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Enterprise Solutions: Why Enterprises Need WordPress Maintenance

Enterprise Solutions Why Enterprises Need WordPress Maintenance

In recent years, WordPress has consolidated its position as the top web solution for enterprises. It’s reliable, scalable, manages high traffic well, and lives up to the high technical standards of large companies.

However, similar to any other technology, be it web or not, to function properly, a website needs maintenance.

Enterprise web solutions, in particular, due to their complexity, advanced functionalities, and custom build-up, need it even more.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about why enterprises need WordPress maintenance, and provide actionable tips along the way.

Read on and take notes!

1. Ensuring Top Performance

Ensuring Top Performance

Enterprise websites are technically advanced and, as such, are more complicated to keep in optimal operating condition.

To put it simply, the larger and more complex the solution is, the more opportunities it has to break.

Furthermore, enterprise websites, more often than not, are a combination of many pages, features, plugins, third-party integrations, and whatnot. To work in harmony and ensure a satisfying performance, these should be optimized and regularly monitored.

It’s not uncommon that a routine update of a theme, plugin, or the WordPress core causes a feature to act up and affect the way it works with other aspects of the website.

Your development company can take the necessary precautions to avoid these issues from happening, or fix them when, and if, they happen.

Furthermore, most maintenance plans include 24/7 server and up-time monitoring, which allows the developers to respond to any red flags and issues in real-time.

This minimizes the risk of your website slowing or breaking down due to traffic surges, bugs, errors, etc., and ensures that UX does not suffer.

2. Reliable Technical Support
Reliable Technical Support

Large enterprise websites are very similar to an ecosystem – each function is connected to another and they coexist together in a fragile balance.

This means that if one feature breaks down, it may take the whole thing with it.

While this may remain unnoticed by the audience of a small business solution with limited traffic, when it comes to large enterprises, such an event can affect thousands of users in a mere matter of minutes.

Furthermore, if you fall victim to hack attacks or data breaches, they can result in the data of your clients being compromised, limiting your access to your admin panel, content loss, and whatnot.

If not handled professionally and swiftly, these issues can cause major financial losses, as well as reflect badly on your business’s reputation.

When you have a dedicated maintenance team, you not only minimize the risk of such critical failures ever happening but ensure that they will be handled in a timely manner.

Furthermore, when your employees and website managers experience any difficulties administering and operating the website, they can always contact the support team to assist them.

All in all, outsourcing the support of your WordPress enterprise solution, means that there will always be someone to have your back in an emergency.

Note: While you may have customer support as part of your enterprise hosting plan, keep in mind that hosting and website support are not the same thing. While the providers of high-end hosting plans may offer some WordPress support services, these can be far from the all-inclusive packages a WordPress agency or a professional development company can provide.

3. Professional Security Management

Professional Security Management

Maintaining a high-security standard online is a priority for large companies. As mentioned, leaving your data safety to chance may result in financial losses and compromise the trust of your clients.

When it comes to WordPress, security issues are most often caused by poor code quality and/or stacking together too many plugins.

Enterprise websites are rich in complex code and run multiple plugins, that more often than not, are developed by different providers with different quality standards. If these are not monitored, they may not be able to work together and deliver the required performance.

On top of that, these solutions are administered and managed by multiple people distributed all around the world, which can cause additional security risks.

However, all these vulnerabilities can be avoided by performing automated and manual backups, regularly updating your technical stack, and monitoring performance.

4. Hassle-Free Updates

The WordPress core, and all pertaining software, is the subject of at least a few major annual updates, as well as minor patches and improvements that happen on multiple occasions throughout the year.

These ensure that all your files and data are protected against the latest malware, and various other security hazards.

The updates are usually hassle-free and far less complicated to implement as compared to, for example, Drupal where the process is complex and cumbersome. However, on occasion, implementing new versions may require additional coding skills.

The technical team of your WordPress agency can adjust, minify, and adapt the code, so that all functionalities are preserved after the update, and your whole website remains secure and runs smoothly.

5. Enhanced SEO

Enhanced SEO

In today’s competitive digital marketplace, being a well-known name in the industry doesn’t guarantee your SEO success.

Small and large businesses alike fight for the user’s attention online and do their best to stay at the top of their digital game to increase their visibility. To retain your competitive advantage, generate organic traffic, and reach new customers, you may have to do the same.

In order to achieve and maintain top positions in the SERPs, you need to keep up with the latest search engine requirements and make sure that your website is:

  • Fast.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Optimized for mobile.
  • Packed with all the proper meta information and structured data.
  • Provides a satisfying overall user experience.

However, the more technology you stack, the more difficult it becomes to stay SEO-friendly.

Various issues, such as sloppy code, lack of browser caching, shared hosting, and other technical SEO issues, can compromise your overall SEO efforts and result in unsatisfactory rankings, even if your on-page optimization is by the book.

Enterprise-grade WordPress maintenance plans by professional agencies include SEO optimization, support, and advice and can help you grow your traffic and boost customer acquisition.

6. Customization and Improvements

While WordPress is as awesome as CMS platforms come, large companies have higher technical standards and, more often than not, require customized solutions.

One of the greatest benefits of WordPress is that it allows you to upgrade, scale, adjust, and revamp the base version so that you can create a unique solution for any business need. Combined with high-quality code, this makes it perfect for complex large-scale projects.

However, implementing these changes requires knowledge and experience in building solutions with PHP, JavaScript, and SQL.

Depending on your maintenance plan, the development team can optimize the code of existing themes and plugins, design, develop, and implement new unique custom functions, and suggest improvements that will boost your website’s performance.

7. Quality Assurance

As mentioned, when it comes to code quality, UX, UI, and performance, enterprises have high technical standards. In order to be able to meet and maintain them, they need extensive quality assurance.

Professional WordPress agencies usually have a whole team of QA engineers who dedicate their time to hunting down bugs and errors. They test your website in different environments to make sure that it will provide stellar performance on any machine and under any circumstances.

Depending on your maintenance plan, you will have access to their skills on a monthly basis. This reduces the chances of your website randomly breaking down, and, as the name suggests, improves its quality.

8. Modern Design

Modern Design

Large companies tend to focus on the technical aspects of their website and that’s great. However, to the end-user, a fast-loading, well-functioning website is the default – what they care about is how the website looks and feels.

Regardless of how technically advanced your website and company is, if your design and UI look old-school, this is how your clients will think of your business.

Furthermore, even if your solution is relatively new, web design trends change every year. Keeping up with them will give your business a competitive edge and will show that you are modern and forward-looking.

When negotiating with the WordPress company that will provide maintenance, make sure to discuss the state of your design and possible revamp options.

9. Business Partnership

Whenever we develop and/or maintain a new website, we at DevriX, build lasting relationships with our clients. We always strive to get to know them, learn everything we can about their business and their customers, diagnose their current digital presence, their goals, and their requirements.

When we take up maintenance contracts we work closely with our clients to help them grow, thrive online, and unfold their full potential. Furthermore, we can suggest new features, create unique solutions, and answer their business needs.

This allows us to not only provide an excellent service but build a business partnership. As a result, we can deliver top-quality work.

Bottom Line

Maintenance is important for any type of technology, websites included.

When it comes to large-scale enterprise solutions, keeping your website in an optimized operating condition is one of the major keys to your online business success.

Regardless of how well-built a WordPress website is, it needs a developer’s touch to keep it fresh, functioning, and good-looking.

In the hands of a professional WordPress agency, your enterprise web solution will give you a competitive edge that will help your business build a strong digital presence, attract new customers, and grow.