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The re-designed version of BGJUG – Bulgarian Java User Group website.

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Recent Posts/News section

BGJUG   Bulgarian Java User Group - recent posts

In 2015 the core members are going to share several projects, created by the team. We have integrated a portfolio gallery with a home page listing where they can share their public projects.

BGJUG   Bulgarian Java User Group - portfolio section

Since the core members of the group are quite active on their personal blogs, we’ve integrated a blog aggregator that stores the latest post entries from numerous blogs. The aggregated posts section is displayed on the landing page and in a separate category, where users could read, share and comment on developers’ posts and head to the original entries accordingly.

BGJUG   Bulgarian Java User Group - aggregate posts section

For the multilingual part we have integrated Polylang. The website has two languages – English and Bulgarian, and the plugin provides an editor that allows for quick translation of the content.

BGJUG  - Java Bulgarian User Group - polylang

The BGJUG group organizes regular meetups and technical events, which is why we have used the Events Manager plugin from the previous website built by Mario. We decided to reuse the previous events and integrate the plugin (no longer publicly supported) with the latest version of WordPress and the other available modules.

BGJUG – Java Bulgarian User Group - events

Because the group is open, we have created a contact form where visitors are able to submit a talk for moderation and present it during one of the coming meetups.

BGJUG – Java Bulgarian User Group - Submit a talk

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