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Marketing for Generation Z: Why Zoomers Search Differently?

Marketing for Generation Z_ Why Zoomers Search Differently

Hey marketers, it’s time to talk about marketing for Generation Z. We know every marketer adores the Millenials, but the time has come to welcome the new kids on the block. The Digital Natives have arrived and they’re not going away anytime soon.

Gen Zers behave quite differently compared to the generations that came before them. They are extremely tech-savvy, with strong opinions and preferences, and a purchasing power going beyond their age and personal wealth. They know what they want, how they want it, and in what way it should be delivered, and they are a force to be reckoned with.

In the US, this group makes up 20.3% of the whole population. Since boomers and millennials account to 21.8% and 22% respectively, with an annual spending power of about $143 billion dollars, or equal to about 40% of the global consumers, Zoomers undoubtedly deserve much of the businesses’ attention.

In this article, we’ll answer questions like how Zoomers approach search, why they do it differently, and what you can do to attract and capture their attention successfully.

Marketing Meets Gen Z

Targeting the members of Generation Z is not easy. These users have grown up completely within the digital era – they don’t know a time without the Internet, apps, or instant communication with their opinion-influencing network of peers. They are self-reliant and they thrive on living in a fluid digital world, where the online and offline are almost indistinguishable from one another.

Distinctive and disruptive, this generation redefines brand loyalty as we know it. Also, having grown up in the ‘fake news’ era, Gen Zers are extremely quick to spot misdirection. They look for brands that are authentic and transparent, and they are not afraid to hold businesses accountable whenever necessary.

This group expects a two-way engagement and seeks delightful and instantly beneficial experiences. So, if marketers want to be successful and build loyalty, they must foster opportunities for reciprocal interaction and co-creation. This means that businesses should offer quality products and services that show trustworthiness and relevance, while staying clear about their brand’s purpose, mission and vision in the marketplace and beyond.

The 3 Key Consumption Implications for Gen Z

Zoomers’ Approach to Search

With all said regarding habits and skills, Gen Zers not only consume information differently, but they also search for it differently. These consumers have been around search engines their whole lives, so there’s little surprise that making online queries is second nature to them. This age group has a great understanding of how to use browsing tools and can quickly evaluate SERPs to pick the link with the best answer.

Generation Z uses search for intentional discovery. They are accustomed to having their questions answered immediately, and would use more than one device or platform for that purpose.

Often notorious for their short attention span, they have actually equipped themselves with what FastCompany refers to as an “8-second filter”. Thanks to it they can effectively skim through large amounts of information, shrink their options to a much more manageable size and find the most relevant and recent answer to their query. However, once content has been deemed worthy of their full attention, they become extremely focused and committed to it.

How Generation Z Searches the Web

Now that we’ve looked at Zoomers and how they search, it’s time to dive deeper into their web browsing habits.

1. Searching for Long-tail Keywords

According to a study by Fractl, Generation Z uses long-tail queries more than anyone else. Older users are more likely to search for information using just one or two specific keywords, like “statistics”, for example. The younger age groups, however, are more inclined to search with a full phrase or question, such as, “What is the definition of statistics?”

While the average user’s search consists of roughly four words, Gen Z’s usually contain five or more keywords. Since these users are so comfortable with search engines, they’re also more confident that by using very specific queries, they will more easily find exactly the result they’re looking for.

Length of Searches

Optimizing your content and website for long-tail search keywords is important regardless of the audience you wish to attract and target. All generations use search and all of them understand that the information on the web is growing every second. So the more precise their query is, the quicker they’ll find a good answer to it.

Apart from text-based searches, Generation Z also quite regularly uses smart devices and voice assistants. When a person gives full verbal commands or asks questions to voice assistants, the AI algorithm will differentiate the long-tail phrase and will thus perform search queries from them. Since long-tail keywords are becoming popular across the board, optimizing your webpages for long-form search queries will help you attract traffic from all age groups.

2. The “Best” Approaches to Search Queries

The difference in search habits of generations can also be found in their diction and word choice. Different generations tend to be inclined to include specific words more often. Fractl found that younger generations often search for what’s “best.”

