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Tutorial Category: Marketing

50+ Subject-Line Ideas to 5X Your Conversion Rates

50+ Subject-Line Ideas to 5X Your Conversion Rates

You’ve spent days in collecting all those email addresses and finally, you’ve got hundreds of impatient prospects sticking to their computers, tablets, laptops and cell phones, just to go through the “Golden Message” from you. If that’s what you think, we’re living on Mars. Perhaps, you’re properly awake by now, wondering what you should send Read More

SEO tools overview

SEO Tools Overview: Influencers Speaking

We’ve come across this interesting question in Quora: What is the best online service to track SEO rankings for a website? I want to regularly track my startup’s SEO results across multiple keywords and search engines. I would prefer to use an online service instead of a program. Regularly emailed reports and suggested keywords or Read More