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Frequently asked questions for DevriX that we refer our clients to

How to Find the Right WordPress Development Company

How to Find the Right WordPress Company?

A company’s website is an important part of its digital image and, to attract new customers, it should be fast, good-looking, and provide a pleasant user experience. To have this, you should invest in professional website development and design. But there are thousands of WordPress freelancers and WordPress development companies out there. How to find Read More

Can I Upgrade My WordPress Website?

One of the main questions businesses ask whether or not they will be able to upgrade their website in future? The answer is simple “Yes” but there are a few things to understand here. Please read on if you are thinking about upgrading your WordPress website and needs to understand the process. The WordPress CMS Read More

I Want a Clone of Facebook/Twitter/Other

Every month we get various requests for building a WordPress clone of a trendy social network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram for a few hundred dollars. We turn down that sort of requests for several reasons. The Cost First off, our WordPress development agency specializes in high-end WordPress development. Plain installations for simple Read More