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Tutorial Category: Internet Marketing

Four Ways to Improve WordPress SaaS Landing Pages

Four Ways to Improve WordPress SaaS Landing Pages

You’ve developed your SaaS product, and every element of it seems awesome! Your software is ready, you believe in your competitive advantage, and you’ve developed a landing page that will be irresistible to prospects. However, as soon as you launch your SaaS promotional campaign – nothing happens! Few users respond to it, and even the Read More

Google Optimize Guide

The Definitive Guide to Google Optimize

Optimization is vital for reaching the maximum potential of your marketing funnels and campaigns. However, each tweak and A/B testing process on a given website won’t mean that you’ll have an immediate increase in your conversion rate. Entering Google Optimize, one of the most effective tools available for A/B testing and website personalization. Since its Read More

Why Your Backlinks Aren't Being Indexed

Why Your Backlinks Aren’t Being Indexed

Do you find ranking on Google difficult? Struggling to get noticed even after all of your hard work? Even if you’ve put in months of research, outreaching, content writing, it will be really difficult to stay relevant on search engines if your backlinks aren’t being indexed. Getting backlinks from influential websites in your industry is Read More

3 Aspects of a Successful Mobile Web Monetization@2x

3 Aspects of a Successful Mobile Web Monetization

It’s not a secret that mobile-grounded ad impressions are the major driving force behind successful advertising campaigns. Moreover, according to Digiday, the ad spend on mobile is up to $24 billion, with Google raking in a massive $19 billion of that! Mobile became, and it will remain, the dominant way in which users access the Read More