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PHP/WordPress Developer

DevriX is a team of 30 providing ongoing WordPress development and maintenance retainers for international clients. We have also built a portfolio of internal plugins and a couple of infrastructure tools built in-house.

Our culture is geek-friendly. Our best engineers contribute to the WordPress core, build open source plugins, attend meetups and tech conferences, share technical articles on Slack, organize workshops and strive for perfection in their coding challenges.

If that doesn’t sound scary, keep reading.

We are looking for a mid-level PHP developer with 3-7 years of hands-on experience.

Applicants from Sofia can join the local team in our office in Mladost 1. After passing the trial period over the first three months of work, candidates would be allowed to telecommute or spend several days a week working from home.

We’re expanding our local tech team right now and national candidates would come with a higher priority.

Recommended requirements for PHP developers:

  • PHP skills – OOP, design patterns, working against specific PHP versions, producing an optimal and reasonable standardized code (required).
  • General SQL experience – being able to handle different MySQL engines and write scalable and optimized queries.
  • JavaScript – practical experience in ES6 and jQuery is a plus.
  • Former experience with other languages (Java, C#, Python, Ruby, C/C++) is an advantage.
  • Fluent in VCS (Version Control Systems) is required – git in particular, Hg or SVN would be acceptable.
  • Experience with MVC frameworks such as Laravel or Symfony (or other alternatives).
  • WordPress backend development experience would be highly preferable – being aware of the life cycle of a WordPress application, hook systems, the WordPress APIs would significantly facilitate the process and would be used all the time here.

Candidates with open source products (plugins, libraries, frameworks) are preferred – GitHub, BitBucket or other public examples are more than welcome.

Personal and Communication requirements:

The candidate should be:

  • Motivated and ambitious. The job could teach you a lot and increase your qualifications and efficiency. We do invest in our people – and expect the right amount of involvement.
  • Committed to the organization, team, code, deadlines and the overall business process.
  • Proactive and creative – we are a team-driven company.
  • Productive and efficient.

Our team works on various projects, some of which are related to SaaS platforms, frameworks, server migrations, premium or extensible freemium plugins and more. We maintain a number of open source plugins and regularly work on new solutions for the community.

Some of the job perks:

  • Flexible work hours are available (including evening shifts or catching up over the weekend). Standard hours are 10-7.
  • Some of our peers regularly work from coffee shops or home whenever that boosts creativity. We meet a couple times a week at hookah bars and organize gaming Saturdays every now and then.
  • Our office is dog-friendly and hookah is available as needed (alongside the bean bags).
  • 60% of our team is distributed.
  • Compensation is ROI-driven. Raises are directly tied to your work performance, duties, and responsibilities.
  • Multisport card paid by the company.
  • Office massage schedules monthly.
  • Career growth is self-managed. Enthusiastic and motivated folks become project owners and lead other team members.
  • Tech books, tools, subscriptions can be provided as needed. Attending different tech events is doable – speaking is encouraged.
  • Our CEO is an engineer who has been programming since 1999 and isn’t shy of innovating in the tech space.

While the majority of our work is WordPress-based, we do develop a small subset of tools and platforms in a variety of frameworks and languages. Some of our R&D initiatives dab into machine learning and blockchain development which may evolve across 2018.

If you are interested in learning more, reach out and ask away.