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Q: Why should I work with DevriX?

A: We are a Technical WordPress Development Agency specializing in large WordPress platforms, Software as a Service projects, Multisites, migrating proprietary platforms and building reliable and scalable WordPress-driven solutions. Unlike the majority of the freelancers and companies out there, we have engineering experience (both BSc degrees and programming background with other software development languages, frameworks, and platforms).

If you are looking for a simple website running a ThemeForest theme, we are not a good fit for you. If your business doesn’t generate revenue, we can’t help you start from scratch at a low cost. We work with established and successful businesses that deliver high quality work to their customers, and our team of WordPress engineers and business analysts is responsible for their infrastructure and growth planning.

We have a successful track record of working with large companies in the Automotive, Airline, Education, Banking industries, as well as large media websites and other accounts eager to automate their processes and increase their productivity. Our team is actively involved with the WordPress community, participating with code submissions to the WordPress Core and various themes and plugins available for the public.

Read more about why our clients work with us and review our standard SLA policy.

Q: Why do I need development services when I can use … (insert a premium theme or a plugin)?

A: Software development is a complicated matter, and we’ve been studying the ins and outs in school, then university, and then through years and years of field work, building large and scalable solutions. A “lego” project will probably look fine, and will likely provide most of the functionality that you are looking for.

But generic solutions don’t solve problems. If you want to stand out and perceive impeccable quality, then you are looking for a custom solution.

Generic premium templates or plugins usually target the low-end audience of blogger hobbyists and people making their first steps in business. They don’t focus on performance and often lack security prevention mechanisms. They include tons of boilerplate code that adds unnecessary overhead and potentially causes regressions as the development goes.

If you want to be the captain of your ship and ensure that your passengers would have a splendid trip working with you, this is where custom development stands out. Reliable and stable solution that scales with time. WordPress-optimized hosting that decreases your load time and assists for great user experience. Custom tailored design focused entirely on your business needs, converting more visitors to customers. Business features that automate your processes, which saves you and your team time that could be spent on business development and growing your company, reaching out to the right clients and delivering outstanding results.

There are plenty of companies out there installing WordPress, adding custom themes and bundling a few plugins in order to make the impression of a quality product. We work with businesses looking for real results. Most of our clients generate tens of thousands up to a million of dollars per month extra based on their new platforms, and continue investing in their technical stack, since time is the most valuable asset out there.

Q: How much do you charge for development services?

A: We have a transparent pricing policy and our services are priced between $120 and $220 per hour, depending on complexity, volume and urgency of the project. Our standard projects cost is between $10,000 and $50,000, and our large SaaS, Multisite or heavy membership platforms are usually in the $50,000 – $300,000 range, with retainer WordPress development plans signed for ongoing development, maintenance and feature updates.

We can discuss your technical challenges over a call and suggest a plan that works for you. Most of our projects are a great fit for ongoing hourly development, which allows you to see each development iteration in priorly agreed periods of time and navigate the project based on your feedback. This allows for streamlined communication, on the fly changes and efficient development that puts your needs first.

Some customers are passionate about design, and many enterprise customers focus on technical infrastructure, automation and integration with various 3rd party platforms. We will work closely with you or the assigned product owner in order to identify your needs and deliver high quality results solving your business problems.

Q: What will happen with my project after it’s completed?

A: We don’t believe in 100% completed web projects. For example, our own website here receives technical updates every two weeks and we spend 20-40 hours per month on enhancing its functionality and usability, let alone the marketing and content production efforts.

We offer technical WordPress retainers or WordPress maintenance plans to each and every one of our customers. Web solutions require attention, updates, and ongoing changes, as well as feature development in order to stay up to date and deliver value to their users.

We are generally not interested in building one-off solutions. Our WordPress engineers will work closely with you in order to identify areas that could be improved, features that would increase your brand awareness and extend the functionality of your technical platform. Delivering value takes time, and we will identify the needs of your customers by monitoring your analytics and suggesting improvements that would increase your conversion rates or improve your workflow accordingly.