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The Basic Guide to Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Enterprise WordPress Hosting Guide

Your WordPress page is not just about having an online presence. It’s also a priceless business asset that you can utilize to grow your business. Your website performance and user experience are directly related to your customers’ satisfaction and that’s why you can’t afford to host your WordPress website in the wrong hosting environment.

What you need is a scalable and superior hosting environment that can help you serve big surges of traffic and grow your audience in the process. Enterprise WordPress Hosting is a hosting environment that is specifically customized and aligned to your business goals and strategy.

In this article, we’re going to look into the basics of enterprise WordPress hosting and why it’s an excellent solution to choose for your scalable WordPress website.

WordPress and Enterprises

In 2003 when WordPress started as a blogging tool, and people didn’t expect that it would evolve into the leading content management system (CMS). WordPress now commands the web development industry and commands more than 35% of the Internet.

Bloggers use this platform for years, and its flexibility is excellent for an enterprise-level CMS. With a robust hosting solution, your WordPress website can be transformed into a scalable, future-proof, solution that makes managing content easy.

The reasons why WordPress became the best solution for enterprises are the following:

1. Flexibility

WordPress is a modular piece of software. You can easily transform a blog into a Social Network, E-commerce store, a News Portal or even a Dating Platform. Being able to expand over time are the most important considerations for enterprises or any business. WordPress, with the help of more than 56,000 plugins (to this date) and thousands of highly customizable themes, offers just that.

2. Refinement

WordPress has a big community of tens of thousands of developers that contribute and improve the platform. From core contributors to plugin and theme developers, these people give back to a community where every contribution matters.

3. Free

Anyone can download WP at the moment and install it. You can build your website and even extend it through custom plugins and themes, but you will need to host it in order for people to see it online.

4. Open Source

Meaning that developers can patch the core of the platform. Developers find issues in their use case that could solve a global problem and push a patch to the core, which will later be available to the whole world.

5. Freemium and Easy to Install

The WP ecosystem currently has tens of thousands of free and premium themes and plugins. If you’re a tech-savvy person, it will take you no more than a minute to install WordPress.

6. Multilingual and Available Documentation

WordPress has been fully translated into more than 60 languages. There’s not a single thing that you can’t find about WordPress online. If you need development directions, the Codex is there for you. If you have problems, there are WordPress architects that constantly blog on topics about how to solve them.

7. SEO-Friendly

Even back in 2013, former head of Spam at Google, Matt Cutts explained why WordPress does 80% of the SEO optimization for you. Five years later, this still rings true today more than ever. With plugins like Yoast SEO, the on-page SEO is now fully automated. You just have to work on the right set of keywords and let the plugin do the rest for you.

For large businesses and complex solutions, WordPress is the ideal CMS platform. It’s scalable, safe, and provides website owners with practical solutions that your enterprise needs.

The qualities above are just some of the reasons why the biggest enterprises in the world, such as Sony Music and Bata rely on WordPress. But, to unlock all the benefits that this CMS has to offer, you’ll need a powerful hosting environment.

Enterprise Websites on WordPress: Six Tips for Successful Growth

Why Enterprise WordPress Hosting?

To begin with, you have a website that has a lot of pages, such as your blog, service pages, landing pages, etc. You need to be able to serve any amount of traffic that will come to your WP website without any problems at all.

To be able to do that, you’ll need a hosting service that can help you receive and retain your web traffic along with the flawless caching process and perfect uptime.

Enterprise WP Hosting can help you improve the UX of your WordPress website too. If you have a website that needs to receive lots of reservations for your service, do you think that you can handle thousands of bookings if you receive millions of visitors per month like Airbnb or

With an Enterprise Hosting, you can ensure that your website will never crash and that you’ll deliver a quality experience.

What to Look for in an Enterprise WordPress Hosting Service?

The most important features of a stellar enterprise WordPress enterprise hosting service are:

  • Rapid Loading and Performance: The performance of your WordPress site directly influences your business ROI. If you have a website that loads slowly, users that visit it will possibly be turned off in seconds, and additionally, you’ll fall backward in the search engines rankings. To ensure strong website performance you need a hosting service that is capable of improving your website performance on every level.
  • Maximum Security: It’s common knowledge that hackers love to find gaps in WordPress sites. Even though the core of your WordPress page is strong enough, you may need additional layers of security.
    Besides regular updates, you’ll need SSL support, DDoS and malware protection, as well as regular scanning and patching. A solid hosting provider will make your website security a top priority.
  • Scalability for High-Volume Traffic: If your company gets on the news or you have a viral piece of content, be ready for an increased spike of traffic. The traffic limitations of WordPress don’t come from the platform itself, instead, they come as a result of weak hosting. Your enterprise hosting provider needs to hold your website functional at any level of traffic and easily scale at any given moment.
  • Impeccable 24/7 Support: Having a scalable enterprise website doesn’t mean that you won’t have any problems at all. Errors, bugs, glitches happen and if you don’t know how to handle them, you need to have a 24/7 expert support available that can promptly handle any problem on your website and give you pointers on how to resolve them.
  • Customized Environment: The hosting provider should adapt the solution based on your website and business goals, not the other way around.

If you expect to scale your online presence, you need to assume that changes will be made within the website and the servers, and that’s why you’ll need a service that can respond quickly to those changes. When it comes to an enterprise hosting for your WordPress website that provides you the traits above plus more, we recommend Pagely

Their enterprise hosting platform allows you to scale your business through multi-region redundancy and enterprise grade-security.

Wrapping Up

The hosting solution for your enterprise website is something that should not be taken lightly. We hope that now you’ve become more knowledgeable on how to select a better enterprise hosting solution for your WordPress website that can be customized to deliver a flawless experience for your web visitors.