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Tutorial Category: Business

6 Ways to Reinvent Your eCommerce Website@2x

6 Ways to Reinvent Your eCommerce Website

Growing your eCommerce business takes more than just having a website. You’ve already inserted your products and set the payment gateway, what can go wrong, right? The problem is, you don’t get enough product orders. With so much competition in eCommerce, it can be really hard to hit the ground running and boost your sales. Read More

Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Three Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Digital Age

As the digital transformation continues its progress, technologies such as AI, machine learning, IoT, and blockchain are more than necessary to run a successful enterprise. However, in between developments, there’s one essential component that keeps businesses alive in the marketplace since ages ago, and that is customer experience (CX). It’s tricky nowadays. Each of your Read More


Why We Love Visme at DevriX

Data is a boring word, right? Still, we can’t ignore its importance, no matter the field we are in. Data is highly valued in the business world as it is the basis for creating strategies, setting goals and making crucial business decisions. In today’s highly competitive market, the correct and timely use of data ensures Read More

Top 32 WordPress Thought Leaders to Follow

Top 32 WordPress Thought Leaders to Follow

WordPress has an enormous community of worldwide users. Amidst these users are some superstars that are far more experienced and have extensively contributed to the community with their projects and accomplishments. The following are some of the most influential WordPress thought leaders. 1. Mario Peshev @no_fear_inc The first WordPress superstar on this list is our Read More

Webinar Lead Generation A Guide for Marketers

Webinar Lead Generation: A Guide for Marketers

Even if you’re not buried in marketing statistics, it’s quite obvious that in recent years numerous organizations and experts are doing webinars. 73% of marketers and sales representatives state that hosting webinars is great for generating high-quality leads. Without a doubt, video has become the king of engagement. Furthermore, recent studies have found that content Read More

4 Tips for Highly Effective Media Subscription Models@2x

4 Tips for Highly Effective Media Subscription Models

For digital publishers throughout the industry, user revenue is one of the biggest priorities! With growing ad fatigue and ad blockers in usage, an increasing number of publishers make use of reader revenue approaches – involving memberships, subscriptions, paywalls, with a request from the readers to endorse their work. Premium publishers have skyrocketed with the Read More