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7 Reasons Why WordPress Perfectly Complements Enterprises

Why WordPress Perfectly Complements Enterprises

Are you an enterprise business looking for the best CMS? You’ve come to the right place!

“Is WordPress fit for large-scale companies?” is one of the most commonly asked questions by our clients. We believe it is but it is not as simple as it sounds. In this article, we will tell you why we think WordPress perfectly complements complex business requirements.

We have tried to list the most common concerns faced by the enterprises when considering a CMS for their business and how WordPress can be their problem solver.

So, here we go…

What Does Enterprise Need From a CMS?

Providing business solutions to a multinational business comes with their own set of challenges and difficulties. Running or building a website for a big businesses means representing multinational companies that usually need to operate at a similar level as the parent company.

DevriX, as a WordPress agency with years of experience dealing with big clients, know that these projects include a number of subsites, subdomains, lots of pages of localized content and high traffic.

So, a multinational firm requires a specialized CMS that is able to handle all the requirements mentioned above and more.

Can WordPress be the perfect CMS for an enterprise? Let’s find out.

How WordPress Complements Enterprise Needs

Traditionally, WordPress has been known as a blogging platform (it surely started as one) or a platform that provides amazing flexibility to budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. With all due respect to small businesses, WordPress has evolved into something much bigger – it perfectly complements the complex requirements of big business.

Xerox, Sony, Tesoro, The Walt Disney Company, Best Buy and many more fortune 500 companies are powered (and smiling) thanks to WordPress. What’s more, the official White House website is powered by WordPress.So, if the most powerful government in the world can trust WP, why can’t you?

The fact that big names are using it is a proof enough of our claims that WordPress can be an ideal choice for multinational and big businesses. Having said that, we are going to delve deeper and find out what makes WordPress, our hero!

1. The Community Culture

We believe in giving back to the community. They believe in a community culture, thought leadership, mentoring and what not. This is where we think that the core, the ideology of WordPress (as a community) and businesses meet.



Huge enterprise clients, vendors and service providers from Google to GoDaddy, to WooCommerce, join hand and sponsor yearly WordCamps worldwide.

With more than 74 million websites (and counting) built on WordPress, this is proof of a strong community and commitment to take open source technology to new heights. The WP community is also behind thousands of plugins that any website owner can install and use to add various features to their site.

WordCamp (which DevriX is often a part of), and the awesome WP community ensures that there is always a helping if and when you need it.

2. WP Is Reliable

We have seen big companies reluctant to try WordPress due to the fact that it is not owned by a single entity. And if we leave this argument right here, WordPress may seem like an unreliable platform.

WP is developed by some of the very best developers, coders, and testers on the planet. It is hard to find better people involved in a single project than WP. Other than that, some big, fortune 500 companies have a keen interest in the continuous development of the platform.

The fact that WP is not owned and managed by a single entity actually works in their favor here. The chances of abandonment are close to zero and with the support of the community, it is likely to continue to improve. So, in a nutshell, WP is here to stay and very reliable!

Enterprise Websites on WordPress: Six Tips for Successful Growth

3. WP Is More Secure Than You Think

Another reason that keeps big businesses away from WordPress is that they think the platform is not entirely secure. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world right now with top-notch security features. The WP core is secure and must always be kept up to date.

There is a dedicated WP security team, which consists of more than 50 experts. This team is continuously in collaboration with the top hosting companies and other security experts from other Open Source Communities to keep the WP secure against latest threats.

WordPress security

With the right set of security plans, which should include keeping the WP core up to date, keeping the plugins updated, making sure that the custom code is written following the best practices, etc – WordPress is as secure as any other CMS out there.

4. Flexible Enough

Flexibility and being able to expand over time are the most important considerations for enterprises or any business per se. WordPress, with the help of more than 54,000 plugins (to this date) and thousands of highly customizable themes, offers just that.

WP Plugins Repository

This is a huge number, probably the biggest for any other CMS. The chances are, whatever you need for your website, is already there. And even if it is not, you can get in touch with an experienced WP agency like Devrix and watch us build a magical customized solution for you.

Taking the flexibility to a new level, mobile responsiveness now comes as a standard feature with all themes and WP supports hundreds of international languages as well.

5. Administration Is Easy

WordPress is meant to publish content and keep it fresh all the time. Site and content administrators love the ease of use. Without any technical knowledge, you can edit or add content, pictures, videos, and what not. Installing and updating the basic plugins is also easy for non-technical administrators.

With some help from the community or a professional company, you can even customize the dashboard, giving you more features to work on.

With permission levels and user roles, collaboration amongst the team has never been easier, especially considering large-scale businesses that have different teams working on a different project on a single website. You can easily limit a team or an individual from restricting a part of your site.Furthermore, the administrators can create customized roles and permission for individuals and the teams.

6. SEO-Friendly

SEO, for some, might sound like a thing for small and mid-sized businesses. This is incorrect. No matter the size of your business, you need to stand out on those Google Searches as more than 90% of online business starts with an online search query.

Google itself prefers our friend, WordPress. Matt Cutts, who leads the web spam team and works closely with the SEO team at Google, said:

“WordPress takes care of 80-90% of SEO optimization out of the box.”

With plugins like Yoast SEO, the on-page SEO is now fully automated. You just have to work on the right set of keywords and let the plugin do the rest for you.

7. Highly-Scalable

WordPress will complement your business website perfectly especially if it receives huge traffic numbers!

According to Statista, Katy Perry & Justin Bieber are the two most followed celebrities with 108.37 and 105.29 million followers. The traffic number on their websites is huge and yet they trust WordPress.

Not just celebrities but huge businesses like The Microsoft News, Mercedes Benz, Marks and Spencer trust WP with their huge traffic numbers,

Do you know WordPress powers 2,682 of the first 10,000 websites with the most traffic?

A Few Limitations

Being one of the biggest proponents of “WordPress for Enterprise” we don’t follow anything blindly. With some amazing benefits of WP, there are a few downsides as well.

WordPress Limitations


This is often confused with viruses and security issues. Spam is nothing but an unsolicited comment or email having a commercial intent. Spam comments or emails are often irritating and come in bulk!

To keep your WordPress comments section clean and tidy, you need to check it regularly and delete all that spammy content. To keep the spam in check, there are already existing solutions on WordPress that work better than any other CMS.

Migration Issues

Let’s face it; migrating to a different server is never a pleasurable experience for developers. With WP, it just gets a tad bit more difficult. The most problematic errors faced by developers while migrating are 500 internal server error, syntax error, white screen of death, and many more.

These are usually not easy to deal with for an in-house team since there may not be an experienced WordPress developer working with them there. However, with a specialized WordPress agency, migration can be planned carefully and executed properly.

DevriX has done many migrations over the years, we have come across (and solved) major migration issues in the past. We’ve dealt with a number of different migrations – from custom .NET platforms, different PHP Frameworks, such as Symphony, custom PHP projects, abandoned proprietary CMS systems, you name it, too beautiful, modern and stable WordPress custom-made solutions.

Continuous Monitoring

You can’t just build a huge WordPress website and leave it unmonitored. WordPress continuously rolls out new updates that should be taken very seriously or else the security might be compromised.

You should either have an in-house team, keeping an eye on the updates and other issues or a WordPress agency that can take care of your website.


WordPress is an ideal CMS for large businesses and complex solutions. It’s scalable, secure and on top of that provides practical and easy solutions to complex needs. However, these things can’t just be done by installing plugins.

Large businesses need continuous monitoring of their websites and this is where specialized WordPress agencies come in handy. They have senior developers and architects with loads of experience and skills to manage large-scale projects.

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