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Tutorial Category: WordPress Maintenance

How to Optimize Your Checkout Process for Conversions

How to Optimize Your Checkout Process for Conversions

A lot goes into optimizing a WooCommerce site for conversions, or any e-commerce site for that matter. It starts with “big picture” things like site speed and user experience but also branches off into things like recovering abandoned carts, using high-quality product images and showcasing product reviews. It’s hard enough getting potential customers to visit Read More

The Smart Way to Choose Your WordPress Plugins

The Smart Way to Choose Your WordPress Plugins

WordPress offers thousands of opportunities for you to create a stunning website and test whether you can validate a new business idea, blog or community page. Choosing a plugin for your website could be tricky. As a part of the WordPress community, we’ve helped a lot of users, that maintain their own WordPress websites, successfully Read More

Why Should Your E-commerce Site be Optimized

[Infographic] Why Should Your E-commerce Site be Optimized?

Is your e-commerce site optimized? Your first thought is probably, yes. You follow Google’s webmaster guidelines carefully. And you do your best to provide comprehensive and secure payment methods, ensuring that your customers can make their purchases anyway they want. However, an e-commerce site is never a done deal. Even if the site is doing Read More

Best SEO Plugins

Best SEO Plugins to Implement on Your Website

What steps have you taken to create a search engine friendly website? Well, if you haven’t done it yet, then it’s the time to consider the best SEO plugins. WordPress is already technically a good platform for SEO. There are plugins for everything, thus you can achieve any kind of functionality by implementing them on Read More

22 Common Technical Mistakes in Online Stores

If you own an online store, technical maintenance will be one of the key factors you need to think about. For instance, the site may go down when new updates are installing or shoppers may take unexpected actions that can cause the website to crash. The biggest mistake most users make is not choosing the right platform Read More