The reason for this could be because of all of the rating websites and features that they have grown up around, putting them on the lookout for “the best” options out there.The next in popularity within Zoomers, as per the survey, are the words “cheap” and “how to”.

How Generations Search

These findings are also in line with research led by Hubspot, which shows that Gen Z is more frugal than millennials. Zoomers conduct thorough online research about potential purchases, before actually making them, to ensure they can get the best experience for their money.

3. Always Go for the Smart and Fast Device

Zoomers heavily rely on their mobile devices, and this is all because they are very used to having access to all the information they need right at the tip of their fingers. The stereotype that these youngsters are “glued” to their phones does have some truth to it and companies like Google have taken notice. Google has started attending to this shift in users’ needs by adopting mobile-first indexing and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) pages.

This age group is also very interested in mobile apps which means that marketers really have to optimize their content for various devices, and not forget about speed. According to a survey by IBM and NRF, a large part of Gen Zers wouldn’t use a site or an app if it loads too slowly. So, by ensuring your website is responsive and fast loading you’ll be able to successfully capture the interest of this age group so they can say on your site for longer, and also help your page rank higher in search results

4. They Like Blogs, but Love Video Even More

While older generations tend towards general search queries, Gen Z is more aggressively searching for video content. Think with Google discovered that 80% of them have successfully learned about something by watching YouTube videos, and 85% of the teenage Zoomers regularly find content by searching on YouTube.

This trend shows that the younger generation prefers learning new information via video instead of text, ads, or other formats of content. So, as a marketer, it is important to design a strong video strategy for your business, both on your website and on the social media platforms that your targeted audience uses the most.

5. Social Media Is a Search Engine on Its Own

Zoomers are very well connected to social media and they use it to both look for content and create it. A good social media presence is vital for any brand that wants to gain their attention.

Gen Z tends to go on social media to get brand information, look for social proof, search for new products, and connect with brands. In fact, as much as  45% of them use Instagram to search for new products. Moreover, they also use their favorite platforms to find demos, reviews, unboxings, or just about any video about a product.

Considering all of this, if your brand is not on social media already, it’s time to change that. Whether they use these platforms for search or not, Gen Zers spend a lot of their time there – roughly 2 hours and 55 minutes every day to be exact. Hence, if you want this generation to learn more about your product you should definitely promote it on their favorite channels.

How to Get Gen Z Hooked?

Having a very good understanding of how they search and look through content is extremely important to effectively capture and retain their attention.

Although young, Gen Zs are already taking the world by storm, so here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to effectively getting them hooked.

  • Understand their eagerness and ability to learn quickly. Optimize your content so that when they find it worthwhile they can increase their knowledge over time. This will improve their trust in your brand and build their enthusiasm to continue engaging with it.
  • Listen to their insights and take them seriously. Zoomers want to be heard and respected as individuals, so they are not ones to shy away from speaking their mind. When they do, pay attention as they provide impactful insights.
  • Embrace their novelty and creativity. Gen Zers are creators. Every time they post online they offer a new perspective. They are always on the lookout for fresh ideas, so make sure to invite them to share with you.
  • Remember that they are not intimidated by new technology. New technology does not intimidate Generation Z so if you want to excite them and involve them in the process, you have to present your brand in an engaging way.
  • Always be transparent. We’ve mentioned how much these young consumers love to share their opinions, and you should remember that they are also not afraid to call out your brand on any presented occasion. So to get them hooked, make authentic and realistic promises and make sure you deliver on them.

How to Get Gen Z Hooked to Your Content

The better your brand can relate to Zoomers the more effective your relationship with them will be.


Gen Zers might be young, but they have a significant influence over marketing that will only grow stronger with time. Outspoken, socially conscious, and always in the loop, they know what they want, how they want it, and when.

Compared to older generations, Gen Z has different browsing habits. They are always online, expecting brands to be prepared to interact with them 24/7, across channels and devices.

So, to provide them with a seamless experience, remember to optimize your smart devices and voice assistants, video and social media as well as your content and long-tail keywords.

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