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WordPress and Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV)

Varying Vagrant Vagrants or VVV is an open source project for creating a WordPress development environment using virtualisation based on VirtualBox and Vagrant. Firstly we will look at the advantages of using virtualisation rather than developing WordPress projects directly on your server. Next we will briefly describe VirtualBox, an open source virtualisation application, and Vagrant, Read More

How To Build a Converting Landing Page for Your Product?

A landing page has to be made into an effective tool, one that creates a fine balance between promoting products to encourage a sale and being promotional. Put it simply, a landing page is a vital component for every site that helps in converting visitors into leads. Unfortunately, landing pages are most likely overshadowed by Read More

facts about social media

Top Social Media Monitoring Tools For 2015

Why do you need social media monitoring tools? Well, answer me, don’t you want to know what people think about your business? What they want more from you? What your customer are saying about you? Online networking develops strong. And the complexity of monitoring social media is very high. Thus a whole industry in online Read More

Top 5 WordPress Project Management Plugins

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform nowadays and the main reason behind is that it is easy to use as well as user-friendly. There is one more reason, you will get open and FREE sources. It comes with the plugin architecture that will allow the WordPress users to extend all the features easily. The Read More

Magic Words to Boost Your Ad Camping

Are you a marketing copywriter? Every successful marketing copywriter uses some secret weapons to boost ad camping. Some magic words have been characterized by late studies in behavioral financial matters, brain research and neuro-economics to engage buyer’s primal nature. These words effectively draw in customers at a subliminal level and build retailers chances of making Read More

Best Ways to Grow Your Newsletter Subscribers

Numerous organizations that depend on online deals have found that concentrating on particular marketing procedures has delivered significantly more advantages as opposed to simply having a web page and sitting tight for it to perform wonders. More than 90% of purchasers check their email daily. Email marketing is the third general best channel for lead Read More