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Tutorial Category: WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Migration Mistakes

6 Steps to Avoid WordPress Migration Mistakes

Moving objects from one place to another is easy. Pick it up and place it where you think it’s the best. However, this does not apply to the digital world, especially when it comes to migrating a WordPress website: you need to export databases, import them to a new host, transfer files to the new Read More

How to get Google Sitelinks

How to Get Google Sitelinks for Your Site

If you go to Netflix’s homepage you’ll see the best shows are shown there. This is because these shows are the ones that fans love, search for, and watch the most. Therefore, they’ll always get the preferred position on the homepage. This is exactly how Google Sitelinks work for your site. Google wants to display Read More

dos and don't wordpress hosting

The Dos and Don’ts of WordPress Hosting

Of the top 10 million websites on the web, over 32 percent of them run on WordPress! This is why it’s no wonder that web hosting providers literally fight to get you as a client, and each of the providers is presented as the most valuable option among the rest. But, not every web host Read More

Fix Broken Links WordPress

How to Fix Broken Links in WordPress

Broken links are a common problem that has been present on the Internet since its beginning. There’s not a website that isn’t susceptible to broken links. Even some of the biggest tech monsters online such as Cisco have at least 5% of their links broken. Broken links are something that can cause a serious damage Read More