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DevriX is now looking for a Front-end React Developer who can join the core team in Bulgaria.

About the Company

DevriX is a leading WordPress design and development company, actively contributing to the WordPress community – the Core platform, and other Open Source plugins, plus a large portfolio of free plugins. What we are looking for is a React front-end developer who is passionate about learning and adhering to the best web development practices while improving and building client projects and internal products of ours.

Job Description

The React Front-End developer in DevriX will work mostly work on new applications for our clients and internal tools that help the team in the day-to-day workflow as well as DevriX products as well as maintaining existing code base. In addition to this, there is also pure JS work involving speed improvements, code refactoring and tooling for our existing clients.

We strongly believe in code quality, speed of delivery, independence and the mentality of always getting better.

Our Front-End developers are not required to know PHP, maybe just call a couple of functions every now and then for styling and markup output purposes. We have a solid team with deep knowledge in HTML/CSS that will take care of the majority of the styling and architecture.

As with any developer position at DevriX, the ability to write clean and maintainable code is a must.

Aside from the mentioned above, the work also includes:

  • Fixes for broken components on our client’s websites.
  • Crafting new components and sections based on provided designs.
  • Turning static components into dynamic ones, working with the Back-End team to provide the needed data.
  • Improving the general look and feel of not well-crafted components. Design help can be requested, though we value developers that have a good sense of aesthetics.
  • Refactoring of the old codebase.
  • Working on dashboards for internal tools and various third-party libraries.
  • JS functionality for forms, popups and other components of that sort as well as occasional styling.


Some of the responsibilities listed are rather big (looking at UX here), so we believe that not everyone is perfect, but everyone can learn. That does not go to say that there are no minimum amount of skills required to apply.

  • Write clean and reusable code. Thinking about class naming as well.
  • Follow the standard procedures we’ve defined in our workflow
  • Website speed optimization on the front-end.
  • Ensuring your work is flawless before submitting to our QA team (they always find something… so there’s that.).
  • Constantly learning new technologies, approaches, tools, and skills
  • Provide feedback to developers when the front-end code needs refactoring

Skills And Qualifications

We have minimum requirements that we want all our candidates to meet before applying for this position. On our end, we will spend many on hours explaining our workflow, best practices and such for newcomers, but the core fundamentals must be in place first.

  • Understanding of HTML5 semantics and experience in applying it in practice.
  • Ability to write clean HTML, logical class names, think about the reusability of a component, how easy is to extend the styles and scale the project it in the future.
  • Experience with any famous CSS naming convention and understanding of the reason why it exists (what problem it solves, why, how, etc.)
  • Good at CSS – we expect you to know most of the commonly used properties and their values as well as how they interact with each other to ensure smooth and fast daily work
  • SCSS usage – variables, mixins, nesting, extending, including files and the likes.
  • Experience with Gulp is a bonus. We have our build tools, but writing new tasks are happening now and then.
  • Working level of Git – committing often, work in separate branches, opening PRs, merging branches, dealing with conflicts and the likes.
  • Communication – Understanding tasks and writing comments about your patches, pinging teammates for updates, asking questions often. *
  • Very good understanding of JavaScript for very obvious reasons.
  • ReactJS or React Native experience is a must

And finally a small list of good to have skills, but not required as you will have the ability to acquire them while working with us:

  • Knowledge of how the browser works
  • Managing your workload – prioritization of tasks, following deadlines without the need for supervision, updating tickets/tasks.
  • Using WordPress as a CMS as well as other web platforms’ dashboard for specific clients

* Communication is paramount for us. We use Asana and Slack for PM and chat respectively. Your job will include lot’s of questions, so you should not be afraid to ask, but also be prepared with good information about your problem upfronts like trying to figure it out first, googling, showcasing your attempts at solving a problem and the likes.

What’s in it for you

  • We praise and admire self-management, decision making, and honest feedback – for real;
  • You can work from anywhere (including coffee shops or the beach) as long as you’re online and productive; or meet, brainstorm and co-work with local folks in our office in Sofia;
  • Strong involvement in several Open Source communities – 11 WordPress Core contributors and a total of 13 WordPress contributors, a number of Open source plugin and theme developers, meetup organizers and speakers;
  • Our company is founded by technical developers with years of building high-scale web and server applications (and yes, we can understand and even help you!) 🙂
  • Be a part of a distributed team across 9 countries (and counting!)
  • You will have the possibility to take ownership of a project or an internal product of ours and be the main decision-maker for its future
  • We encourage working on Open Source projects and extracting existing components for public use
  • We use agile and work on weekly sprints – rapid and fast-paced environment without a ton of unnecessarily paperwork
  • Interesting and challenging projects that will develop your skillset and help you stay up to date with the latest technologies in your field of interests
  • Fun and friendly working environment where team spirit is very well developed and very important
  • We defy corporate interests that take advantage of the common freedoms
  • Multisport card paid by the company.
  • Office massage schedules monthly.
  • Professional books, tools, subscriptions can be provided as needed. Attending different specialized events is possible whereas speaking is encouraged
  • Breakfast and snacks in the office
  • Birthday vouchers
  • Knowledge Sharing Workshops organized on a weekly basis
  • We got stickers!

If you want to get a taste of our non-corporate environment, apply now!

Job/Internship Application

  • Are you interested in a job or internship?
  • What would you like to specialize in and learn while working with us?
  • How many hours a week would you like to commit to while working with us?
  • Our headquarters is in Sofia, Bulgaria and we have folks in different time zones and countries.
  • What's your motivation working with us - working with international clients, learning the ins and outs of the industry, practicing a remote workflow while studying, or something else?
  • Do you have any practical experience working in that field? List your projects, previous employment positions or skills obtained as a freelancer or at school
  • What is your expectation when it comes to payment? Internships are also paid, but we offer part-time and full-time options, freelance opportunities or training plans for beginners. While we believe in fair compensation, we need to assess whether your skills would fit our pricing strategy and if we need to focus on education first.
  • What are you passionate about learning or practicing on a daily basis? Could be Multisite development, building designs for responsive websites, running the email marketing campaigns or something else.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 8 MB, Max. files: 5.
    • Is there anything else that you'd like to share with us? Feel free to add a list with your portfolio items, LinkedIn, other relevant entries supporting your application.