people, and receiving suggestions and feedback.

5. Do a Lot of Research

With the growth of your website, and your blog, it’s inevitable that you will experience difficulties trying to find new topics. That’s when the role of research, brainstorming, creating rough outlines, and thinking of various perspectives comes into play..

Always place quality in front of quantity – if you need more time to create awesome, original content, that’s fine. Also, whenever you can, try to engage in storytelling, as that is what is the most compelling for humans.

Additionally, there’s a high chance that you will come up with a lot of cool ideas as one thing often leads to another, while doing research.

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6. Create Original Visuals

It’s not enough to write and publish a great article anymore. The short attention span of people requires an extra effort from marketers.

One such effort is to create original visuals that will not only make your content more fun, and engaging, but will also increase your chances of ranking on vertical searches.

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Think about adding images, infographics, memes, GIFs, videos, and so on. This will be especially easy if your team has a graphic designer, so that all visuals look professional.

7. Keeping Things Fresh

Even the greatest forms of content become tiresome eventually, in that case you should freshen things up from time to time.

Experimentation is vital for all forms of digital marketing. Without it, you’re bound to stay in one place forever, and thus users will become quick to turn away from your content.

Keeping Things Fresh.gif

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What Are the Benefits of Original Content?

So far, so good, but you might still be doubting the importance of original content. After all, why not just publish content that is proven to work? Everyone else is saying the same thing, so that has to be right, right?

Well, not exactly.

To prove our point, here are some of the main benefits of publishing original content:

Benefits of Original Content

  • More credibility. If your readers are observant, they will notice that you have reused other people’s content. What does that bring for you? That’s right, nothing good. On the other hand, posting original content will increase your credibility, and make you appear as an expert.
  • Good SEO. As you might know, duplicate or plagiarized content is a bad for your search engine optimization efforts. Alternatively, original content can give you a boost in rankings, and ultimately provide your website with more traffic, and more leads.
  • Audience engagement. Everyone loves a nice, original story. Chances are, people will like, comment and share your content more, should it be deemed worthy. Hint: it will not be worthy, if it’s the same content readers can find elsewhere.
  • Loyal readers. Why do people keep reading the same authors, or coming back to the same blogs? Simple. Because they are something that they like, and they instantly associate them with positive emotions. Your brand can become this place of comfort for your readers, you just need to deliver constant quality.


Would you look at that original smile on your face! 😁

You now know why and how to create original content, so let’s get those creative juices flowing. Leave the stereotypes and clichés for someone else.

Meanwhile, let us know if we’ve helped you to write more original content.

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